what is the ball of the foot called

what is the ball of the foot called

By: Ehren Allen, PT, Licensed Orthopedic Guide Therapist

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What Causes Ache within the Ball of the Foot?

Ache within the ball of the foot might be delicate to severely painful. This ache is commonly described as a ache within the ball of the foot beneath the large toe. There are a number of causes which can be addressed in numerous methods. First, contemplate the anatomy of the foot. The ball of the foot is the realm the place the toes connect to the foot. These are the heads of metatarsal bones. There are 5 metatarsal bones by which run from the mid foot to the toes. They assist type the arches of the ft and assist help the burden of the physique throughout strolling and standing exercise.

Ball of the Foot PainPicture of the foot bones


When carrying footwear which might be tight across the foot, the foot bones might be pressed collectively. There are nerves between the bones which might turn out to be irritated and trigger ache. That is referred to as metatarsalgia.A painful nerve bundle may also develop between the foot bones. That is referred to as a Morton’s Neuroma. This may turn out to be irritated with tight footwear as nicely.


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There are additionally tiny bones beneath the ball of the foot on the 1st toe referred to as sesamoid bones. These bones assist to provide a greater angle for the foot ligaments and tendons beneath the toes. The sesamoid bones can turn out to be injured or fractured. This may trigger extreme ache within the ball of the foot with standing and strolling. Irritation of the sesamoid may also result in a extra continual situation of sesamoiditis.

Plantar Fasciitis

The Plantar Fascia may cause ache within the ball of the foot however normally causes ache within the heel area. The plantar fascia runs from the heel (calcaneous) to the nice toe. To study extra about Plantar Fasciitis, please watch this video by Dr. Vosseller.

Dr. Vosseller is an Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Specialist on the JOI San Marco location.

Bunions may cause ache within the ball of the foot. A bunion is the bony level the protrudes on the nice toe on the within on of the foot. It’s a deformity of the joint the place the foot meets the nice toe. It could come type carrying tight footwear or heels. Extreme circumstances might require surgical procedure to appropriate the problem.

Ball of the Foot PainLaser Therapy at JOI Rehab for Plantar Fasciitis

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If you want to study extra concerning the anatomy of the foot, this VIDEO may help or you possibly can learn this text on Plantar Fasciitis.

How do you Relieve Ache on the Ball of the Foot or Metatarsalgia?

Listed here are some choices to assist relieve ache within the ball of the foot.

  • Ice
  • Looser footwear
  • Pads or inserts beneath the balls or the foot
  • Stretching for the calf muscle groups

How Lengthy Does it take for Ache within the Ball of the Foot to go Away?

Ache within the ball of the foot can go away rapidly for some of us. It relies on the severity. Being chubby might have an effect on the quantity of pressure on the foot and affect the time of therapeutic. This may additionally lead ache within the arch. Resting the foot initially may help it enhance sooner.

Compliance with the therapy choices listed above may help to hurry the therapeutic course of.

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