what is surgical lubricant used for

what is surgical lubricant used for

Whatever the position, setting, and division you’re employed in, when you work within the medical area in any affected person care capability, you already know that there are some things that no medical skilled can operate with out — a working pen, a trusty stethoscope, and high quality lubricating jelly, simply to call a number of. The aim of surgical lubricant is to scale back friction that causes discomfort in any process the place one thing is inserted right into a physique orifice. Not solely does this make the job of the medical skilled a lot simpler and safer, it additionally helps to extend affected person consolation and reduce their anxiousness. Right here, we are going to talk about a number of of the sensible makes use of of Surgilube®. However, don’t take our phrase for it, we are going to let the medical professionals who use it within the area usually let you know.

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Inserting a Foley Catheter

Rachel – ICU Registered Nurse – El Paso, TX

“As an ICU nurse, most of my sufferers are both unconscious or unable to maneuver about freely. Monitoring consumption and output is important and stopping pores and skin breakdown is paramount. For these causes, it’s not unusual for many or all of our sufferers to have a Foley catheter. Insertion of the Foley catheter is a routine a part of our care. Typically sufferers come to us instantly from the OR and have already got one positioned, which is sweet, however, oftentimes it’s my accountability. Surgilube® surgical lubricant single-use packets definitely make this job simpler for me and extra comfy for my sufferers. Even when they’re unconscious, we do our greatest to speak them by means of any process and restrict their ache. Surgilube®’s bacteriostatic lube helps me be assured that my affected person is getting the perfect care attainable and helps me rapidly carry out uncomfortable duties. It’s the lubricant I’d suggest my circle of relatives use, and it’s what I favor to make use of on my sufferers.”

Nasopharyngeal Airway Placement

Julie B. – EMT- Paramedic – Tulsa, OK

“As an EMT within the area, there’s a continuous ongoing debate about whether or not an OPA [oropharyngeal airway] is superior to an NPA [nasopharyngeal airway], however I favor to make use of NPAs in my rig. Largely as a result of they’re extra comfy, even for the acutely aware affected person who has a gag reflex intact. I’ve realized over time that the significance of the surgical lubricant to put the NPA can’t be understated! It makes inserting the NPA a lot faster for me and fewer traumatic for my sufferers. I be sure my guys tape a packet of Surgilube® to each NPA pack.”

Prostate Examination

Joseph – Household Apply Doctor’s Assistant – Chicago, IL

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“Probably the most necessary preventative screening procedures I conduct in our follow is a prostate examination. Nonetheless, due to the character of this check, many males are anxious and don’t simply loosen up. We hold Surgilube® lubricant in all of our examination rooms to assist make procedures just like the prostate examination extra comfy. It helps forestall rectal trauma and helps the process be far more tolerable for sufferers. I’d by no means carry out a prostate examination, or any type of rectal process, with out it!”

Vaginal Examination/Ultrasound

Kelly R. – OB/GYN Midwife – Houston, TX

“My colleagues and I are large followers of HR Pharmaceutical merchandise usually! We spend our days inspecting vaginas, cervixes, and rectal cavities, and performing vaginal and stomach ultrasounds. Not a affected person comes into my examination room that doesn’t profit from the options of one in every of these merchandise! We inventory Surgilube® lubricating jelly as a multi-purpose software and we’re large followers of the brand new EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel. We wouldn’t carry anything.”

Suppository Insertion

Brad – Med/Surg Registered Nurse – Minneapolis, MN

“As a med-surg nurse, I may title 100 duties I try this require high-quality lubricant! Nonetheless, I believe the one which I carry out essentially the most usually, almost on daily basis, is suppository insertion. Lots of my sufferers are lower than excited once I inform them I’ve a tablet for them, that we have now to insert rectally [or vaginally] moderately than swallowing! Surgilube® helps me make my case slightly simpler once I promise superior gliding energy to scale back discomfort — and it hasn’t made a liar out of me but!”


