what is the difference between dictionary and encyclopedia

what is the difference between dictionary and encyclopedia

Encyclopedias have existed for round 2,000 years, however from the seventeenth century onwards, each the trendy encyclopedias and the dictionaries have developed. Naturalis Historia (the oldest nonetheless in existence), was written in roughly 77 AD by Pliny the Elder.

Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and ComparisonsThe phrase encyclopedia (additionally spelled as encyclopaedia) comes from the Koine Greek from transliterated enkyklios paideia, which means “normal training”, enkyklios means, “round, recurrent, required recurrently and normal” and paideia means, “training, rearing of a kid”, it was lowered to a single phrase because of an error by copyists of Latin manuscripts, the phrase collectively actually interprets as a “full instruction” or “full information”.

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The encyclopedia is a group of varied matters and topics, written particularly, by the well-educated, well-informed and content material knowledgeable authors, after their acceptable analysis within the related topics. They’re usually detailed informative booklets, obtainable in several editions. They’re of the type of large analysis books, obtainable in varied sorts and editions of later durations. They embrace the thesis, works, analysis and broadly and usually defined examples. The researches are registered in these informative books. Some systematic strategies of organizations are important for the making of encyclopedia, as a usable work reference. Their work is a collective research and accumulation of the contents.

The aim of encyclopedia is to collect data in a collective format. The large books act as a supply of reference within the training sectors and makes the right data relating to the topic obtainable to them. Software program comparable to Encarta gives an encyclopedia with an built-in dictionary.

A dictionary (additionally known as a wordstock, phrase reference, wordbook, lexicon, or vocabulary) is a group of phrases in a number of particular languages. The oldest recognized dictionaries Akkadian Empire cuneiform tablets with bilingual Sumerian-Akkadian wordlists have been found in Ebla (fashionable Syria) and have been dated roughly round 2300 BCE.

The phrase dictionary was invented by an Englishman known as John of Garland in 1220. He had written a ebook Dictionarius to assist with Latin diction. The primary purely English alphabetical dictionary was “A Desk Alphabeticall”, written by English schoolteacher Robert Cawdrey in 1604.

Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons

Dictionaries are in all probability usually listed alphabetically (or by radical and stroke for ideographic languages), with the utilization, data, definitions, etymologies, phonetics, pronunciations, and different data. They supply the which means of varied phrases organized alphabetically. Many phrases are even realized from dictionaries. Fashionable Dictionaries embrace new and outlined phrases, which give the final which means of their varieties and examples. In addition they assist in the pronunciation of any phrase. Their objective is to offer the understanding of actual and normal phrase together with their existence. They provide a proper and correct privileged worth to the outlined phrases and play an important function within the subject of literature.

There are numerous sorts and styles of dictionaries obtainable available in the market. At this time, a broad distinction is made between normal and specialised dictionaries. The final objective dictionaries are utilized by everybody for the sake of reference and to seek out meanings of phrases. Specialised dictionaries don’t include details about phrases which might be used within the language and are onomasiological, which first establish the idea after which set up the phrases used for his or her designation. Typically they’re additionally distinguished on the prescriptive and descriptive foundation.

Comparability between Encyclopedia and Dictionary:

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A ebook or a set of books giving data on many topics or on many points of 1 topic and usually organized alphabetically.

A ebook that lists the phrases of a language in alphabetical order and offers their which means, or that provides the equal phrases in a special language.


They’re normal broad informative books and are usually not categorised as such in comparison with the dictionaries.

They’re categorised as normal objective and specialised objective. They’re additionally categorised within the perspective and descriptive codecs.


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It has individuals, occasions, and locations together with their historical past.

It has the phrases with their which means.


They’re made by referring the dictionaries.

They’re a subset of encyclopedias.

Supplies data

It offers the historical past and definition of one thing.

It offers you a definition and the way a phrase is utilized in a sentence.


The English-language Encyclopedia Britannica is a well known instance.

The dictionaries which can be found on the web web sites are the Oxford Superior Learner’s Dictionary, Free On-line Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Macmillan Dictionary, and plenty of extra. Those obtainable usually ebook format is the famend Oxford Dictionaries.

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