what is the bottom of a mountain called

what is the bottom of a mountain called

Kirkjufell, one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland.

December 11 is Worldwide Mountain Day. A day to have a good time — what else? — mountains! Mountains are an historical a part of our planet, forming tens of millions of years in the past. They supply a lot of the world’s recent water. Plus, they’re residence to a wide range of crops, animals and even communities of individuals. Let’s have a good time these massive landforms by taking a look at some mountainous information.

Most mountains fashioned tens of millions of years in the past

Picture taken in Barberton, South Africa with the Barberton Greenstone Belt is in the far distance. Kirkjufell, one of the vital photographed mountains in Iceland. Photograph courtesy of Pixabay

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It’s true. Mountains are severely outdated. They date again tens of millions and tens of millions of years. As for the way they fashioned, it occurred over time. As an example, some mountains fashioned when volcanoes erupted time and again. The lava that spewed from the volcanoes constructed up over time. And ultimately, this fashioned a mountain. In different instances, mountains fashioned when two layers beneath the Earth’s crust moved, collided and pushed in opposition to one another. This brought about the land to crumple and rise as much as kind the form of a mountain.

Some mountains are older than others

This is a picture of the Rocky Mountain range that was taken on an airplane from San Francisco. It just goes to show how far this mountain range can stretch! Photograph by billandkent licensed CC BY 2.0

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In line with most scientists, the oldest mountain vary on Earth is known as the Barberton Greenstone Belt and is present in South Africa. It’s estimated that the vary is not less than 3.2 billion (sure, billion!) years outdated. As for the youngest mountain on Earth? That title goes to the Himalayas in Asia. It’s thought that this vary fashioned about 40 million years in the past. Though that’s not precisely what we’d name younger!

All mountains have frequent options

A picture at the base of Mount Everest. Photograph by Geoffrey Gallaway licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Should you actually wish to be taught extra about mountains, it helps to know the options that make up these land plenty. The very best level of a mountain is known as the height or summit. And the underside of the mountain the place the bottom begins is called the bottom. There’s additionally the snow line. That’s the place ice and snow start to seem on a mountain. Then there’s the gorge, which is a slim valley between mountains. And whereas we’re speaking mountains, it’s most likely price mentioning that the title for an extended group of mountains is known as a spread. Some mountain ranges can stretch nice distances. As an example, the Rocky Mountains prolong all the best way from Canada to Mexico.

All peaks usually are not created equal

Atlantic seafloor with the mid-Atlantic ridge runs down the middle of the Earth, highlighted in red. An image on the base of Mount Everest. Photograph courtesy of Pixabay

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The world’s highest mountain peak is Mt. Everest, which is discovered on the border between Nepal and Tibet within the Himalayas in Asia. This monster mountain stands practically 9,000 metres tall. Whereas climbing Mt. Everest is severely difficult, greater than 4,000 folks have scaled the summit. Meaning they’ve made all of it the best way to the highest! The youngest individual to ever attain the summit is an American mountain climber named Jordan Romero. In 2010, he trekked his method to the highest when he was solely 13 years outdated!

There are mountains beneath the ocean

Olympus Mons on Mars. The mid-Atlantic ridge is the massive purple line that zig-zags down the center of the Atlantic Ocean. By newurbanhabitat.com: Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationderivative work: Rapture2018 (Earth_seafloor_crust_age_poster.gif) [Public domain], by way of Wikimedia Commons

You will discover mountains on the backside of the ocean. In reality, there are millions of them within the deep blue. And the biggest mountain vary on the planet is discovered alongside the ground of the Atlantic Ocean. The vary is called the Mid-Ocean Ridge. It encircles the Earth, measuring practically 60,000 km lengthy. That’s greater than 10 instances the width of Canada!

There are mountains in house too

CBC Kids | Play Games, Watch Video, Explore By Picture by NASA, modifications by Seddon [Public domain], by way of Wikimedia Commons

The biggest mountain in our photo voltaic system is discovered on Mars. This volcanic mountain is known as Olympus Mons, and it reaches 26 km excessive. That makes it even taller than the Earth’s highest mountain. In reality, Olympus Mons is thrice the peak of Mount Everest!

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