what is the difference between autocracy and dictatorship

what is the difference between autocracy and dictatorship

Key distinction: A Dictatorship is a type of authorities by which a dictator has full energy. Whereas, Autocracy is a system of presidency by which supreme energy lies within the palms of 1 particular person, whose choices aren’t subjected to any authorized restraints.

Democracy is taken into account as one of the best type of governance, with many alternative ideologies current all over the world. There was a time, the place the ideologies had been pressured upon the international locations like socialism, fascism, dictatorship, monarchy and autocracy. The world was divided into a number of totally different segments due to this type of governance. Referring to the political techniques, whereby the ability lies within the palms of a person, each dictatorship and autocracy have delicate variations which make them totally different from one another.

Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and ComparisonsDictatorship is a system the place a single particular person guidelines your entire nation. Dictatorship is similar to autocracy, because the reins of energy stay within the palms of a person. The facility of this particular person is limitless and uncontrolled. He isn’t answerable to anybody and none of his actions are topic to authorized overview. A dictator usually turns tyrannical as he is aware of that he needn’t give a justification for any of his insurance policies. A dictator is supreme in his nation, and he doesn’t want the consent of the folks to do something he needs.

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Dictatorship might be a results of a single get together ruling the nation, with its head being the dictator or it might be a navy dictatorship, with the top of navy assuming all powers to him. Dictatorships are sometimes characterised by deaths or killings due to greed, hatred, pleasure, and energy. Hitler is believed to have brought about thousands and thousands of deaths of Jews, whereas Idi Amin is believed to be chargeable for killings of a whole bunch of 1000’s of Indians.

Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and ComparisonsAutocracy is a political system of presidency, whereby a single particular person controls the affairs, the lives and choices of all of the folks in his nation. All choices are taken by him, that are thought of supreme and aren’t subjected to any legislation of the land. Autocracy is a Greek phrase that interprets into self-rule. Nevertheless, this literal translation means a spot the place one man guidelines everybody, all by himself. There isn’t any rule of legislation as within the case of democracy, and there’s no one who this supreme ruler consults whereas making choices.

Comparability between Dictatorship and Autocracy:


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It’s one particular person ruling your entire nation.

A system by which one particular person guidelines your entire nation.

Perspective in direction of folks

A dictator does fear in regards to the penalties of his choices on the folks.

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Autocrat refrains from taking excessive determination which might harm his folks.


It might be a rule of a specific get together or class, or a single get together.

It’s all the time the rule of a person particular person, within the system of presidency.


It has a unfavourable implication.

It’s thought of as much less evil.

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