Forest P. – Gastroenterologist – Philadelphia, PA

“Sadly, my job entails one thing that most individuals spend their lives attempting to keep away from — a colonoscopy! I can undoubtedly sympathize and perceive why there’s a lot anxiousness concerned, however my crew and I do our highest to assist scale back the fears and scale back the discomfort our sufferers expertise. I don’t suppose that there’s a option to remove the discomfort related to a digicam exploring an individual’s rectal cavity, however the bowel clearing prescription medicine and the surgical lubricant we use makes a world of distinction. Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant offers a viscosity that helps shield the bowel lining whereas it offers a smoother, extra comfy expertise for the affected person with out obstructing the view of my scope!”

Digital Disimpaction

Renee – Geriatric Registered Nurse – Windsor, CO

“In geriatrics, we take care of a large amount of constipation and fecal impaction. Though we do use correct weight loss program, weight loss program dietary supplements, and stool softeners and laxatives to assist forestall and deal with these situations, the slowed metabolism, bodily inactivity, and drugs that a lot of our aged sufferers take don’t assist assist a wholesome bowel system and leads to uncomfortable conditions. A part of our jobs as their nurse is to observe their output, bowel habits, and constipation standing. There are a number of long-term sufferers who require common disimpaction. Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant not solely helps to get my gloved hand inside their rectum but additionally helps the cement-like blockage slide out that a lot simpler. “

Rectal Temperature

Amy – Neonatal Nurse – Chattanooga, TN

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“Rectal temperatures will not be a routine a part of care, we use pores and skin probes taped to the neonate’s stomach and might spot examine with a daily axillary probe. Nonetheless, if the newborn’s temperature is out of regular anticipated vary, we do take a core temperature utilizing a rectal thermometer. We hold single-use packets of Surgilube® with the entire rectal thermometers. The lubricant helps the thermometer simply enter the newborn’s rectum with out inflicting trauma to the colon or altering the temperature studying. We solely use the perfect merchandise for our sick infants.”

Nasogastric Feeding Tube Insertion

Alex – ED Registered Nurse – Rochester, NY

“In our emergency division, we insert a reasonably wide selection of tubes into our sufferers for quite a lot of causes. A kind of procedures is inserting a nasogastric tube. We use it to pump stomachs, accumulate samples, decompress the stomach, and gastric suctioning. I be sure to liberally lubricate the tube earlier than trying to insert it into somebody’s nostril. This helps it glide into the nasal cavity and down the esophagus and into the abdomen simply, like a cooked spaghetti noodle. Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant is the proper product for the job!”

Mickey Button Insertion

Cynthianne – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Reno, NV

“We maintain all of the sick kiddos who’ve quite a lot of medical points. One that’s pretty frequent is a few type of medical situation that limits or prevents them from consuming and requires a gastric port for feeding. These Mickey buttons get displaced extra steadily than I would love, however you may’t anticipate a toddler to not mess with it or bump it sooner or later. To assist get the port repositioned simply, with out inflicting uncomfortable friction on the stoma web site, we belief Surgilube® to assist our children tolerate the process slightly higher.”

Rectal Tube Placement

Allison – Rehabilitation Registered Nurse – Seminole, FL

“Rectal tube placement shouldn’t be a routine a part of affected person care on the rehab I work at. However, typically you’ve got that man who’s so severely compromised and his detox is medically harmful. The excessive degree of poisons, mixed with psychological compromise, and using massive doses of lactulose to take away toxins from the physique and assist reverse overdose can result in a really messy scenario. In these situations, we are going to use a rectal tube for affected person security. Despite the fact that the tubes are pliable and insert simply, using lubricating jelly helps immensely! It makes the process extra comfy for the affected person, which leads to much less combativeness, and it makes the insertion a lot faster and smoother!”

At HR Prescribed drugs, our mission is to offer high-quality merchandise that enhance affected person security and luxury and permit medical professionals to extra successfully do their job. We manufacture our merchandise to be the perfect medical-grade lubricants out there in the marketplace. In the event you already expertise the advantages of our merchandise, contact us to tell us about it. And, when you haven’t tried our merchandise but, browse our complete line of high quality surgical lubricants, lubricating jellies, and ultrasound gels in the present day!

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