what is the backwards apostrophe called

what is the backwards apostrophe called

Again quote Backtick

Alternatively referred to as acute, backtick, left quote, or an open quote, the again quote or backquote is a punctuation mark (`). It is on the identical U.S. laptop keyboard key because the tilde.

The place is the again quote key on the keyboard?

Beneath is an summary of a pc keyboard with the again quote key highlighted in blue.

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Tilde key

How one can create the ` image

Creating the ` image on a U.S. keyboard

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To create a again quote utilizing a U.S. keyboard, press the `, which is situated instantly beneath the Esc key. This key can also be used for typing the tilde ( ~ ) character if the Shift secret is held whereas it’s pressed.

Creating the ` image on a smartphone or pill

To create a again quote on a smartphone or pill find the one quote within the numbers (123) or symbols (sym) part, and faucet and maintain the ‘ image. As you proceed to carry down on the ‘ image, a menu containing the again quote seems. Drag your finger as much as the again quote and let go to insert the image.

How is a again quote used on a pc?

Beneath are just a few examples of how and when the again quote is used.

  1. When used as an accent, the grave accent signifies pitch, stress, or tone of a letter. The way it’s used varies by the language.
  2. In some programming languages, the backtick can be utilized for command substitution. For instance, beneath is an instance of Perl code that makes use of backticks to execute a system command and cargo the command output into an array.

@information = `dir /b c:windowstemp`;

Within the instance above, the backtick substitutes the command output into the weather of the “@information” array. On this case, every ingredient is the title of a file or listing within the c:windowstemp listing listed by the dir command.

  1. In Unix and Linux shells, the backtick is used as a sign of what to judge (execute) first in a command. For instance, within the following command, the “hope” variable is assigned the output of the date command. When this command is run, the date command is executed first, after which its output is assigned to “hope.”


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After coming into the above command, operating “echo $hope” echoes the worth of the “hope” variable, which is the date and time when the unique command was run.

  1. When utilized in a remark, the again quote is typically used to emphasise code contained within the remark.
  2. The again quote key can also be used to entry the console in packages and video games like Quake.

How do I get a again quote above a letter?

See our accent mark web page for steps and hyperlinks to creating accented letters in your packages.

What’s the different image on the again quote key?

On U.S. keyboards, the again quote secret is shared with the tilde key, which can be proven subsequent to or above the again quote image. To create the tilde, maintain down the Shift key and press the again quote key.

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