what is the difference between a monk and a priest

what is the difference between a monk and a priest

Their priesthoods are equal, however their vocations are usually not precisely alike

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“Friar,” “monk,” “priest.” These are considerably versatile phrases, however not precisely so. Popularly, they’re all understood to level at a lifetime of sacrifice and poverty. However whereas all variation of priesthoods could also be equal, their vocations are usually not alike, besides in that they’re meant to stay their lives in service. A priest could also be monastic, or spiritual, or “secular” (additionally referred to as “diocesan”), however they’re all clergy.

A priest within the Catholic Church is a person who has obtained the sacrament of Holy Orders and has due to this fact undertaken the duties of celebrating the Sacrifice of the Mass, listening to confession, giving absolution and different sacraments “in persona Christi“ and to carry out different duties of pastoral ministry and, generally, administration.

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A priest could also be related to a diocese or to a non secular order, or to a monastic home (an abbey or priory/convent). All monks, whether or not diocesan or spiritual, tackle celibacy and obedience to their superiors:

  • A diocesan priest guarantees solemn obedience to his bishop.
  • A spiritual priest (like a Dominican or Franciscan) vows obedience to his superior, often referred to as a “provincial.”
  • A monastic priest vows obedience to his abbot (if residing in an abbey) or prior (in a priory).

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Diocesan monks don’t take vows (or guarantees) to poverty and should possess and inherit property.

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Monks vowed to a non secular order (just like the Franciscans, Dominicans, and so forth) or a monastic group (just like the Benedictines or Cistercians) do make vows of poverty, surrendering any earnings they generate by way of their works to their superiors. So a Dominican author incomes earnings from his books will flip these royalty checks over to the Order of Preachers. A Trappist author will flip his earnings over to his abbot or prior, for the advantage of the entire group.

The phrase “friar” is from fraire (from the Center Ages — the fraire Provençal), which suggests “brother.” The phrase arose with the creation of the mendicant (touring/preaching) orders within the late Center Ages, most predominantly by Saint Francis (Franciscans) of Assisi and Saint Dominic (Order of Preachers, or “Dominicans”). These “new spiritual” had been not tied to monasteries and convents however went out among the many individuals, to evangelise and to wish, to coach and to serve the sick.

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A priest who’s a part of a mendicant spiritual order can also be a friar; a priest who’s a part of a conventual/monastic group (contemplative/stationary) can also be a monk. However monks and friars needn’t be monks. Some monks and friars discern their vocations as spiritual, content material to easily be brothers inside their order or group; they don’t pursue the priesthood.

The phrase “monk” comes from the Latin monachus, a phrase for hermits, rooted in a which means of “solitude.” It’s associated to the emergence of the primary experiences of contemplative women and men, such because the Desert Fathers and Moms. Saint Benedict of Nursia (480-547) is taken into account the founding father of Western Monasticism.

Lastly, it’s potential for a priest to be neither “secular”, nor “friar”, nor “monk” however nonetheless be a non secular. A Jesuit priest (Society of Jesus), or a Pauline priest (Society of Saint Paul), or a Salesian priest (Society of St. Francis de Gross sales, aka Salesians of Don Bosco) is absolutely a priest and can make the identical vows of poverty, chastity and obedience to their spiritual superiors, identical to friars and monks, however they’re merely monks of their respective communities.

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