what is my time lord name

what is my time lord name

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Do you want fish fingers and custard? Do you have got an unusually low physique temperature and two separate coronary heart beats? Then put together in your voyage by way of the infinite worlds and instances of Physician Who with the unofficial Time Lord identify generator!

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About Time Lord Names

Our Physician Who impressed generator is not going to solely provide you with a brand new id as a renegade Time Lord, however you will additionally get your full Gallifreyan identify (and its shortened model), what you used to do earlier than you escaped your property planet for a lifetime of journey, the present disguise of your stolen TARDIS, and a companion to journey with you!

The Biology of the Time Lords

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Time Lords are the elite of the planet Gallifrey within the constellation of Kasterbouros, and they’re super-intelligent beings who can stay for hundreds of years (though not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords). They seem human, however have many physiological variations – Time Lords have two hearts, an inside temperature of solely 15 levels Centigrade, and a respiratory bypass system that protects them from suffocation and strangulation. In addition they have the facility of regeneration, which means they’ll utterly remodel their look and character twelve instances, though sure Time Lords have discovered methods of extending their lives and even buying new regeneration cycles.

The Historical past of the Time Lords

The Time Lords jealously guarded the secrets and techniques of Time Engineering that have been bequeathed to them by the legendary pioneers Omega and Rassilon, and for hundreds of years they’ve saved to a strict rule of non-interference with different races, solely observing the skin universe and by no means getting concerned. (Secretly, organizations such because the Celestial Intervention Company have been often breaking this rule, most notably of their try to steer the Physician to commit genocide by wiping out the Daleks earlier than they have been created, lengthy held to be the opening strike of the cataclysmic Time Battle.)

Time Lord Society

A lot of Time Lord society is aloof and stagnant – energy lies with the Excessive Council, dominated by the Lord President and the precept schools, the place it solely issues whether or not you’re a member of the Prydonian, Arcalian or Patrexe chapters. Paperwork and order rule the day, whereas many secrets and techniques are hidden away within the pc system referred to as the Matrix, the place the mixed intelligences of generations of deceased Time Lords can create a complete digital universe of goals and nightmares. Gallifrey is a irritating, boring place to stay – so it is no marvel that you’ve got lastly had sufficient and are stealing a TARDIS so to escape and journey the universe!

The Creators of the Time Lords

The Time Lords have been first created in 1969 by writers Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks, in ‘The Battle Video games’, Patrick Troughton’s remaining story because the Second Physician. The Physician’s dwelling planet was first named as Gallifrey in 1973 within the story ‘The Time Warrior’, written by Robert Holmes. Since then, the mythos of Gallifrey has expanded in a large variety of methods due to tales like The Lethal Murderer, ‘The Invasion of Time’, ‘Arc of Infinity’ and ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’, and we have tried to make use of as a lot element from the traditional reveals and from varied spin-off novels as doable in creating the Time Lord names.

About This Generator

We wished to make sure that our generator is as correct and thematic as doable, particularly with regards to the names. It is first established within the 1977 story ‘The Ribos Operation’ (written by Robert Holmes) that Time Lord names might be amazingly lengthy, due to the companion Romana’s full identify of Romanadvoratrelunder.

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Since then, varied Physician Who spin-off novels have constructed on this concept, particularly the Marc Platt novel ‘Lungbarrow’, and we crafted the total Gallifreyan names in order that they could possibly be as diverse as doable however may nonetheless be correctly abbreviated right into a shorter identify that might match with the opposite Gallifreyan names we have seen within the collection and in spin-off media (like Rodan, Nesbin, Zorac, Hildred, Hedin, Kelner, Spandrell and plenty of extra.) We have additionally added loads of references to Gallifreyan places just like the Capitol, Arcadia, and the Archives, and have tried to ensure that every distinctive identify comes with loads of shade, enjoyable and leisure that hopefully pays a heat tribute to the world of Physician Who.

For those who just like the good background cartoon of Matt Smith, it is accomplished by Demon Tomato Dave from Dumpy Little Robotic, and is used with permission.

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Disclaimer: This can be a fan commentary web page meant to encourage curiosity in Physician Who. This web page isn’t an official publication and isn’t in any approach affiliated with or endorsed by Physician Who, the BBC, or any of their licensees. Copyrights and logos for the TV collection, movies, books, articles, toys, and different promotional supplies are held by their respective house owners and reference to them is allowed underneath the truthful use clause of copyright legislation. Our web page is on no account meant to hurt or undermine the market worth of Physician Who or the BBC, reasonably to encourage followers to have interaction with and search out works set within the Physician Who universe.

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