what is the difference between laser and lasik eye surgery

what is the difference between laser and lasik eye surgery

The knowledge you need to know concerning the distinction between Lasik and laser eye surgical procedure and another choice value contemplating.

Have you learnt what the distinction is between Lasik and laser eye surgical procedure? Relating to eye procedures, it may be complicated. We’re going to interrupt it down for you and in addition check out another choice you may wish to take into account. Right here’s what you have to know if you happen to’re searching for protected imaginative and prescient correction strategies.

Lasik or Laser?

An important factor to know concerning the distinction between laser surgical procedure and Lasik surgical procedure is that there isn’t a distinction. Lasik surgical procedure is a kind of laser surgical procedure. In reality, Lasik is an acronym for the process that’s formally often known as laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. Whereas there are different forms of laser eye surgical procedures apart from Lasik, comparable to laser cataract surgical procedure, Lasik is all the time carried out with a laser.

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How Does Lasik Surgical procedure Work?

Lasik surgical procedure works by reshaping the cornea. This enables mild that enters the attention to focus extra clearly onto the retina, enhancing sight. It will possibly right imaginative and prescient in folks with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. The method contains reducing a skinny flap in your cornea utilizing a instrument referred to as a microkeratome or a laser. The surgeon then folds again the flap to allow them to have entry to the cornea. They use a laser to take away a small quantity of tissue from the cornea. This helps reshape it so mild to the retina can focus extra precisely. Should you’re nearsighted, the cornea wants flattening. Should you’re farsighted, the cornea wants a steeper angle. As soon as the ablation is full, the corneal flap is changed so it could actually heal.

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Difference Between Lasik and Laser Eye Surgery

What Are the Dangers with Lasik Surgical procedure?

Earlier than you resolve whether or not or not Lasik is for you, it’s vital to contemplate the dangers and attainable unintended effects. Regardless that the process solely takes about quarter-hour, it’s nonetheless surgical procedure, and there are dangers concerned with any surgical process. The distinctive threat potential with Lasik exists as a result of it could actually have an effect on not solely your imaginative and prescient but in addition the well being of your eyes.

Listed here are among the dangers and unintended effects related to the Lasik process:

  • Dry eyes: This typically solely lasts for a couple of weeks or months, however it could actually last more and, in some instances, could be a everlasting affliction following Lasik. A research carried out by a laser surgical procedure supplier discovered that 5 years after the surgical procedure, almost half of the sufferers within the research suffered from dry eyes a minimum of among the time.
  • Mild sensitivity: Within the days following the process, it’s regular to have some mild sensitivity. In the identical research talked about above, almost 40% of sufferers nonetheless had elevated sensitivity to mild after 5 years.
  • Visible disturbances: Frequent visible disturbances after surgical procedure embody elevated glare, halos round objects, and issue driving at night time.
  • Ache: Most medical doctors declare that Lasik is comparatively pain-free, nevertheless; some sufferers can expertise eye ache for months and even years after the surgical procedure.
  • Diminished imaginative and prescient: Lasik is likely to be profitable for some folks, however many sufferers expertise deterioration of their imaginative and prescient even after Lasik.
  • Lack of sufficient counseling: Many medical doctors fail to reveal potential problems adequately. That leaves sufferers with a scarcity of exact and complete data concerning the potential dangers and unintended effects.

Lasik Options

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If Lasik doesn’t sound like the appropriate choice for you, you don’t must resign your self to a lifetime of glasses and every day contacts. You possibly can nonetheless have clear imaginative and prescient with out going below the laser. Ortho-Ok, or orthokeratology, is a protected, painless, non-surgical different to Lasik. It entails custom-made contact lenses that you just solely put on at night time. The Ortho-Ok lenses gently mould your cornea as you sleep. This has an identical impact to Lasik because it adjustments the way in which mild is refracted in your eye to create clearer imaginative and prescient. Not solely is the sort of imaginative and prescient correction snug and efficient, but it surely’s additionally not everlasting. Should you cease carrying the Ortho-Ok lenses, your imaginative and prescient will return to regular in a couple of days. This isn’t the case with Lasik. If laser eye surgical procedure goes flawed, there’s no turning again.

Everybody needs to see the world clearly. Some are prepared to take nice dangers to take action with out resorting to glasses or contacts that may impression their way of life and have an effect on their capacity to do the actions they love. As an alternative of taking the dangers that Lasik entails or going by means of life with blurry imaginative and prescient, check out what Ortho-Ok can supply.

At Eyes of NM Household Optometry and Contact Lenses, we will present the imaginative and prescient correction you’ve been ready for, with out the danger. Should you’ve been questioning concerning the distinction between Lasik and laser surgical procedure, we will give you all the data you have to make the appropriate alternative for you and your eyes. Contact us at present for an appointment.

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