what is the difference between isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol

what is the difference between isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol each have quite a lot of functions in a spread of industries. However what’s the distinction between these alcohols, and is it protected to make use of them interchangeably?

In chemistry, alcohols are natural compounds the place the hydroxyl group (-OH) is hooked up to a carbon atom. Alcohol is available in many alternative buildings and varieties, however at the moment we are going to solely be 2: isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and denatured alcohol.

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Isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol belong to completely different alcohol teams. Subsequently, they’ve completely different buildings, formulation, and reactions. These variations are essential to concentrate on when fascinated about their respective makes use of and whether or not one can be utilized as a substitute of the opposite.

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Distinction in Construction

Denatured alcohol is assessed as a main alcohol as a result of it’s ethanol (CH3CH2OH) that has been handled with denaturants with a view to grow to be toxic and repellent to people. Main alcohols are the place the carbon atom of the hydroxyl group is just hooked up to at least one alkyl group.

Ethanol is a main alcohol that’s utilized in alcoholic drinks. Denatured alcohol may be fabricated from round 90% pure ethanol and 5% poisonous denaturants.

Secondary alcohols are the place the carbon atom of the hydroxyl group is hooked up to 2 alkyl teams. Isopropyl alcohol is the best instance of a secondary alcohol and is a barely greater molecule than ethanol, with the system C3H8O. Not like ethanol, IPA just isn’t meant for human consumption – though it has not been handled with denaturants to make it this manner.

Isopropyl alcohol is concentrated isopropanol that has been blended with wherever between 5% and 30% water.

Distinction in Toxicity

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Though isopropyl alcohol is assessed as a poisonous substance, that means that it’s harmful to devour and behaves as a gentle pores and skin irritant, it’s principally protected to make use of. Not like denatured alcohol, IPA is poisonous in itself. It has not had something however water added to it, and is usually utilized by docs as a disinfectant and antiseptic.

Whereas isopropyl alcohol is sometimes called a ‘surgical spirit’ due to its use in hospitals and different medical functions, denatured alcohol is known as a ‘methylated spirit.’ This sounds the alarm bells when pondering of its toxicity as a result of it signifies that it consists of methyl alcohol, also referred to as methanol.

Denatured alcohol isn’t poisonous by nature like IPA – it’s made poisonous by being handled with toxic brokers like benzene and pyridine. Methanol is the most typical chemical used to denature ethanol with, and this can be very poisonous to people.

Whereas ethanol is metabolised by alcohol dehydrogenase within the physique to create acetaldehyde, which is then shortly eliminated, the identical enzyme metabolises methanol into formaldehyde, which is a extremely poisonous poison. This causes methanol poisoning which may be deadly. On this approach, whereas IPA is a poisonous substance and shouldn’t be consumed, denatured alcohol is extra harmful relating to inhalation and publicity dangers. Understanding this distinction in toxicity is essential when attempting to establish whether or not makes use of of those 2 alcohols must be interchanged.

When Shouldn’t I Use Denatured Alcohol?


Its antibacterial properties make isopropyl alcohol a superb antiseptic and disinfectant. In addition to an environment friendly floor cleaner in a spread of home, medical, and laboratory environments, isopropyl alcohol can also be generally utilized in hand sanitisers, surgical hand scrubs, and antiseptic options. It’s a first-aid equipment must-have for disinfecting minor cuts and scrapes. Whereas it’s a delicate pores and skin irritant, docs nonetheless use IPA to swab your pores and skin earlier than an injection. It’s because it’s environment friendly at killing any floor micro organism. To learn extra about how this works, try our weblog on the makes use of of IPA.

Whereas denatured alcohol may also be used as an efficient cleansing agent, it can’t be used on pores and skin as an antiseptic. The primary purpose for that is its toxicity. By containing methanol, denatured alcohol may trigger dermatitis if pores and skin is uncovered to it. Whereas IPA does have the propensity to be a pores and skin irritant, that is solely in circumstances the place excessive concentrations have been left on the pores and skin for lengthy intervals of time. As a result of denatured alcohol comprises methanol, together with a number of different poisonous chemical compounds which you is probably not ready it establish, it’s usually unsafe to make use of as an antiseptic because it may trigger extreme reactions and even poisoning.


Though denatured alcohol can be utilized as a cleansing agent, it shouldn’t be used instead of isopropyl alcohol relating to cleansing electronics. It’s because the chemical compounds which have been added to denatured alcohol may go away behind residues on the delicate elements after the ethanol has evaporated. Comparatively, isopropyl alcohol is usually pure and its excessive volatility implies that no streaks or residue will probably be left behind after use.

In addition to this, frequent denaturing brokers like methanol, acetone, and pyridine are extremely damaging to plastic. Since skinny plastic coatings are sometimes used to guard show screens, utilizing denatured alcohol to wash them may trigger harm to them after extended use.

When Shouldn’t I Use Isopropyl Alcohol?

Pattern Preservation

Whereas isopropyl alcohol can be utilized in most of the identical functions as denatured alcohol, there are particular makes use of that denatured alcohol is extra suited in the direction of. In pattern preservation, for instance, IPA can be utilized however solely in concentrations of 90% which is mostly tough to acquire.

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Denatured alcohol is a more practical preserving agent for just a few causes. The presence of ethanol, for instance, is ready to drive out the water from the pattern’s tissue. This makes it a more practical dehydrating agent which is significant in pattern preservation. As a result of isopropyl alcohol is mixed with water, it isn’t as environment friendly on this regard. To see what different makes use of denatured alcohol has, head over to one among our earlier posts.

Mixing Shellac

Shellac is utilized in woodwork as a lacquer. A pure resin, carpenters use shellac to present their items a lustrous end, and so they usually combine the answer themselves to make sure that it’s contemporary. To do that, shellac flakes are dissolved in denatured alcohol. This creates a sticky substance which may then be simply wiped over the wooden.

Denatured alcohol is used as a result of this can be very excessive proof. The standard denatured system consists of 190-proof ethanol, 4% methanol and 1% different denaturants. This excessive focus allows the denatured alcohol to dissolve the shellac flakes shortly and successfully. Isopropyl alcohol shouldn’t be substituted on this utility for a number of causes.

The primary purpose is that IPA is mostly present in decrease concentrations. The usual resolution of 70% wouldn’t be efficient as its evaporation price can be slower, elevating the probabilities of the shellac flakes clumping collectively and never fully dissolving. Isopropyl alcohol additionally comprises water, which may additionally trigger issues given its sluggish evaporation price. Subsequently, denatured alcohol shouldn’t get replaced with IPA when mixing shellac for woodwork.

A set of wooden plates, bowls, and spoons

Isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol may be alternated in some functions. Each can be utilized as cleansing brokers, and as solvents in quite a lot of industries. The primary distinction is that IPA shouldn’t be utilized in sure functions as a result of it gained’t be as efficient as denatured alcohol, whereas the latter shouldn’t be used to interchange IPA as a result of it’s extremely poisonous and could possibly be harmful. Each alcohols have their advantages and disadvantages, and are extensively used throughout many industries.

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