what is my mother maiden name mean

what is my mother maiden name mean

What does the time period maiden title imply?

Based on Merriam-Webster Unabridged English Dictionary and Cambridge Dictionary, a maiden title is a noun that refers back to the final title of a lady who’s married or divorced previous to her marriage. This may be thought-about her given title or household title. The maiden title is the final title that she was born with. Some ladies select to maintain their maiden names even after they get married, and a few households select to hyphenate each of their final names. Some ladies change their final title to their new partner’s given final title.

A maiden title is a typical password safety query on many alternative web sites. Many web sites will ask somebody to offer their mom’s maiden title if they’ve forgotten their password as a safe query to permit entry into the web site. Normally for somebody’s start title they are going to take their father’s title. Nevertheless, when many ladies get married they take their husband’s or partner’s surname. Thus, a married lady might need a married title that’s totally different from her given title. They have to undergo the title change course of to alter their title legally. In some cultures, youngsters take their mom’s maiden title as their center title.

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The time period maiden title can be current in lots of different totally different languages to seek advice from a lady’s final title earlier than she was married and took her husband’s final title. This time period is pretty widespread and utilized in many alternative languages and cultures. This listing of translations for the time period maiden title is supplied by Phrase Sense.

  • Esperanto: denaska nomo
  • Belarusian: дзявочае прозвішча‎
  • Swedish: flicknamn‎ (neut.)
  • Macedonian: моминско презиме‎
  • Greek: πατρικό όνομα‎ (neut.)
  • Vietnamese: tên thời con gái‎
  • Hungarian: leánykori név‎
  • Korean: 구성‎
  • Italian: nome da ragazza‎ (masc.), nome da nubile‎ (masc.)
  • Romanian: nume de fată‎ (masc.)
  • Russian: де́вичья фами́лия‎ (fem.)
  • Chinese language – Mandarin: 閨名‎, 闺名‎ (guīmíng), 原姓‎ (yuánxìng), 舊姓‎, 旧姓‎ (jiùxìng), 本性‎ (běnxìng), 娘家姓‎ (niángjiāxìng)
  • Roman: devojačko prezime‎ (neut.), djevojačko prezime‎ (neut.)
  • Turkish: kızlık soyadı‎
  • Thai: นามสกุลก่อนแต่งงาน‎ (naam-sà-gun gòn dtàeng-ngaan)
  • Afrikaans: nooiensvan‎
  • Dutch: meisjesnaam‎ (masc.)
  • Spanish: apellido de soltera‎ (masc.)
  • Hebrew: שֵׁם נְעוּרִים‎
  • Polish: nazwisko panieńskie‎ (neut.), nazwisko rodowe‎ (neut.)
  • French: nom de jeune fille‎ (masc.)
  • Danish: pigenavn‎
  • Finnish: tyttönimi‎
  • Ukrainian: дівоче прізвище‎
  • German: Mädchenname‎ (masc.)
  • Slovene: dekliški priimek‎ (masc.)
  • Cyrillic: девојачко презиме‎ (neut.), дјевојачко презиме‎ (neut.)
  • Yiddish: מיידלישער נאָמען‎ (masc.)
  • Arabic: اِسْم اَلْبَتُولَة‎ (masc.), اِسْم اَلْفَتَاة قَبْل اَلزَّوَّاج‎
  • Norwegian: pikenavn‎
  • Bulgarian: моминско име‎
  • Slovak: dievčenské meno‎ (neut.)
  • Japanese: (“previous title”, additionally “earlier title”) 旧姓‎ (きゅうせい, kyūsei), 旧名‎ (きゅうめい, kyūmei)
  • Portuguese: nome de solteira‎ (masc.)
  • Estonian: neiupõlvenimi‎
  • Serbo-Croatian:
  • Czech: dívčí jméno‎ (neut.), jméno za svobodna‎ (neut.)

What are synonyms and antonyms for the time period maiden title?

The closest synonyms to maiden title can be household title, given title, and start title. All of those phrases seek advice from a lady’s final title previous to a wedding. Synonyms are helpful to know if you wish to keep away from repeating your self, or if you wish to develop your data of the English language. An antonym to the time period maiden title can be married title, which refers back to the final title {that a} lady takes on after she is married. In some instances, these are the identical final title.

How can the time period maiden title be utilized in a sentence?

The time period maiden title is broadly used and many individuals use this to seek advice from an individual’s final title previous to marriage. On this instance, Ursula and Rylan are speaking about their ancestry.

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Rylan: I’m 100% Irish, really.

Ursula: Actually? I assumed your final title can be extra Irish, then. Rodrigo doesn’t appear very Irish to me.

Rylan: That’s really my married final title, I by no means modified it again after I received divorced. My maiden title is Brannigan. Tremendous, tremendous Irish. And my mother’s maiden title is O’Connell.

Ursula: Wow!

Right here, Rylan makes use of each her personal maiden anime and her mom’s maiden title to seek advice from her Irish heritage, although her married final title isn’t Irish.

What’s the origin of the time period maiden title?

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Based on Quora, the primary identified utilization of the time period maiden title was in a publican from the 12 months 1663 entitled The Ultimum Vale by John Fuller. The quote type the guide is as follows:

“She was borne in canterbury, her maiden title is mary modders, … she was these days in dover-castle a prisoner…”

The time period maiden surname was used barely previous to this, in a 1665 work by Thomas Fuller, The church-history of Britain from the start of Jesus Christ till the 12 months newurbanhabitat.comII. On this piece, the beneath is written:

“Jesuite condemns her for leaving her husband, at house, and gadding to gospel, and gossip it at court docket, alwaies subscribing herself, not by her married, however maiden surname.”

Based on Etymonline, the time period maiden has been used to imply an single lady since Outdated English instances. Therefore, the time period maiden title stems from the unique that means of maiden.

General, the time period maiden title is a noun that refers back to the final title of a lady previous to marriage. This can be thought-about her household title or given surname, and is usually modified after marriage. Nevertheless, it’s changing into increasingly more frequent for girls to maintain their final names after marriage or to hyphenate their final title with their partner’s to type a brand new household title.

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