what is the difference between an invention and an innovation

what is the difference between an invention and an innovation

invention vs innovationAll of us are conscious of the truth that nothing is everlasting on this world, neither merchandise nor know-how. As daily, enhancements and updations are made in know-how, resulting in new innovations and improvements in each sphere of life. Invention refers back to the creation of a model new product or machine. Conversely, innovation is an act of constructing modifications to the prevailing product or the method by introducing new methods or concepts.

At first sight, the 2 phrases sound alike, however when you dig deeper, you will see that that there’s a high-quality line of distinction between invention and innovation that lies of their connotations. Whereas invention is all about creating or designing one thing, innovation is the method of turning a artistic concept into actuality.

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Comparability Chart

Foundation for ComparisonInventionInnovation MeaningInvention refers back to the prevalence of an concept for a product or course of that has by no means been made newurbanhabitat.comvation implies the implementation of concept for product or course of for the very first time. What’s it?Creation of a brand new newurbanhabitat.comng worth to one thing already present. ConceptAn authentic concept and its working in newurbanhabitat.comtical implementation of latest concept. Expertise requiredScientific skillsSet of selling, technical and strategic expertise. Happens whenNew concept strikes a scientist.A necessity is felt for a product or enchancment in present product. Involved withSingle product or newurbanhabitat.comination of varied merchandise and course of. ActivitiesLimited to R & D newurbanhabitat.comad throughout the group.

Definition of Invention

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The time period ‘invention’, is outlined because the act of making, designing or discovering a tool, methodology, course of, that has not existed earlier than. In finer phrases, it’s a novel scientific concept conceived by analysis and experimentation that turns right into a tangible object. It may be a brand new course of of manufacturing a product or could also be an enchancment upon a product or a brand new product.

Innovations could be patented, because it gives safety to the inventor, for mental property rights, and likewise identifies it as an precise invention. Additional, completely different international locations have completely different guidelines for acquiring the patent and the method can also be pricey. To be patented, the invention have to be novel, have worth and non-obvious.

Definition of Innovation

The phrase ‘innovation’ itself signifies its that means, because the transformation of an concept into actuality. Within the purest sense, innovation could be described as a change that provides worth to the services or products; that fulfills the wants of the purchasers. It’s when one thing new and efficient is launched to the market, that fulfills the wants of the purchasers by delivering higher services and products.

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Innovation could be an introduction or growth of latest product, course of, know-how, service or enhancing/redesigning the prevailing ones that present options to the present market necessities. All the method that assist in the era of the brand new concept and translating it into the merchandise demanded by the purchasers are coated underneath innovation.


So, it may be mentioned that innovation will not be the identical factor as invention, as these are two completely different ideas. Each the actions requires large capital funding within the analysis course of. Additional, the invention is when one thing new or novel to the world is found, whereas innovation is about introducing an efficient manner of utilizing, producing or distributing one thing.

One essential distinction between invention and innovation is, an concept when proved workable, it’s referred to as because the invention. Alternatively, an innovation is when the concept not solely be proved workable but in addition requires to be economically possible and fulfill a particular want.

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