what is santa called in france

what is santa called in france

Santa Claus in France is named “Père Noël”. Like in any locations celebrating Christmas, the French Father Christmas wears a pink swimsuit and hat with white fur trimming with a broad black belt round his waist. He’s tall and huge, with ruddy cheeks and nostril, bushy eyebrows, a white beard and moustache. His large brown sack is packed stuffed with toys that will likely be delivered to each family at midnight, utilizing his sleigh pulled by reindeers.

The origins of Santa Claus

Initially Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) impressed the character of Santa. The Patron Saint of Lorraine was initially the distributor of presents to German and French youngsters on 6 December.

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The Père Fouettard (the Bogeyman) is the counterpart of Saint Nicholas. He’s coated in coal marks and is dressed all in black. He whips/spanks youngsters who’ve misbehaved, simply as Saint Nicholas rewards the nice ones. In Alsace, the terrifying Hans Trapp performs the same position.

With the transformation of Saint Nicholas into our modern-day Santa, Père Fouettard has disappeared altogether. In truth he has given option to different characters, resembling elves and reindeer.

Who rejoice Saint-Nicholas?

The folks of Flanders, Lorraine and Alsace, in addition to in Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. When the Dutch migrated to the US within the nineteenth century, they took with them the traditions of Saint Nicolas (Sinterklaas) which progressively advanced into Santa Claus.

The rising of Santa Claus

In a drawing by American cartoonist Thomas Nast in 1863, Santa seems as a peddler. A proper jolly outdated elf distributing presents to all youngsters.

In 1885, the cartoonist revealed that Santa didn’t come from the sky however from the North Pole. The next 12 months, American author George P. Webster expanded upon this concept. He added that Santa’s toy manufacturing unit and home occupied the North Pole.

Then Louis Prang bolstered the cliché. Legend has it that he launched the custom of Christmas playing cards in the US. Santa wore a broad black belt, boots and a hood. He additionally carried a really giant brown sack full with toys.

Right here comes Santa Cola!

Santa’s fame enormously elevated within the US at the start of the twentieth century. He embodied the concept of particular person success and the significance of wealth symbols.

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In 1931, Coca-Cola commissioned Haddon Sundblom to make use of the character of Santa as a promoting level. The agency wished to enlarge its market in the direction of a youthful public. And to assist spur gross sales of the refreshment drink all through the chilly winter!

The colors of the model – pink and white – had been used on Santa’s outfit, which has contributed to the distinctive, trendy picture of him that we recognise at present.

Sundblom primarily based his drawings on some former illustrations printed in round 1906 earlier than the commercial. He depicted Santa clothed in pink and white, with white whiskers. Thus, Coca-Cola truly solely contributed to the popularisation of this new picture because of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Right here comes Père Noël!

Till the 1950’s, the Nativity symbolised the Christmas season to the French.

It was solely after the Second World Warfare that Christmas celebrations rapidly underwent an sudden change. Many argued that the entire celebration of Christmas changed into a capitalist enterprise alternative.

Abruptly they had been illuminated Christmas bushes, Christmas playing cards, and vibrant wrapping paper in every single place. Christmas presents additionally turned an unconditional function of the vacations. Till the Nineteen Fifties, youngsters had been proud of an orange and a really small reward in a sock. Within the aftermath of the Second World Warfare, the consumerist traditions crossed the Atlantic and settled in France, resembling sodas and chewing-gums.

Thus, the status of the American life-style was nice in France at the moment. The “nation of the Liberators” fascinated the French. Subsequently they embraced in style American icons, together with Santa, with just a little assist from the French press…

A rise up towards Père Noël in Dijon!

In December 1951, the French media reported a specific occasion which prompted an awesome scandal throughout the nation. The non secular authorities of the town of Dijon, Burgundy, determined to campaign towards Santa. In entrance of a crowd of youngsters and adults, they set fireplace to an effigy within the cathedral sq.!

It was their manner of protesting towards the character of Santa, who they thought of to be a usurper and a heretic. Santa was accused of “paganising” Christmas. His best offence? Public colleges welcomed him with open arms… the place nativities had beforehand been banned.

Traditions round Santa Claus in France

Within the days main as much as Christmas, French youngsters write letters to Père Noël at school at college, asking him for sure presents.

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Apparently a regulation was handed in France in 1962 decreeing that every one Santa’s letters can be responded to with a postcard. The concept was that when a category writes letters, every pupil will get a response.

On Christmas Eve, French youngsters used to fill their sneakers with carrots and treats for Père Noël’s donkey and depart them by the fireside.

From the fireside to the tree

Extra lately, the Christmas tree changed the fireside.

On Christmas evening, Père Noël is claimed to journey the world, stopping at each home. It climbs down by means of the chimney and depart presents for each little one who has behaved themselves by means of the previous 12 months.

Generally, seven magical reindeer change Père Noël’s donkey. They pull an unlimited sleigh the place Santa takes place. That is in truth an American custom.

On Christmas morning, youngsters run to the Christmas tree to see what Santa has left beneath it for them. They usually open presents on the night of 24 December, after the Christmas Réveillon dinner or after the midnight mass.

Not everyone seems to be keen on Santa Claus in France. Some folks (significantly youngsters aged lower than 5!) undergo from ‘Santa Claustrophobia‘ (‘Paternatalophobie’ in French).

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