what is the difference between linear foot and square foot

what is the difference between linear foot and square foot

What’s a Linear Foot, and Why Do you Must Understand it?

By: ROS Group July 5, 2021

If in case you have purchased or offered a property, you may be conversant in the time period “sq. foot.” However the time period “linear foot” won’t be as typical since it isn’t typically used throughout discussions a few home or house flooring plans, and also you may be curious what does linear foot imply.

A linear foot is a type of measurement used when securing a freight trailer for transferring from one residence to the following, usually over lengthy distances. Transferring firms that use massive freight trailers use linear toes to calculate the price of transporting your belongings.

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What’s a Linear Foot?

You may be questioning how lengthy is a linear foot. A linear foot is just like a typical foot in that additionally it is equal to 12 inches (one foot). A linear foot differs barely in that it measures the gap from level A to level B in a straight line. We most frequently use linear measurements after we journey—the mileage traveled by automobile might be transformed to linear measurement. One other factor you may need to know is what’s a linear foot in fencing? If in case you have a 6 meter excessive, 100-meter lengthy fence, your fence is 100 meters linear.

Another frequent use of a linear foot measurement is stitching; materials bought is measured in linear toes.

Measuring in Linear Ft:

One-dimensional measurement is described as linear. While you measure the size or width of a room, you measure the house from one nook to the opposite and be aware the measurement in linear toes. You too can use linear toes to measure a damaged window pane. In case you are fairly awed at what number of inches in a linear foot, it nonetheless feels like a linear foot. It measures 12 inches lengthy and is unfold over a straight or linear line.

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Measuring in Linear Feet

Linear Foot vs Sq. Foot:

What number of linear toes in a sq. foot? It might be one of many questions you need to be answered. Whereas a linear foot is a one-dimensional measurement, a sq. foot is a two-dimensional measurement. A sq. foot is the results of two linear measurements. For instance, while you need to calculate the world of the room. You could search for the size and width of the room. Let’s say 12 toes and 10 toes, respectively. The world of the room is then calculated by multiplying the room’s size by its width, leading to a 120 sq. foot space for the room.

Why is the Linear Foot type of Measurement Essential?

Some issues are offered by linear toes while you buy groceries, whereas others (like carpet or hardwood flooring, for example) are offered in sq. toes. So, it’s a good suggestion to be conversant in each phrases. Must you ever have to convert sq. toes to linear toes, divide by both the size or width measurement?

Measuring in linear toes is particularly related when securing a freight trailer when transferring. Transferring firms often cost by weight and distance, which suggests relocating over massive areas may grow to be fairly costly. With that in thoughts, a less expensive possibility could also be to ebook a freight trailer on your transfer.

Estimates to make use of freight trailers are based mostly on linear toes. To learn the way a lot house you would want, ask the corporate for extra info. They often have commonplace measurements for his or her freight trailers available.

The Linear Foot form of Measurement Important

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The benefit of paying by linear foot is that you just solely need to pay for the house you want. Quite the opposite, when renting a truck or transferring container, you must pay for the entire space whether or not or not you want it.

There are different strategies of measurement, resembling cubic toes or sq. toes. But when it is advisable to decide how a lot house you require in a freight trailer or how a lot constructing materials you want, you simply have to measure the linear size. The size or width will already be mounted.

In some situations, folks may ask you ways a lot is a linear foot. For instance, in transport, carriers attempt to calculate the cargo prices, or in the event you ship something and want to do an evaluation your self, the important measurement is a linear foot. Solely a lot house is out there in a single trailer, and you’ll purchase a extremely detailed worth to help you in designing the rest of your finances if you understand how lengthy your items will take linear toes.

Notice: When working with native transferring firms, put your religion of their expert {and professional} staff since. They know the way greatest to measure the linear toes of their freight trailers and might give you an estimate based mostly on that calculation.

How one can Calculate Linear Foot?

When you surprise how one can measure a linear foot, You could first measure the gap between level A and level B in inches and divide the consequence by 12 to seek out linear toes. It’s easy, and no complicated calculation is concerned, not like when calculating sq. toes or cubic toes.


Though a sq. foot is a extra frequent measurement, understanding about linear toes is equally good. There will likely be conditions by which working with the linear foot of measure is extra handy than utilizing sq. toes. Getting conversant in each will certainly prevent time, cash, and pointless charges in any transaction you’ll use it. Understanding the ins and outs of its varied makes use of can show enormously useful subsequent time you cope with it.

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