what is the difference between mig and tig welding

what is the difference between mig and tig welding

Welding is a fabrication course of that entails using warmth and/or strain to kind a sturdy joint between two separate items of fabric. Relying on the half and manufacturing specs, business professionals make use of totally different welding methods to create the specified assemblies. Two of the most typical welding strategies used are MIG and TIG welding. The next weblog publish supplies a comparability between the 2, outlining what they entail, benefits and downsides, supplies utilized, and typical industrial functions.

Varieties of Welding Strategies

Quite a few methods and applied sciences have been developed to optimize the welding course of for various supplies and merchandise, together with:

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  • Arc welding makes use of {an electrical} present to weld metals. Varieties of arc welding embody metallic inert gasoline (MIG) welding and tungsten inert gasoline (TIG) welding, amongst others.
  • Friction welding melts the bonding and base materials by mechanical friction. This course of can be utilized with thermoplastics and metals.
  • Electron beam welding makes use of a stream of electrons to soften supplies right into a joint. This course of have to be accomplished in a vacuum and is often used for thicker elements.
  • Laser welding is a high-speed course of that employs a laser to soften and be part of metals and/or thermoplastics collectively.
  • Resistance welding makes use of warmth generated between electrodes or rotating wheels to soften and be part of the bottom supplies. Varieties embody spot welding and seam welding.

MIG vs. TIG: Which One Is the Finest for Your Utility?

MIG welding and TIG welding function underneath the same precept; warmth generated by {an electrical} present melts the bottom supplies and/or bonding supplies, which, when cooled, kind a stable joint. Regardless of similarities between the 2 processes, they continue to be distinct of their advantages and finest use circumstances.

TIG Welding: Advantages and Functions

TIG—i.e., tungsten inert gasoline—welding is extremely versatile, enabling business professionals to affix a variety of small and skinny supplies. It makes use of a non-consumable tungsten electrode to warmth the metallic and can be utilized with or with out a filler.

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In comparison with MIG welding, it’s a lot slower, typically leading to longer lead instances and larger manufacturing prices. Moreover, welders require extremely specialised coaching to make sure they obtain correct precision and accuracy. Nonetheless, it additionally gives larger management in the course of the welding operation and produces sturdy, exact, and aesthetically pleasing welds.

MIG Welding: Advantages and Functions

MIG—i.e., metallic inert gasoline—welding is usually used for big and thick supplies. It employs a consumable wire that acts as each the electrode and the filler materials.

In comparison with TIG welding, it’s a lot sooner, leading to shorter lead instances and decrease manufacturing prices. Moreover, it’s simpler to study and produces welds that require little to no cleansing and ending. Nonetheless, its welds should not as exact, sturdy, or clear as these shaped by TIG welding operations.

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Typical Supplies Utilized in MIG and TIG Welding Operations

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Each MIG and TIG welding can be utilized on a wide selection of metals, with MIG welding extra appropriate for thick supplies and TIG extra acceptable for skinny supplies. Typical weld supplies embody aluminum, carbon metal, and chrome steel.

Why Select Technox for Your Welding Wants?

At Technox Machine & Manufacturing, we’re a full-service job store and restore firm specializing in manufacturing massive assemblies and subassemblies in prototype to full manufacturing portions. Along with our machining and grinding capabilities, our secondary providers vary from fabrication and welding to finish restore, substitute, and reassembly.

Our absolutely licensed welders are well-versed in MIG and TIG welding and accommodate aluminum, carbon metal, and chrome steel supplies. A few of the typical merchandise we assemble and restore in our welding division embody bearings, bearing housings, and bushings. All of our welded merchandise adhere to ISO 9001:2015, AWS, and OSHA requirements.

To study extra about our welding capabilities, contact us or request a quote immediately.

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