what is the difference between a dragon and a wyvern

what is the difference between a dragon and a wyvern

I’m going to begin off by saying that I like dragons, and that there’s in all probability going to be an extreme quantity of dragon footage on this publish. If dragons depend as an animal, they’re undoubtedly my favourite. (Enjoyable reality: if dragons don’t depend, my favourite animal is the koala). However anyway, a dragon publish was in all probability inevitable, proper? They’re one of the in style mythological beasts, and so they’re considerable in literature and films. Since everyone seems to be already so conversant in dragons, I’ve determined to deal with their lesser recognized ancestors: the Wyverns. These creatures are the descendants of dragons, and many individuals don’t perceive that they’re very completely different creatures.

A dragon, as proven beneath, has 4 legs. (This attribute will probably be necessary afterward.) Dragons have been probably the most highly effective beasts for the reason that starting of time, and so they can reside for 1000’s and 1000’s of years (so long as they aren’t killed, which is tough sufficient as it’s). Their scales are impenetrable, and so they have wings that may carry them over nice distances at wonderful speeds. When it comes all the way down to it, dragons are every part you’d anticipate them to be. They’re all highly effective, they’ve management over most of the components, and so they aren’t a creature one ought to mess with. Nonetheless, after many centuries, the bloodline of the dragons started to dilute. This was because of the passage of time and the dwindling inhabitants of dragons. Probably the most highly effective dragons have been killed by people, so pure choice took its course. Right now, it’s believed that there are only some of the traditional, or conventional, dragons left. Many of the remaining inhabitants is a brand new breed of dragons referred to as the Wyvern. They’re nonetheless highly effective, however they’re a really completely different creature.

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Proven beneath are a number of footage of Wyvern as in comparison with dragons. The primary distinction you’ll discover is the legs; dragons have 4 legs, whereas Wyvern solely have two. The entrance legs of the Wyvern are fused to its wings, very very similar to arms. This makes the Wyvern simpler to assault, because it can’t transfer its wings away when it needs to make use of its entrance talons to assault again. One hit to the arm doubles as successful to the wing. Wyverns have restricted powers, and they’re much smaller than historical dragons. Nonetheless, don’t be fooled; a Wyvern is harmful in its personal approach.


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The Wyvern is swift, as a result of its smaller measurement. It isn’t held down by 4 legs, which make the traditional dragons extra cumbersome and subsequently slower to maneuver. It’s just like the comparability between a T-Rex and a velociraptor. On the finish of the day, a T-Rex is considerably extra highly effective and more durable to kill. However, velociraptors are quicker, and so they can kill extra effectively. Think about Jurassic Park, the place the T-Rex may cost, however the velociraptors may run across the buildings.

Wyverns usually are not as highly effective as historical dragons, however I nonetheless assume they’re fairly cool. They’re quick, and I really feel like that might make them enjoyable to trip. Effectively, possibly not… understanding my luck, I’d in all probability fall proper off.


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