what is the bottom of a door called

what is the bottom of a door called

A guide to know the parts of a door

If you wish to make a serious influence, changing your door is among the easiest issues you are able to do. It is a straightforward strategy to improve your house, however earlier than you deal with the challenge or begin measuring your door, it is a good suggestion to study the lingo. Let’s check out all of the completely different components of a door, and the way all of them come collectively.

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Door half names

Door body

The door body is the whole framework supporting the door, together with the sill, jamb and head. That is also referred to as a door sash. Door frames will be made from wooden or aluminum, and are made to mix seamlessly with your house. The scale of the body determines the dimensions of the door that matches in between.

Parts of a Door

Obtain this door components infographic map


The door sill is the very backside a part of the door body that rests on the ground.

Jamb/door jam

The 2 door jambs are the perimeters of the door body that run vertically.

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The top is the highest piece of the door body, working horizontally.


The panel is the time period for the door itself. That is the half that swings open and closed.


You probably have a pair of doorways in your entry, the astragal is the vertical piece that runs between them, from the sill to the pinnacle.

Fastened panel

That is the panel of the door in a pair of doorways that doesn’t open or shut.

Door sweep

A sweep is a chunk of climate stripping on the backside of the door that’s climate resistant and kinds a seal between the door sill and the door body. Door sweeps enhance the power effectivity of your house.


A threshold is the transition from the door sill to the ground of the room. A threshold is an ornamental factor that may be easy or elaborate, relying in your fashion.


The transom is the horizontal beam that separates the door from the fanlight or window above it.

Strike plate

The strike plate is positioned on the door jamb the place the outlet for the bolt of the door and the bolt meet. It’s a small metallic plate that’s screwed to the door jamb.


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Sidelights are fastened glass panels connected to each or both aspect of the door, outdoors the body. These tall slender home windows permit extra gentle into the house.

In-swing or out-swing

This refers as to if a door swings into the room or out of the room when opened.

The Difference: Inswing vs. Outswing Doors

Door knobs and {hardware}


The doorknob is the spherical mechanism used to open and shut the door. Doorknobs are available in an incredible number of supplies, reminiscent of vintage brass, rubbed bronze or satin nickel.


The hinge is the jointed gadget that pivots the door panel. There are several types of door hinges used on doorways together with barrel hinges, pivot hinges, and hid hinges.

Foot bolt

This can be a kind of lock that’s put in on the backside of the door and is operated together with your foot, generally used on sliding patio doorways.

Key lock

There are an unbelievable quantity of decisions in relation to entry door locks. Two varieties are the cylinder lock, which strikes the bolt by rotating a cylinder, and the multi-point lock, which has a number of locking factors however just one deal with.

Attending to know door half descriptions is an effective way to begin your new door challenge. Your doorways have a big effect on on daily basis of your life. Changing an entry door will improve your curb attraction, save power and enhance the worth of your house. For a visible of the place these door components seem, obtain this door components infographic. When you’re extra aware of door half names, it is simpler to speak to contractors and sellers to get assist choosing the proper door in your challenge.

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