what is the difference between length and height

what is the difference between length and height

length vs heightConsider a strong object like a dice, cuboid, pyramid and so forth which have three-dimensions, that are size, width and top. Size refers back to the extent of an object, i.e. it identifies how lengthy an entity is. Then again, top implies the altitude of the article; that tells how tall an entity is?

There are a lot of college students of arithmetic, who’ve doubts concerning size and top of an object, as for them, these two dimensions are one and the identical factor. However, this isn’t so, they solely share frequent traits, there are refined variations between size and top.

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Undergo with the article to know the idea of the 2 dimensions.

Content material: Size Vs Peak

  1. Comparability Chart
  2. Definition
  3. Key Variations
  4. Similarities
  5. Conclusion

Comparability Chart

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Foundation for ComparisonLengthHeight MeaningLength is described because the measurement of an object from one level to newurbanhabitat.comht alludes to the measurement of a person or an object from high to backside. DeterminesHow lengthy an object is?How excessive up an object is? DistanceHorizontalVertical DimensionMost-extended dimension of the newurbanhabitat.comnsion that may be up in strange orientation.

Definition of Size

The dimension of an object, which is the longest one, is named its size. It’s the horizontal extent, that’s measured alongside the X-plane on a graph, and gauges the space between two ends. The measurement models of size are the metre, centimetre, kilometre, inches, foot, miles, and many others.

Size refers back to the dimension of an entity, no matter the size. It ascertains the diploma to which one thing is lengthy or removed from one level to a different.

Definition of Peak

In arithmetic, top is outlined because the measure of distance from backside to high, i.e. from a normal degree, to a sure level.

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Peak is labelled as altitude, after we discuss concerning the extent to which a three-dimensional object like mountains, timber or constructing is excessive or tall, from the ocean degree. It measures the vertical distance from the bottom to the very best level. The peak of a human being signifies how tall he/she is.

Key Variations Between Size and Peak

The factors given under are substantial, as far as the distinction between size and top is worried:

  1. Size is principally the top to finish measurement of the article. Quite the opposite, top is the measurement of distance of an object from base to high.
  2. Size ascertains the diploma to which one thing is lengthy, whereas top is an indicator of the diploma to which somebody or one thing is tall.
  3. Whereas size is measured alongside X-axis, in essence, it’s the horizontal facet of one thing, top is in alignment to the Y-axis, which represents the vertical facet of one thing.
  4. Size is nothing however the longest aspect of the article. Conversely, top is that facet of the article which might be up, within the regular orientation.


  • Each size and top are linear kind measurement.
  • They’re measured within the models of distance.
  • Expressed by way of ft, inch, meters, yards, and many others.


Subsequently, with the above dialogue, it’s clear that these two are completely different ideas of geometry, which are sometimes understood collectively, however that doesn’t make them one. The place of the article performs an important function in figuring out, which dimension is the peak and which one is the size, as a result of, the measurements change with the change in place, in essence, the peak of the article turns into its size and the size seems as its top.

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