what is the difference between fructose and glucose

what is the difference between fructose and glucose

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When sugar involves thoughts, you in all probability consider desk sugar, or sucrose. However this easy carbohydrate is made up of even smaller sugar molecules known as glucose and fructose in a precise 50/50 break up.

Jamie Feit, MS, RD of newurbanhabitat.com Photograph: Jamie Feit

“Glucose and fructose are each monosaccharides – sugar molecules within the easiest kind,” says Jamie Feit, RD, MS. “The physique’s most popular supply of gasoline is glucose. Glucose is sourced by breaking down disaccharides or polysaccharides, that are bigger sugar molecules. In the meantime, fructose is present in its easiest kind in fruits and a few greens like beets, corn and potatoes.”

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Like all sugars, each glucose and fructose are carbohydrates. However not all carbs are created equal! Once we eat sucrose, the glucose and fructose molecules develop into break up contained in the physique. The primary distinction between glucose and fructose – for our functions, anyhow – is how they’re processed inside your physique.


Widespread sources: rice, oats, bread, pasta & starchy greens.

You could discover that every one these meals are fairly filling. It’s because glucose, after being absorbed by the small gut, raises blood sugar ranges. This stimulates the manufacturing of insulin, which in flip induces the creation and secretion of leptin. Leptin is called the “fullness hormone,” and it does precisely what it sounds prefer it does: makes you’re feeling full.

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Once we discuss blood sugar, we’re really referring to blood glucose. That is the quantity of glucose in your bloodstream. The glucose travels by the bloodstream, offering vitality to all of the tissues in your physique that want it. That’s why, of the three macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and proteins), we check with carbs as our most important supply of vitality.


Widespread sources: fruits, honey, tender drinks and greens (in small quantities).

Fructose adjustments blood sugar ranges far more step by step than glucose and doesn’t appear to affect insulin ranges. Not like glucose, which is processed all through the entire physique, fructose is sort of totally metabolized by the liver. Over time, overconsumption may cause fatty liver and visceral fats round important organs. The fructose-rich Customary American Eating regimen reveals a excessive prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver illness. This situation can set off insulin resistance and kind 2 diabetes.

Additionally, whereas glucose stimulates the fullness hormone, there’s some proof that fructose might do the other. Because of this, some specialists view diets excessive in fructose as contributing to patterns of overeating. Merely put, if you happen to don’t really feel full, you’ll simply carry on consuming.

So, does this imply we must always cease consuming fruit as a result of they’re excessive in fructose? The reply is (principally) no. Like most issues in vitamin, there are extra components to contemplate than only one unit of measurement, i.e. fructose content material. Not like fructose-rich and nutrition-poor junk meals and soda, fruits include a plethora of different wholesome elements. They’re loaded with water and fiber, that means their fructose is launched slowly. In stark distinction, meals like sweet and soda instantly overload the liver with fructose.

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Plus, fruits are nutritionally dense, containing quite a few nutritional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols. Research present that diets wealthy in vegetables and fruit are related to decrease charges of coronary heart illness, diabetes and strokes. They’re even linked to improved psychological well being!

That having been stated, nearly all of your carbohydrates ought to come from greens somewhat than fruits. And whereas fructose from fruits could also be okay for many, individuals with diabetes ought to be warier. Seek the advice of your physician on the suitable quantity of fructose that’s secure on your private consumption. As a result of finally, sugar is sugar.

The Takeaway

Like we at all times say in our Clear Consuming philosophy, your finest follow is to depend on complete, pure meals. Fruits, veggies and grains all include sugar. However all are excessive in fiber, blunting the velocity at which the sugar is absorbed. Plus, all kinds of recent produce will increase the spectrum of essential nutritional vitamins and minerals ingested and utilized by your physique.

Nonetheless, like we’ve stated, sugar is sugar. Whether or not you’re getting it from cupcakes or carrots, you need to seek the advice of your doctor to find out your customized secure consumption restrict. In keeping with RD Feit, consuming an excessive amount of sugar causes irritation and intestine issues. To assist forestall this, sugar-sensitive individuals typically comply with a low-FODMAP food plan, which largely avoids fructose.

“The takeaway right here is to eat meals of their least processed kind,” says Feit. “Like a bit of fruit containing all of the fiber from the plant or brown rice as an alternative of refined grains. This can permit the physique to get the sugars it wants for vitality whereas additionally offering fiber – an essential software in wholesome consuming.”

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