what is the correct way to place elephant figures in the garden

what is the correct way to place elephant figures in the garden

The elephant figurine holds an vital place in Hindu mythology and is commonly utilized in residence décor, to symbolise energy, integrity and power. Ganesha is the elephant-headed God, who bestows blessings and clears obstacles. The magnificent elephant automobile of Goddesses Lakshmi and Lord Indra represents divine information and royal energy. The elephant determine has its personal significance, in accordance with Feng Shui, in addition to Vastu Shastra. Elephants, in Feng Shui, symbolise energy, knowledge, good luck and fertility. Individuals usually embrace statues and work of elephants, to deliver positivity to a house.

Right here’s learn how to embrace elephant collectible figurines in your house décor in the correct approach, to maximise its advantages.

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Advantages of maintaining elephant statues at residence

  • Elephants are the most important dwelling mammals. They characterize power, safety, knowledge and good luck.
  • Elephant symbols invite constructive energies into your house and life.
  • Like a snow mountain, the elephant embodies dignity, majesty and energy.
  • White elephants are thought of very auspicious. It’s mentioned that the Buddha’s mom dreamt of a white elephant, earlier than she gave delivery to him.
  • Elephants are a very highly effective picture of prosperity and royalty.
  • Elephants are additionally linked to gray rain clouds, to deliver bountiful harvests.

The place to put elephant statues at residence?

As elephants are thought of to behave as saviours and protectors, putting the statues on the entrance door is taken into account to be fortunate. You possibly can place a pair of elephants if your house as a large entrance, going through inwards. If you wish to guard your house from evil or detrimental vitality, you may place it going through outwards, in accordance with Feng Shui.

In keeping with Vastu, cling a portray of elephants within the bed room, for strengthening your relationship together with your partner. You may also place a pair of elephants within the type of a statue or portray and even cushion covers.

Hanging elephant work in the classroom or workplace, can be thought of fortunate. Go for a mother-child mixture of elephants, if you wish to cling one in your kids’s room. In keeping with Feng Shui, you can too place the determine within the type of wallpaper or toys, to strengthen their information and enhance their focus stage. If doable, maintain the statue of the toy on their research desk.

The north and the east nook are thought of preferrred, for the position of elephant symbols and work.

PlaceImpactEntrance doorGood luck, safety and power to the householdBedroomPromotes love and faithfulnessFamily / kids’s roomMakes the bond stronger between household membersChildren’s roomBrings information and tutorial successNorth directionFor profession development

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The place to put elephant collectible figurines for luck and fortune?

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There are two main positions, the place you may place elephant collectible figurines to draw luck. If you’re looking for luck in lecturers, love or relationships, maintain the artifact going through outwards from the entrance door. You possibly can place a pair of elephants on both aspect of the door for good luck and blessings for your loved ones. The trunks, on this occasion, ought to be raised as a logo of trumpeting to draw luck into your house. A pair of elephants inside your entrance door/entrance additionally symbolises prosperity and success in your profession.

The place to put elephant collectible figurines on the workplace?

If you’re in search of development in your profession, place an elephant figurine on the workstation. You possibly can maintain an image of an elephant in your work diary or work stationery, to boost your management qualities and enhance your efficiency below strain. If you’re a businessman, you may maintain an elephant statue in entrance of the primary door. The elephant symbolises knowledge and energy, when positioned within the work setting. Its presence will energise your profession and enterprise.

Place an elephant at or close to the door of your workplace, to boost energy, knowledge and success in your work life. You probably have a small residence workplace or workspace, you can too place an elephant decor merchandise close to the door or entrance to the area.

Significance of the elephant trunk postures

In keeping with Feng Shui, whereas a raised elephant trunk symbolises good temper, a trunk that’s down means focus and sensuality. The trunk within the downward route represents means to unravel challenges and longevity. Opposite to well-liked perception, an elephant trunk within the downward route, doesn’t imply dangerous luck. Due to this fact, such statues are appropriate for places of work, warehouses, and many others.

An elephant figurine with the trunk in an upward route, signifies fortune and success. Feng Shui consultants additionally examine the elephant trunk to a vacuum cleaner that sweeps detrimental vitality. Due to this fact, go for an elephant statue that’s holding one thing like a crystal ball or some other such ingredient.

