what is the difference between marines and army

what is the difference between marines and army

The U.S. Military and U.S. Marine Corps soldiers delight themselves on being a few of the greatest badasses on each block they roll into. They’ve extra similarities than variations, however they’re distinctive forces. Listed below are 5 methods you’ll be able to inform Marine and Military infantry aside:

Be aware: For this comparability we’re predominantly pulling from the Military’s Infantry and Rifle Platoon and Squad area handbook and the Marine Corps’ Introduction to Rifle Platoon Operations and Marine Rifle Squad. Not each unit in every department works as described in doctrine. Each infantry unit can have its personal idiosyncrasies and items generally change small particulars to cope with battlefield realities.

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1. Platoon Group

(Photograph: US Marine Corps Cpl. Artur Shvartsberg)

Military and Marine Corps rifle platoons share many parts. They’re each organized into bigger firms, each comprise subordinate squads organized into hearth groups, and each make use of the rifleman as their main asset. The Military platoon has a radiotelephone operator and a medic. The Marine platoon has a radio transmitter operator and a corpsman who fulfill the identical features.

The Marine Corps rifle platoon incorporates three rifle squads. Every squad is led by a sergeant who has three hearth groups working for him, every led by a corporal. The hearth group chief sometimes carries the M203 grenade launcher slung underneath his M16. Working underneath him are the automated rifleman, assistant automated rifleman, and rifleman.

The Military platoons comprise smaller squads. An Military rifle squad chief is often a sergeant or workers sergeant who leads two four-man hearth groups. Every Military hearth group consists of a group chief, an automated rifleman, a grenadier, and a rifleman. Be aware that the Military squad is utilizing a devoted grenadier rather than an assistant automated rifleman. Usually, one rifleman in every squad might be a squad designated marksman, a specifically skilled shooter who engages targets at lengthy vary. Additionally, the Military has a further squad in every platoon, the infantry weapons squad. This squad has groups devoted to the M240B machine gun and the Javelin missile system.

Each Marine Corps and Military infantry platoons function underneath firm and battalion commanders who might add capabilities corresponding to rockets or mortars when wanted.

2. Weapons

(Photograph: US Navy Mass Communications Petty Officer 2nd Class Kim Smith)

The Military sometimes will get new weapons earlier than the Marine Corps. It moved to the M4 earlier than the Marine Corps did, and troopers are extra possible than Marines to have the latest weapons add-ons like optical sights, lasers, and hand grips. Marines will get all the flowery add-ons. They only sometimes get them just a few years later.

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When the Military wants a rocket or missile launched, they will use SMAWs, AT-4s, or Javelins. For the Marine Corps, SMAW is the extra widespread weapons system (they will name heavier weapons just like the Javelin and TOW from the Weapons Firm within the battalion).

The Military is rapidly adopting the M320 as its main grenade launcher whereas the Marine Corps is utilizing the M203. The M320 could be fired as a stand-alone weapon. Both the M320 or M203 could be mounted underneath an M16 or M4.

3. Fires help

(Photograph: US Marine Corps)

Clearly, infantry items aren’t on their very own on the battlefield. Marine and Military rifle items name for help from different belongings once they get slowed down in a struggle. Each the Marine Corps and the Military firms can get mortar, heavy machine gun, and missile/rocket help from their battalion when it is not obtainable within the firm. For stronger belongings corresponding to artillery and shut air help, the providers differ.

Marines in an Marine Expeditionary Unit, an air-ground job pressure of about 2,200 Marines, will sometimes have artillery, air, and naval belongings inside the MEU. Troopers in a brigade fight group would sometimes have artillery help able to go however would want to name exterior the BCT for air or naval help. Air help would come from an Military fight aviation brigade or the Navy or Air Pressure. Receiving naval hearth help is uncommon for the Military.

4. Completely different specialties

(Photograph: US Navy Phan Shannon Garcia)

Whereas all Marines practice for amphibious warfare, few troopers do. As a substitute, most troopers decide or are assigned a terrain or warfare specialty corresponding to airborne, Ranger, mountain, or mechanized infantry. Ranger is by far the toughest of those specialties to earn, and plenty of rangers will go on to serve in Ranger Regiment.

The Marine Corps categorizes its infantry by weapons techniques and techniques somewhat than the specialties above. Marine infantry can enter the service as a rifleman (0311), machine gunner (0331), mortarman (0341), assaultman (0351), or antitank missileman (0352). Troopers can solely enter the Military as an ordinary infantryman (11-B) or an oblique hearth infantryman (mortarman, 11-C).

5. Elite

Military Rangers conduct a mission in Afghanistan. (Photograph: US Military)

Marines who wish to push themselves past the usual infantry items can compete to change into scout snipers, reconnaissance, or Pressure Recon Marines. Scout snipers present correct long-range hearth to again up different soldiers on the bottom. Reconnaissance Marines and Pressure Recon Marines hunt down enemy forces and report their areas, numbers, and actions to commanders. Pressure Recon operates deeper in enemy territory than normal reconnaissance and in addition makes a speciality of sure direct fight missions like seizing oil platforms or anti-piracy.

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Troopers who wish to go on to a more durable problem have their very own choices. The simplest of the elite ranks to affix is the airborne which requires you to finish a three-week course in parachuting. A lot more durable is Ranger regiment which requires its members both graduate Ranger College or get chosen from Ranger Evaluation and Choice Program. Lastly, infantry troopers can compete for Particular Forces choice. If chosen, they’ll depart infantry behind and select a particular forces job corresponding to weapons sergeant or medical sergeant. Soldiers may change into a sniper by being chosen for and graduating sniper college.


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