what is the difference between continental and oceanic crust

what is the difference between continental and oceanic crust

Earth is the one planet which has life, it has life integral kind for instance wildlife oxygen, water, and many others.. Earth is a big planet which has numerous geological options. It has landed in some areas, it has water in some areas, it has aired all around the planet.

The geological options of the earth comprise a wide range of mountains, plateau, ocean seas, plains, forests, volcanoes, and many others.. The geological options of anyplace have an effect on the life of individuals over there.

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Within the parts that are occupied by land have various kinds of soil, land crusts, and many others., the density of land is just not the identical in all places in some locations there shall be a skinny crust of land and in some elements, there may be a robust crust of land.

The variations of crusts, have an effect on the lives of individuals and animals. In line with geology earth has a number of layers of land underneath the principle crust. Beneath the crust there are two extra layers, these are Mantle and Core.

The core is essentially the most internal layer of earth which is alleged to be the most well liked a part of Earth above that Mantle is there which consists of a number of layers and above all of them, there may be the crust. The crust is of two sorts; Oceanic crust and continental crust.

Oceanic Crust vs Continental Crust

The distinction between Oceanic crust and Continental crust is their composition and properties. Each of them are the uppermost layer of Earth however they’ve variations between them.

Comparability Desk Between Oceanic Crust and Continental Crust

What’s Oceanic Crust?

Oceanic crust is the craft which covers Earth’s oceanic base. It has a density of three.0 g/ cm3. It’s mentioned to be a skinny layer when in comparison with continental crust.

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The oceanic crust consists of basalt which is made up of black-coloured rock. This rock is fulfilled with minerals like silicon, oxygen, and magnesium. The oceanic crust takes years to kind and it undergoes a course of.

In a number of years this crust gathers a layer of cooled mantle floor underside, and the 2 layers accumulate to sink into the new molten mantle. And that is how oceanic crust by no means ages as a result of it retains on recycling.

The thickness of the oceanic crust is 3 to six miles or 5 to 10 kilometres. It consists of various layers; the uppermost layer of oceanic crust is 500 meters thick and consists of lava made up of basalt.

Time period used for oceanic crust rock is sima a brief type of magnesium silicates One other time period used for these rocks is mafic, they’re excessive in iron and magnesium. The ocean ground is the results of easy pillows of darkish and dense basalt rock.

There are few ridges the place it’s attainable to go and really feel the skinny oceanic crust For instance Iceland. There are mid-ocean ridges that are the mountains shaped underneath the seawater throughout the ocean that covers Particularly the European and the North American plates.

The one alongside which that continues to cowl all of the oceans and the gap It covers is 49700 kilometre. Even the longest mountain vary on earth.

What’s Continental Crust?

The continental crust is the Uppermost layer of Earth’s floor and it constitutes round 40% of Earth. This layer is relatively stronger and thicker than oceanic crust.

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Continental crust is made up of granite which is lighter in color, and this Rock incorporates aluminium-silicon and oxygen. The density of Continental crust is decrease than oceanic crust and it accounts for two.63g / cm3.

Because of the distinction between the densities of each Continental Crust and Oceanic crust, the stability of continent land is maintained and each crusts can float on magma. The continent crust flows extra freely on the magma.

The continental crust is thicker and has a distinction in thickness in planes and mountain areas. in plains, it has a thickness of 20 miles which is round 35 kilometres and in Mountain areas, this thickness Will increase as much as 40 miles that are round 70 kilometres.

The continental crust may be outlined because the amalgamation of igneous, sedimentary And Metamorphic rocks Which types a continent. The areas across the shallow sea mattress are referred to as Continental cabinets.

The rationale behind the thickness of Continental crust is the Compressive forces associated to subduction or a continental collision. The floating capacity of the crust forces it upwards, the forces of Collisional are balanced by gravity and erosion. This process additionally helps to kind the keel for mountain ranges which can also be the thickest crust of the earth.

Continental crust is liable for the land portion of Earth. It’s the outermost layer of the lithosphere, and it types the floor of the land. The rationale behind the low density of Continental crust is that it floats on the uppermost a part of Mantle. Additionally, they’re made up of various rocks which have an effect on their density.

Essential Variations Between Oceanic Crust and Continental Crust

  1. Continental crust is low in density whereas oceanic crust has the next density.
  2. Continental crust is thicker, quite the opposite, the oceanic crust is thinner.
  3. Continental crust floats on magma freely however oceanic crust floats on magma scarcely.
  4. Continental crust can not recycle whereas oceanic crust can recycle it.
  5. Continental crust is made up of granite salt then again oceanic crust is made up of basalt rock.


Each oceanic crusts in addition to continental crust types completely different surfaces of the earth. Each of them are equally essential for the earth. There are quite a lot of variations between the 2 however but they assist one another in sustaining the stability of continents.


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