Equally, as per Vastu, elephant statues with their trunks going through upwards are thought of to be very fortunate and produce luck to the household. Elephants with their trunks upwards and standing on the rear legs characterize energy and safety. Two elephants crossing their trunks signifies bonding and friendship. If one of many elephants has a tusk and the opposite doesn’t, it signifies a wholesome relationship between women and men. Such statues are believed to have a constructive impression on {couples}, if positioned within the bed room.

Sort and colors of elephant figurineSignificanceWhite elephantRichness, luxurious, wealthRed elephantFame and recognitionBlack elephantProsperity and successGreen elephantGood luck and powerTrunk within the upward directionFortune, successElephant standing on rear legsPower, protectionTwo elephants crossing their trunksBonding, friendshipTwo elephants with considered one of them with out tuskHealthy relationship between males and femalesThree elephantsPeaceful household lifeElephants holding crystal ballWill assist to deliver concord and steadiness in a single’s lifeA proud elephant standing on coinsSymbolises energy, knowledge, wealth and safety of the house

Additionally, it’s believed that an elephant with the trunk pointed down shops luck and vitality. It’s a image of knowledge and information permitting you to simply overcome varied duties and obstacles. To remain grounded at work or to order power and vitality at residence, maintain an elephant with a trunk pointing downward.

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A statue of a frog on an elephant or a monkey on an elephant within the north, brings stability in profession. A laughing Buddha seated on an elephant carries unhappiness and woes away and brings good luck, in accordance with Feng Shui. 4 or extra elephants on a tusk ( picket or created from resin ) bridge brings luck and safety to the household. The blue elephant and rhinoceros are a Feng Shui image stored at residence for defense from accidents, theft and betrayal.

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Inserting Nettipattam at residence

Lots of people place Nettipattam at residence for Vastu causes. In keeping with conventional tradition in Kerala, Nettipattam is used to embellish elephants throughout festivals. Additionally known as Caparison, Nettipattam is obtainable as wall hangings, in several sizes.

Nettipattam Vastu

In keeping with mythology, the Kumilas (doms) and its place in a caparison characterize all the pantheon of gods. These are positioned or hung in an east-west route, as it’s believed to deliver prosperity and peace to your house.

Materials of fortunate elephant

Fortunate elephant might be created from varied supplies, corresponding to jade, silver, wooden, marble, steel, poly resin, glass, porcelain, lac, and many others. In addition to plain elephant collectible figurines one can also maintain elephant collectible figurines which are studded with gems, brightly painted or have ornate leafing performed on them.

Ideas for putting elephant collectible figurines

  • Brass elephants collectible figurines are thought of the very best, for maintaining within the bed room, because it eliminates variations between {couples}.
  • Inserting brass elephants within the assembly room brings peace and prosperity on the office. As well as, it additionally works to present success in each sphere of life.
  • Inserting a stable silver elephant in the home brings luck and fortune. A stable silver elephant figurine ought to be positioned within the north route.
  • You probably have a small residence workplace or workspace, you can too place an elephant close to the door or entrance area.
  • Inserting an elephant on the work desk aids elevated focus, focus and helps to take care of strain.
  • You may also place seven elephants in a line, because it represents eternity and symbolises longevity and overcoming of loss of life. These seven elephants characterize happiness, knowledge, prudence, royal dignity, invincible energy, longevity and intelligence.
  • Elephant collectible figurines ought to by no means be positioned within the rest room or kitchen.
  • Additionally keep away from maintaining elephant photos depicting warfare, violence and animal cruelty.

Elephant décor concepts for good luck at residence

To deliver positivity and concord, one can creatively use elephant collectible figurines and designs in varied methods at residence. Elephant collectible figurines can improve any residence performed up in modern, classic, industrial or minimal fashion. One can use elephant work, as prints on wall paper, decal wall artwork, or as designs on the cushions. One can incorporate elephant collectible figurines as espresso desk legs, in fountains, piggy banks, lamps, bookshelf holders, pen stands, elephant-shaped pottery, door handles, and many others. In keeping with Vastu, a essential door embellished with Goddesses Lakshmi (with cash), seated on a lotus with elephants, is taken into account auspicious.


(With inputs from Purnima Goswami Sharma)

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