what is the difference between a twin and twin xl

what is the difference between a twin and twin xl

In on the lookout for the most effective mattress, earlier than deciding between a reminiscence foam and innerspring mattress, first determine on the correct measurement. The most effective mattress will match the bed room whereas leaving further house for furnishings and room to stroll. For single sleepers, a twin or twin XL mattress may very well be the most suitable choice—their small measurement matches any bed room and may very well be a superb alternative for studio residences.

In our article, we go over the variations between a twin and twin XL mattress, together with the professionals and cons of every mattress measurement.

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What’s a Twin Measurement Mattress?

A twin measurement mattress, also called a single mattress, measures 38 inches by 74 inches. The dual measurement mattress is the smallest, compact normal measurement out there available on the market right now. Twin measurement beds are excellent for kids’s rooms—for households with multiple baby, mother and father might discover bunk beds a fantastic choice, leaving further house for enjoying.

Twin vs Twin XL

Twin or single measurement beds are additionally good choices for visitor beds and adults with restricted residing areas, like studio residences.


Pricing for a twin measurement mattress ranges between $100 to $1500. Excessive-end mattress choices price extra as a result of they embrace unique sleep applied sciences and natural supplies.

Under, we provide a breakdown of our Amerisleep mattresses in twin measurement.

MattressPrice Amerisleep AS1$749 Amerisleep AS2$949 Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid$1149 Amerisleep AS3$1149 Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid$1349 Amerisleep AS4$1349 Amerisleep AS5$1649 Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid$2049 Amerisleep Organica$1199

Beneficial Room House

The most effective bed room house for a twin measurement mattress ought to be a minimum of 7 toes by 10 toes to accommodate house for furnishings and room to stroll. An evenly-spaced bed room can also enhance sleep in decreasing stress from cramped quarters.


  • Excellent for teenagers
  • Small, compact measurement straightforward to maneuver
  • Bunk mattress appropriate
  • Most inexpensive measurement


  • Too small for {couples}
  • Not best for stressed, or mixture sleepers
  • Not sufficient sleeping house for some adults

What’s a Twin XL Measurement Mattress?

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A twin XL mattress is 38 inches by 80 inches—about the identical measurement as a twin mattress, however 6 inches longer. The additional size makes it a fantastic alternative each for kids and adults who’re taller, giving them extra legroom.

Twin XL beds are additionally good choices for visitor rooms and studio residences, and generally present in faculty dorm rooms.


Twin XL mattresses vary between $300 to over $2000 for high-end fashions. These luxurious beds price extra as a result of they might embrace extra layers and distinctive sleep applied sciences not broadly out there.

Under, we provide a breakdown of our Amerisleep mattresses in twin XL measurement.

MattressPrice Amerisleep AS1$664 Amerisleep AS2$769 Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid$1049 Amerisleep AS3$839 Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid$1119 Amerisleep AS4$1049 Amerisleep AS5$1329 Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid$1609 Amerisleep Organica$1349

Beneficial Room House

The most effective space for a twin XL mattress is bedrooms 7 toes by 10 toes, enabling room for furnishings and strolling house.


  • Further-long twin for extra legroom
  • Nice for bedrooms, studio residences, and faculty dorms
  • Reasonably priced value


  • Too small for {couples}
  • Not sufficient room for some adults

Twin vs. Twin XL Dimensions

TwinTwin XL 38 inches wide38 inches broad 74 inches long80 inches lengthy

When evaluating the size and width of a twin and a twin XL mattress, the first distinction is their lengths since each twin and twin XL measurement mattresses are 38 inches broad. Twin mattresses are 74 inches lengthy, whereas twin XLs are 80 inches. Whereas the 6-inch distinction won’t really feel drastic, the additional legroom is great for taller sleepers.

Different Mattress Sizes

If a twin or twin XL mattress feels too small, completely different mattress sizes, together with full, queen, king, and California king, may be higher choices, particularly for grasp bedrooms.

Full Measurement

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Full measurement mattresses measure 54 inches by 75 inches, giving more room, each in width and size, to stretch out. Full measurement beds are glorious choices for each youngsters and faculty college students. They’re additionally appropriate for single adults on their very own with a good funds and restricted residing house.

Queen Measurement

Queen mattresses are 60 inches by 80 inches, and one of the standard mattress choices for single adults. Queen beds give numerous room to stretch out and are nice choices for stressed, or mixture sleepers. Queen measurement mattresses are additionally good choices for {couples}, although not as spacious as a king measurement.

King Measurement

King measurement mattresses measure 76 inches by 80 inches and are the biggest normal mattress measurement out there. King beds are excellent for {couples}, leaving room for private house. Kings have the identical dimensions as two twin XL mattresses positioned facet by facet. A cut up king choice can also be out there for {couples} preferring a mattress catered to their private wants.

California King Measurement

A California king measurement mattress has the identical space as a king mattress, besides a Cal king mattress is longer, measuring 72 inches by 84 inches. California king beds are one other glorious choice for {couples}, significantly those that wish to sleep shut collectively. Although not as broadly out there as a cut up king, cut up California king choices can be found to accommodate private preferences.


How broad is a twin mattress?

Twin and twin XL mattresses are every 38 inches broad. What makes a twin XL an “XL” measurement is its further size, it measures 80 inches lengthy. (So how lengthy is a twin mattress? Twins are solely 74 inches lengthy.)

Can a twin fitted sheet match on a twin XL?

As a result of a twin XL mattress has 5 further inches in size, common twin sheet units might not match a twin XL mattress—the sheets might come up brief.

Do two twin beds make a California king?

No, two twin mattresses don’t make a California king measurement mattress. A twin measurement mattress is 38 inches by 80 inches, whereas a California king mattress is 72 inches by 84 inches. Two twin XL mattresses do make a king measurement, although.

How a lot greater is a full than a twin XL?

A twin XL mattress might have 5 further inches in size in comparison with a normal twin, however a full has 16 inches of additional width. Full measurement beds may be higher choices for single sleepers who toss and switch at evening.

Is a Twin or Twin XL Mattress Proper for You?

Twin and twin XL mattresses are nice choices for teenagers, youngsters, and single adults. They’re the proper size and width to accommodate any room measurement, particularly for kids’s bedrooms and studio residences.

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