what is the difference between a row and a column

what is the difference between a row and a column

rows vs columnsWhen information is collected, in bulk and assembled by the researcher, then the following step to the information preparation course of is to rearrange it in a concise and logical method, known as tabulation. It’s a set of information and figures that are introduced in an organised means in rows and columns. Whereas rows are supposed to run horizontally, columns are drawn vertically.

Individuals usually misconstrue rows for columns, as they’re used within the matrix, spreadsheets and classroom settings too, for the aim of bifurcating classes, teams, varieties and so forth. Nevertheless, there exists a wonderful line of distinction between rows and columns, which has been defined within the given article intimately.

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Content material: Rows Vs Columns

  1. Comparability Chart
  2. Definition
  3. Key Variations
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Comparability Chart

Foundation for ComparisonRowsColumns MeaningAn order by which folks, objects or figures are positioned alongside or in a straight line is named a newurbanhabitat.commn is a vertical division of information, figures or every other particulars on the idea of class. ArrangementLeft to rightTop to backside Whole proven inExtreme proper cornerBottom HeaderStubCaption SpreadsheetRow heading is indicated by newurbanhabitat.commn heading is indicated by letters. Database Administration System (DBMS)RecordField

Definition of Row

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The time period ‘row’, characterize an association, whereby folks, objects, numbers or every other issues lie subsequent to one another, dealing with the identical means, i.e. in a horizontal line. It goes from left to proper, just like the row of a college classroom, or seats of a film theatre.

Definition of Column

A column is an association of information, figures, phrases, and many others. , are positioned one after one other in a sequence. In a desk, columns are separated from one another by traces which improve its readability and attractiveness. It helps in making the comparability between two columns by putting them aspect by aspect.

Key Variations Between Rows and Columns

The factors given beneath are noteworthy, as far as the distinction between rows and columns is anxious:

  1. The row is an order by which folks, objects or figures are positioned alongside or in a straight line. A vertical division of information, figures or every other particulars based mostly on class, is named column.
  2. Rows go throughout, i.e. from left to proper. Quite the opposite, Columns are organized from as much as down.
  3. A desk is split into 4 elements, caption, box-head, stub and physique. The highest-most a part of the desk which represents columns is named caption. As in opposition to this stub, is the intense, left a part of the desk which describes rows.
  4. In a spreadsheet resembling Lotus or MS Excel, the row heading is indicated by numbers whereas the column headings are denoted by letters.
  5. Whole of row is positioned within the excessive proper nook of the respective row, whereas the whole of column is proven on the backside
  6. In database administration methods like MS Entry or FoxPro rows are often called the document, which incorporates fields. Alternatively, columns are often called the sector, which is a group of characters.
  7. A matrix is an array of numbers, letters or symbols, whereby horizontal arrays are the row, whereas the vertical arrays are columns.


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Rows and Columns each are the elemental a part of any desk whether or not, it’s a spreadsheet or matrix on the idea of, to retailer information. These are a significant geometric association which divides any information set on the idea of attributes.

In database administration system, the row (document or tuple), compose of varied information fields. Alternatively, column consists of single information attribute or an accumulator of a single attribute within the dataset. In Excel, the intersection of rows and columns is named a cell.

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