what is the difference between a nation and a country

what is the difference between a nation and a country

The phrases ‘Nation’ and ‘Nation’ are sometimes used interchangeably, that they’re considered totally different phrases having the identical which means. However there are main variations between the 2.

A nation is a group of individuals fashioned on the idea of a standard language, territory, ethnicity and so on.

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A rustic could also be an impartial sovereign state or half of a bigger state, a bodily territory with a authorities, or a geographic area related to units of beforehand impartial or otherwise related individuals.

Difference Between Nation and Country

This text will spotlight the key variations between Nation and Nation inside the context of the IAS Examination.

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Variations between Nation and Nation



A nation is formally noticed as a bunch of people that share the identical cultural id and hyperlinks A rustic is a ‘state’ that applies to self-governing political identities An instance of this may be the Basque individuals dwelling in Spain who take into account themselves as a separate nation as a result of they’re ethnically totally different from the remainder of the inhabitants. The Russian Federation is a rustic, with all of the states inside it abiding by the identical legal guidelines of the identical authorities. These states are smaller communities that each one adhere to 1 federal authorities within the nation A nation could be an imagined society with the context being that any connections between the populace is perhaps impersonal even when they subjectively really feel part of the embodied unity. A county will also be used to consult with different political entities whereas at different instances it refers to solely states. The phrase nation got here from the Outdated French phrase nacion which implies “place of birth”. The phrase ‘Nation’ is derived from the Outdated French phrase contrée’. The phrase is believed which have entered the English language through the Norman Invasions of England within the eleventh Century The phrase “nation” is usually used as a synonym for:

  • Sovereign state: a authorities which controls a selected territory,
  • Nation: A geographic territory, which can or could not have an affiliation with a authorities or ethnic group.

The time period “nation” can consult with a sovereign state. The diploma of autonomy of non-sovereign international locations varies extensively. Some are possessions of sovereign states, akin to French Polynesia.

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Whereas others encompass a union of smaller polities that are thought of international locations like the UK consisting of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Eire.

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