what is the difference between a foley catheter and an indwelling

what is the difference between a foley catheter and an indwelling

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Have you ever been informed that you must use catheters? If that’s the case, you could be questioning what kind of catheter to make use of or if there’s even a distinction between catheter varieties.

You’re reading: what is the difference between a foley catheter and an indwelling

Let’s look at the primary varieties of urinary catheters that drain the bladder, that are intermittent catheters and indwelling Foley catheters.

The Distinction Between Intermittent Catheter Varieties

First, sterile intermittent catheters are for single-use. In different phrases, you insert these into the bladder by way of the urethra or a stoma, then throw the intermittent catheter away. This retains your catheterization apply hygienic, which can assist scale back the danger of issues like UTIs (urinary tract infections).

Your prescribing healthcare practitioner will often exhibit tips on how to insert your catheters since you’ll doubtless be self-cathing frequently. As well as, they are going to let you know the way steadily you need to self-cath every day, week, or month.

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The three predominant varieties of intermittent catheters to know are:

Straight Catheters

This intermittent catheter is the unique urinary catheter kind. It has come a great distance because the first catheter’s invention.

Straight catheters are uncoated, so you could manually lubricate this catheter kind earlier than use. Sometimes, individuals want to make use of lubricating jelly, which is out there at 180 Medical in single-use sterile packets of catheter lubricant or flip-top tubes. Moreover, straight catheters can be found in travel-sized pocket catheter choices, which are available in a curved or U-shaped package deal. If you happen to want a extra discreet catheter choice, you’ll be able to simply tuck these into your pocket, briefcase, or backpack for simple carrying. link to straight catheters on 180 Medical

Hydrophilic Catheters

Hydrophilic catheters are much like straight catheters when it comes to size and insertion tip choices. The principle distinction is that hydrophilic catheters have a singular coating that prompts with water, making it lubricated and able to use. These don’t require extra catheter lubricating jelly so you should utilize these with much less mess and fewer effort. link to hydrophilic catheters on 180 Medical

Closed System Catheters

Closed system catheters are all-in-one sterile choices that are available in a self-contained assortment bag. Frequent vacationers and other people in wheelchairs typically want closed system catheter kits, due to their ease of use. Plus, these pre-lubricated catheters typically include extra insertion provides like gloves, an underpad, and antiseptic wipes to reduce the danger of an infection. As well as, closed programs characteristic introducer ideas, which assist bypass the best concentrations of micro organism within the urethra.

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All the above-mentioned varieties of intermittent catheters are usually out there in quite a lot of choices, relying on the model you select, together with:

  • straight tip catheters
  • coudé tip catheters
  • male size catheters
  • feminine size catheters
  • pediatric size catheters
  • pocket catheters

Indwelling Foley Catheters

If intermittent catheters aren’t an choice, then your physician could decide you need to have an indwelling Foley catheter. Your physician or a nurse will place the Foley catheter for you. A small inflated balloon holds the Foley catheter in place within the bladder, which retains it in place for days or perhaps weeks. The size of time depends upon your physician’s advice.

One potential draw back of utilizing a Foley catheter is that it might enhance the danger of infections like UTIs (urinary tract infections). When a catheter is left in for lengthy intervals of time as with Foleys, it could actually generally result in bacterial progress within the urethra and bladder.

What Catheter Kind is Proper for You?

At 180 Medical, we feature all the foremost catheter manufacturers and kinds. You possibly can attempt free samples of catheters to find out what feels and works finest for you.

catheter brands at 180 medicalContact us at 180 Medical to start out receiving the best intermittent catheters for you!

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Disclaimer: This publish’s intent is to offer a basic understanding of product choices which can be out there available on the market. Please don’t use this data instead of suggestions out of your prescribing healthcare supplier. Lastly, for medical recommendation, please seek the advice of together with your physician.

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