what is the difference between a dictionary and an encyclopedia

what is the difference between a dictionary and an encyclopedia

Encyclopedia vs Dictionary

Encyclopedia and Dictionary are two phrases which are typically confused in the case of their utilization and meanings. Encyclopedia is an info financial institution. Then again, a dictionary is a lexicon that comprises meanings and probably, usages of phrases. That is the principle distinction between Encyclopedia and dictionary.

What’s an Encyclopedia?

An Encyclopedia is a set of details about varied matters beneath the solar. The matters and topics embody arts, historical past, geography, civics, politics, geology, zoology, physics, chemistry, arithmetic, numismatics and the opposite associated topics. Focusing extra on offering information and data to the consumer, an Encyclopedia is a superb reference e-book for researchers of virtually any topic. An Encyclopedia is often a collection of books, every targeted upon a specific department of information. Every quantity is split into articles listed alphabetically by article title. These articles are lengthy and descriptive, offering a abstract of details about the subject material at hand. Having been current or over 2200 years, the oldest Encyclopedia is claimed to be the Naturalis Historia which was written in AD 77 by Pliny the Elder.

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Difference Between Encyclopedia and Dictionary

What’s a Dictionary?

A dictionary is a compilation of phrases and their meanings that can be utilized by the scholar or researchers to know the precise meanings and the utilization of various phrases. Dictionaries can exist in a number of particular languages by which phrases are listed alphabetically together with utilization info, etymologies, definitions, pronunciations, phonetics and different info similar to lexicon. In accordance with Nielson, a dictionary will be characterised by three options.


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1. A dictionary has been ready for a number of features

2. The information that it comprises have been chosen and included for fulfilling these features

3. The lexicographic buildings of the dictionary set up relationships between the information in order that they fulfil the features of the dictionary, thereby assembly the wants of customers

What’s the distinction between Encyclopedia and Dictionary?

• Encyclopedia is extra involved with common information. Then again, dictionary is just not involved that a lot with common information and features primarily as a author’s device and offers the which means and pronunciation of sure phrases.

• A dictionary focuses upon the grammatical construction of language. An Encyclopedia doesn’t give attention to language in any respect.

• The compilation of an Encyclopedia takes a very long time. Then again, the compilation of a dictionary doesn’t take a very long time. Actually, an increasing number of phrases will be added to the dictionary in future editions.

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• Dictionaries don’t are available many volumes. Their phrases belonging to all topic areas are listed in alphabetical order and are available one complete quantity. Encyclopaedias are available many volumes, typically every quantity is devoted to a sure material.

• An entry in an Encyclopedia is lengthy and descriptive. An entry within the dictionary is often very quick.

• An Encyclopedia is a common, broad and informative e-book. It’s not categorized as dictionaries. Dictionaries will be categorized as common goal and specialised goal.

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