what is the difference between a physical and political map

what is the difference between a physical and political map

physical vs political mapWhereas the bodily map reveals the pure options of a spot resembling mountains, waterbodies plains, and so forth. The political map shows territorial options resembling cities, state, nations and their boundaries.

A map is a great tool, which diagrammatically represents the pure or man-made options of an space of land or half thereof, on a flat floor, based on scale. The three predominant parts of the map are distance, course and image. These are of nice assist to the travellers and navigators, to get some information of a spot they’re visiting. There are three kinds of maps that are a thematic map, political map and bodily map.

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Within the given article you will discover the variations between bodily map and political map.

Content material: Bodily Map Vs Political Map

  1. Comparability Chart
  2. Definition
  3. Key Variations
  4. Conclusion

Comparability Chart

Foundation for ComparisonPhysical MapPolitical Map MeaningPhysical map might be understood as a map used to point the types of panorama and water our bodies of an newurbanhabitat.comtical map refers to a map that helps in representating the geographical boundaries, roads, and different related options of an space. UseIt is used to indicate geographical newurbanhabitat.com is used to indicate territorial borders. FeaturesRaised or dippedFlat Colours usedDull colours are newurbanhabitat.comht colours are used.

Definition of Bodily Map

Bodily map or in any other case known as as aid maps are the one which reveals the pure traits of a type of land and our bodies of water which might be present in a selected space. In finer phrases, it’s a visible illustration of how our earth seems to be from area.

Physical MapOn this map, the water our bodies like oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds are depicted in a blue color. Likewise, brown color signifies mountains and plateaus, completely different shades of inexperienced are used to symbolize elevations on a bodily map. These maps assist to grasp, the vary of elevation within the area, mountains or plateaus within the area, rivers in that area, course by which the river flows and so forth.

Definition of Political Map

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Political Map is described as a map utilized by the travellers, vacationers or different individuals to find numerous locations, inhabitants, roads, highways, and so forth. of a selected space. The first attribute of political maps is that it reveals administrative subdivisions of the world, or different geographical areas resembling continents, nations, state, cities, cities and villages.

Political MapThese maps use massive water our bodies like oceans, sea, rivers and lakes as landmark. There are three kinds of political maps, that are:

  1. Common Maps
  2. Survey Maps
  3. Specialised Maps


Maps are designed by the cartographers, who use completely different colors to focus on completely different options on a map. Whereas the bodily map reveals landforms with out contemplating the human modifications, a political map is one which signifies humanmade options of an space.

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