what is melissa essential oil used for

what is melissa essential oil used for

Melissa Oil Product Description

With a candy lemon perfume, the Melissa plant, also referred to as Melissa officinalis or lemon balm, is the herbaceous origin of Melissa important oil. This uncommon oil is extracted from the leaf of the Melissa plant and is cherished by many for its massive array of makes use of and advantages. Melissa important oil accommodates robust soothing properties. When used aromatically or topically, it may possibly assist promote emotions of leisure and might help in calming rigidity and nerves. Melissa oil can also be valued for its contemporary, candy, and citrus-like aroma. Within the kitchen, Melissa oil can be utilized to taste a wide range of completely different meals and drinks corresponding to teas, ice cream, and a few fish dishes. Taking Melissa oil internally could assist assist a wholesome immune system.*

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Important oils include many health-promoting advantages that may enhance lives and help in particular person wants; nonetheless, so as to receive the complete advantages that every important oil has to supply, a vital oil must be pure. Sadly, many important oils accessible to buy usually are not pure and include contaminants and fillers that scale back the effectivity of a vital oil. As a result of doTERRA has seen the ability and impact that pure oils can have on people and households, they’ve made it their mission to offer a pure grade of high quality important oils. To make sure purity of those important oils, doTERRA locations every batch of their oils via the CPTG Licensed Pure Examined Grade™​​​​​​​ protocol. This protocol consists of a sequence of rigorous checks that assess the purity of every batch of oils. If important oils have been examined and located pure, the oils are then offered so that folks throughout the globe can expertise the highly effective results of pure important oils.

Melissa Oil Makes use of and Advantages

  1. One in every of Melissa oil’s most outstanding well being advantages is that it could assist assist a wholesome immune system.* To acquire this highly effective bodily help, dilute one drop of Melissa important oil into 4 fl. oz. of liquid and drink.* You may also take Melissa important oil internally by placing Melissa oil right into a veggie capsule and ingesting it like a dietary complement.
  2. Two of the principle chemical constituents of Melissa important oil are geranial and neral. These two chemical substances include soothing properties that make this important oil an ideal oil for leisure. For optimum leisure, apply Melissa oil topically or put just a few drops of Melissa oil right into a diffuser.
  3. Don’t let nerves spoil your massive second. Earlier than a nerve-wracking speech, presentation, or efficiency, apply one to 2 drops of Melissa important oil to the palms of your palms and cup your palms over your nostril and inhale. Melissa oil is nice for calming rigidity and nerves and can show to be a strong assist throughout these anxious events.
  4. Give your pores and skin an invigorating enhance by making use of Melissa important oil. Add Melissa oil to your moisturizer or to a sprig bottle with water and spritz your face. This easy important oil addition will give your pores and skin a rejuvenated feeling and can assist refresh the thoughts.
  5. After a protracted day, let your thoughts and physique calm down and unwind with a bit of assist from Melissa important oil. For relieving outcomes, rub Melissa oil in your brow, shoulders, or chest. Making use of Melissa important oil will assist reduce emotions of stress and promote emotional well-being.
  6. Probably the most essential issues you are able to do to assist your physique’s well being is to get a full night time’s sleep. Except for diet, sleep is the gas that offers your physique the energy to work and play. To assist create a calming atmosphere that encourages a restful night time’s sleep, diffuse Melissa oil in your diffuser earlier than going to mattress.
  7. For attainable assist your physique’s immune system, place one to 2 drops of Melissa important oil below the tongue or on the roof of the mouth after which swallow.* Straight putting an applicable amount of Melissa important oil into your mouth is a straightforward and fast solution to obtain the inner advantages of Melissa oil.*

: Bottle of Melissa oil next to doTERRA diffuser. What does Melissa oil smell like? Melissa essential oil has a sweet, fresh, citrus-like fragrance.

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Bottle of doTERRA Melissa oil. What is Melissa essential oil used for? Melissa oil can be used to support a healthy immune system, calm tension and nerves, and promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Enjoyable Truth

Melissa is Greek for “honey bee,” and its candy, citrus perfume was recognized to draw bees.

Plant Description

The Melissa plant, Melissa officinalis, is an herbaceous perennial that’s generally generally known as the lemon balm. This plant ranges from one and a half to 2 toes in peak. The medium-green leaves of the plant are wrinkled and ovate in form. The leaves of the plant are edible. Throughout the summer time, small, white flowers are discovered within the leaf axils.1 doTERRA Melissa important oil is extracted from the leaf of the plant.

Chemistry of Melissa Oil

Essential Chemical Parts: Geranial, germacrene, neral, β-caryophyllene

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Two of the principle chemical parts of Melissa important oil are geranial and neral. These two chemical constituents have a monoterpene spine and are a part of the aldehydes useful group. Each geranial and neral include soothing properties that strongly contribute to Melissa important oil’s soothing skills. To be taught extra in regards to the chemical parts of Melissa important oil or different important oils, go to the doTERRA Science Weblog.

Oils that Mix Effectively with Melissa Oil

Melissa important oil blends effectively with citrus oils in addition to doTERRA On Guard®, Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Basil, and Frankincense important oils for diffusion.


Potential pores and skin sensitivity. Preserve out of attain of youngsters. If you’re pregnant, nursing, or below a health care provider’s care, seek the advice of your doctor. Keep away from contact with eyes, inside ears, and delicate areas.

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