what is the difference between a cabin and a cottage

what is the difference between a cabin and a cottage

Key Distinction – Cabin vs Cottage

The distinction between cabin and cottage just isn’t very clear since each of them share many comparable traits. Each these phrases cabin and cottage check with small, easy home or shelter. The key difference between cabin and cottage appears to rely on the constructing supplies; cabins are all the time manufactured from wooden whereas cottages may be made out of a number of supplies.

What’s a Cabin?

A cabin is a small dwelling constructed of wooden. To be extra particular, they’re constructed of logs. The time period cabin is usually used to check with much less completed and architecturally easy buildings. Cabins have a really lengthy historical past; in American historical past, they’re typically related to first technology properties constructed by settlers.

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Cabins have a country look and are cruder than cottages. Cabins are sometimes discovered nestled within the distant or wooded areas. They could not include fashionable conveniences like electrical energy.

The time period cabin may also check with a personal room or compartment on a ship or airplane. (e.g. captain’s cabin)

Key Difference - Cabin vs Cottage

What’s a Cottage?

A cottage is a small, easy home, sometimes within the countryside. The phrase cottage additionally carries the connotations of being previous or old style. Cottages may be made out of quite a lot of supplies together with wooden, brick, mud and stone. In English structure, a cottage has have a floor flooring and an higher flooring of a number of bedrooms beneath the roof.

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The time period cottage may also apply to a easy home forming a part of a farm, which is utilized by a employee. In Canada and the US, cottages are additionally regarded as vacation properties by a physique of water akin to a lake or the ocean. Compared with cabins, cottages could look extra ‘completed’ and complex. They may typically have painted or papered partitions, and fashionable conveniences like water and electrical energy.

What’s the distinction between Cabin and Cottage?


Cabins are all the time manufactured from wooden.

Cottages may be manufactured from quite a lot of supplies akin to wooden, brick, stones, and many others.


Cabins look extra crude and unfinished in comparison with cottages.

Cottages look extra subtle than cabins.


Cabins are normally situated in distant and wooded areas.

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Cottages are normally situated in waterfronts (within the Canadian and American sense of the phrase). Within the British sense of the phrase, cottages are sometimes discovered within the countryside.


Cabins could not fashionable amenities.

Cottages are normally geared up with amenities like electrical energy and water.

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“Decrease East Fork Patrol Cabin” By Nationwide Park Service stock – (Public Area) by way of Commons Wikimedia

“Ten Penny Cottage, Welford on Avon – newurbanhabitat.com – 1227222” By Philip Halling (CC BY-SA 2.0) by way of Commons Wikimedia

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