what is the bean bag toss game called

what is the bean bag toss game called

There’s a sport that’s typically performed when teams of football-loving (or any sports-loving) folks collect collectively. It’s performed outside, typically at tailgates. It includes 4 gamers, two boards, and a bunch of bean luggage.

My colleague Richard Johnson describes the principles like this:

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For the uninitiated: You play in two groups of two, with a participant from every group flanking every board. You alternate photographs, after which the alternative pair returns hearth. You attempt to cancel out the opposite group’s bean luggage. If you happen to land three luggage on and the opponent lands two, than you earn one level. Making it via the outlet is routinely three factors in most typical scoring techniques, and also you play to 21.

Sure, it’s cornhole!

Not everybody calls it that, nonetheless. Very like the traditional basketball sport Knockout (or Lightning or Bump), totally different areas name this yard sport various things. I surveyed greater than 1,000 folks to see what they thought.

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Have a look:

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As we suspected, cornhole/corn gap is the winner, nearly overwhelmingly.

Nonetheless there was a small contingent that calls the sport “luggage.” Truthful. The “luggage” grouping is generally discovered within the higher Midwest, and go determine -— that’s the identical place the place they name Knockout, “Lightning.”

Right here’s the precise breakdown in chart kind:

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Different solutions included the extra generic “bean bag toss” and “Baggo,” which apparently was once a producer’s identify for this sport.

Some respondents mentioned “different.” The place and what have been they?

  • “Cruthole” (sounds soiled however OK)
  • “Baggage AND cornhole” (inclusive!)
  • “Mouth Breather Horseshoes” (That isn’t very good, sir or madam.)
  • “The infant sport child tailgaters play as a substitute of Washers” (my understanding of washers is you need to throw an precise washer, which may very well be a lot tougher than cornhole.)
  • “Dick Dick Ball” (??? no balls concerned right here, people)

I didn’t get anybody who known as the sport Dummy Boards, doghouse, beans, or sacks. Clearly, my web analysis led me astray — or maybe folks have been simply too embarrassed to confess they known as a family-friendly yard sport “sacks.”

So the place does the favored identify cornhole come from?

Supplies. The baggage was once full of dried corn kernels, not beans, so in some older variations, the sport was actually not bean bag toss. It was tossing a corn bag right into a gap, aka cornhole.

No matter you name it, you’ve obtained loads of time earlier than tailgating season to observe at no matter commencement events or Memorial Day festivities it’s possible you’ll attend. So have enjoyable and bear in mind — by no means belief anybody who throws the luggage overhand.

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