what is the difference between heat energy and temperature

what is the difference between heat energy and temperature

heat vs temperatureThe idea of warmth and temperature are studied collectively in science, which is considerably associated however not alike. The phrases are quite common, as a result of their vast utilization in our everyday life. There exist a tremendous line which demarcates warmth from temperature, within the sense that warmth is considered, as a type of vitality, however the temperature is a measure of vitality.

The basic distinction between warmth and temperature is slight however vital, warmth is the general vitality of the molecular movement, whereas temperature is the common vitality of the molecular movement. So, let’s check out the article given under, by which we’ve got simplified the 2 for you.

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Content material: Warmth Vs Temperature

  1. Comparability Chart
  2. Definition
  3. Key Variations
  4. Conclusion

Comparability Chart

Foundation for ComparisonHeatTemperature MeaningHeat is the quantity of vitality in a newurbanhabitat.comerature is the measure of the depth of warmth. MeasuresTotal kinetic and potential vitality contained by molecules in an newurbanhabitat.comage kinetic vitality of molecules in a substance. PropertyFlows from hotter object to cooler newurbanhabitat.com when heated and falls when cooled. Working abilityYesNo Unit of measurementJoulesKelvin DeviceCalorimeterThermometer Labelled asQ T

Definition of Warmth

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The warmth of an object is the mixture vitality of all molecular motion inside the thing. A type of vitality that’s transmitted from one object or supply to a different as a result of variations of their temperature. It strikes from a warmer object to the cooler one. Its measurement might be performed in vitality items, i.e. calorie or joules. The switch of warmth can happen in 3 ways, that are –

  • Conduction: Warmth switch between molecules that are in direct contact with one another, with out the motion of particles.
  • Convection: The switch of warmth that takes place as a result of motion of particles from one place to a different is convection.
  • Radiation: When the warmth is transferred by means of a medium or vacuum, whereby house in between, shouldn’t be heated up.

Definition of Temperature

Temperature is outlined as the common kinetic vitality of all molecules collectively, i.e. common vitality of all of the particles in an object. As a median measurement, the temperature of a substance doesn’t depend on its dimension (variety of particles) and sort. It identifies how sizzling or chilly an object is, in levels. It additionally measures, the velocity of atoms and molecules of the substance.

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It may be measured in varied scales, that are – Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit. The thermometer is used to gauge the temperature of the thing.

Key Variations Between Warmth and Temperature

The variations between warmth and temperature might be drawn clearly on the next grounds:

  1. Warmth is nothing however the quantity of vitality in a physique. As towards this, temperature is one thing that measures the depth of warmth.
  2. Warmth measures each kinetic and potential vitality contained by molecules in an object. Alternatively, temperature measures common kinetic vitality of molecules in substance.
  3. The primary function of warmth is that it travels from hotter area to cooler area. In contrast to temperature, which rises when heated and falls when cooled.
  4. Warmth possesses the power to work, however the temperature is used completely to gauge the extent of warmth.
  5. The usual unit of measurement of warmth is Joules, whereas that of temperature is Kelvin, however it will also be measured in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  6. Calorimeter is a tool, which is used to measure the warmth. Alternatively, temperature might be measured by thermometer.
  7. Warmth is represented by ‘Q’ whereas ‘T’ is used to symbolize temperature.


Each warmth and temperature are the ideas of thermodynamics; that works collectively to let the vitality move from hotter physique to the cooler physique. Whereas warmth depends upon the variety of particles in an object, temperature doesn’t rely upon quite a lot of particles in an object as a result of it’s a median measurement.

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