what is the difference between a jaguar and a panther

what is the difference between a jaguar and a panther

Panther and Jaguar are two completely different members of the cat household. Each of them are giant cats and have the identical meals that’s meat. They’re typically distinguished from one another when it comes to the color of their body- Panthers being black in color and Jaguars having spots. Generally, they’re thought of as the identical. Curiously, none of those statements are fully improper however there’s extra to this than meets the attention.

Panther vs Jaguar

The distinction between Panther and Jaguar is that Panther is the broader time period used to confer with any huge cat. It’s the title of a genus and never species. Jaguar, alternatively, is a panther with black spots on its physique and primarily discovered within the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.

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A Jaguar is an enormous cat discovered primarily in Central and South America. After tigers and lions, it ranks third when it comes to physique measurement and appears much like that of Leopards present in Asia and Africa.

Panther, alternatively, is the title of the genus used to explain any member of the household of massive cats. It might be a tiger, a leopard, a mountain lion or perhaps a Jaguar. Nonetheless, the time period Panther can also be used to confer with Black Panthers and White Panthers.

Comparability Desk Between Panther and Jaguar (in Tabular Kind)

What’s Panther?

It’s the normal time period used to explain any feline with black pigments viz leopards, cougars, jaguars, tigers or mountain lions belonging to the large cat household. Nonetheless, it’s generally used to confer with the Black Panther. It’s present in three continents, particularly, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The Panther is a really highly effective and shifty member of the large cat household. As evident from its numerous geographical origin, it is rather adaptive too.

Regardless of belonging to a taxonomic class that ranks larger than a species, it’s typically considered endangered due to the declining numbers of the Jaguars and Leopards of their native habitats.

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The physique color of the Panther ranges from darkish brown to black aside from the White and the Florida Panthers, each of them present in North America.

Probably the most hanging characteristic of Panthers that distinguishes them from different felines of the cat household is their means to roar. Their peak and weight differ when it comes to their species and intercourse. A few of them, particularly males can attain even 250 kilogrammes.

Panthers are very clever and guarded animals. They lead a really solitary life, spending the night-time searching and daytime resting. Their darkish brown or black fur helps them in mixing into the forest environment and makes them imperceptible to the bare eye within the darkness of the woodlands. This, in flip, allows them to detect and entice their prey with out being observed. The truth that they’re glorious climbers is an added benefit.

When Panthers are born, they don’t open their eyes till they’ve accomplished two weeks. Earlier than the completion of some months, they continue to be extraordinarily weak to meat-eaters, particularly within the absence of their moms who should go for a hunt.

After a couple of months, they grow to be succesful sufficient to accompany their moms to seek for prey and don’t go away her facet till they’ve reached the age of two years. After that, they separate themselves to determine their territory.

Panthers, particularly males are very territorial animals and are threatened by the presence of different males of their territory.

What’s Jaguar?

It refers to a species of the large cat household, primarily discovered within the Americas. Additionally it is the one feline of Panthera genus indigenous to the Americas and is the third largest among the many felines present in the entire world (others being tiger and lion).

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When it comes to look, they’re very a lot much like Leopards (present in Asia and Africa) however the spots discovered within the Jaguars’ physique are extra advanced and a spot is usually discovered of their centre. They’re agile and highly effective and like every other cat of Panthera genus, lead a solitary and nocturnal life-style.

In a number of historical South American cultures, Jaguars have been revered as gods and their representations appeared within the artwork and archaeology of the expanse of their pure habitat which initially ranges from Central Argentina to the South-Western area of the USA of America.

Nonetheless, for the reason that Eighties, they’ve misplaced a lot of their territory because of the strategy of industrialization and urbanisation. At current, they’re primarily discovered within the tropical rainforests of the Amazon Basin. Nonetheless, a smaller inhabitants of the Jaguars can also be discovered within the savannahs and grasslands of the Central American area.

What distinguishes Jaguars from different cats is their means to swim. As swimmers, they’re fairly good and prey on turtles, fishes and even caimans with their highly effective jaws which assist them in penetrating the skulls of their prey. Additionally they wish to have peccaries, deer, tapirs, capybaras and a number of other different terrestrial animals by trapping them at evening.

Like every other panther, Jaguars are additionally very territorial. They’re born blind and stay weak to meat-eaters till they grow to be succesful sufficient to accompany their moms for hunt. Their moms guard them at evening and defend them any approaching animal together with their fathers. They separate from their moms after two or extra years.

Important Variations Between Panther and Jaguar

  1. Each Panther and Jaguar are part of the cat household. However the former is a genus whereas the latter is a species.
  2. Jaguars are indigenous solely to the Central and South Americas. Whereas, Panthers stay in a wide range of pure habitats present in three main continents of the world viz Africa, Asia and the Americas.
  3. Panthers fluctuate when it comes to their weight. A few of them even attain 330 kilogrammes. Jaguars, alternatively, don’t the restrict of 100 kilogrammes.
  4. Relying on their species, Panthers assume completely different color patterns and appearances, starting from darkish brown to black color. Whereas, Jaguars are primarily of tawny yellow color which might vary as much as reddish-brown color.
  5. The life-span of Panthers additionally differs when it comes to their species. The minimum-maximum restrict of the life-span of a Panther is 12 to 17 years. Whereas, a Jaguar lives for 12-15 years.


Each Panther and Jaguar is a member of the cat household. However what distinguishes Panther from Jaguar is {that a} Panther is just not a separate species. Fairly it’s a genus. Consequently, Jaguars posit the overall traits anticipated in a species of Panthera genus.

It follows {that a} Jaguar might be described as a kind of Panther however Panther can’t be described as a kind of Jaguar.


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