what is the difference between obtain and attain

what is the difference between obtain and attain

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attain versus obtain

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What’s the Distinction Between Attain and Receive?


  • 1 What’s the Distinction Between Attain and Receive?
  • 2 Utilizing Attain in a Sentence
  • 3 Utilizing Receive in a Sentence
  • 4 Remembering Attain vs. Receive
  • 5 Outdoors Examples
  • 6 Quiz: Receive vs. Attain
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Attain and procure have the identical ending, and so they each imply to get one thing. Nonetheless, different the 2 phrases’ extra particular definitions are very completely different and are used to sign nuances in that means.

Attain is a verb meaning to get an achievement.

  • After a whole lot of exhausting work, she attained her dream of with the ability to communicate 7 languages.

Receive can also be a verb. It means to get possession of one thing.

  • The boys obtained the instruments they wanted to chop down the tree.

Now, let’s go over a number of methods you should use these phrases in your sentences.

Utilizing Attain in a Sentence

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When to make use of attain: Attain is a verb meaning reaching a purpose.

For instance,

  • After working exhausting for a few years, she lastly attained success as an writer.
  • Jackie Chan attained nice expertise as a martial arts fighter.

There may be one main distinction between the connotations of attain and procure. Attain implies attaining an goal by exhausting work and energy whereas acquire merely means to amass. Though one can acquire one thing with effort, it isn’t implied by the phrase acquire.

Individuals typically use attain to speak about educational or skilled objectives.

Utilizing Receive in a Sentence

When to make use of acquire: Receive is a verb meaning to get one thing or to achieve possession of one thing.

For instance,

  • He obtained some uncommon diamonds by his enterprise connections.
  • I obtained some info that reveals you in a adverse gentle.

Sometimes attain and procure are used for a similar phrase. They nonetheless have barely completely different meanings. For instance, when you attain your diploma or diploma, it means you labored exhausting to get it. For those who acquire your diploma, it means you obtained it upon commencement.

Remembering Attain vs. Receive

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It’s doable to make use of the spelling of attain and procure to tell apart the 2 phrases from each other.

Attain begins with a identical to the phrase achievement or accomplishment. That is helpful as a result of individuals use attain with the connotation of getting achieved or achieved one thing.

Receive begins with the letters ob, which is beneficial as a result of individuals normally acquire an object. Object additionally begins with the letters ob.

Outdoors Examples

  • “The primary subject dealing with the organizers might be certainly one of making an attempt to realize swift containment, which might be fairly difficult as a result of nature of the virus,” Shirley Kirnon, a lecturer in An infection Management at Birmingham Metropolis College, stated. -New York Every day Information
  • In between World Cups, the most important and most significant process is qualifying for them, a goal far simpler to realize in CONCACAF than, say, Europe or South America. -USA At present
  • Not everybody who desires to attend this primary L.A. run might be lucky sufficient to acquire a ticket, however the musical has already prolonged its attain by streaming music providers, the documentary “Hamilton’s America” that was proven on PBS, “Hamilton: The Revolution” (the spectacular e-book Miranda co-wrote with Jeremy McCarter annotating the libretto and documenting the manufacturing’s creation) and naturally all these thrilling award-show numbers. -LA Instances
  • “The New York State Division of Well being is dedicated to rising the state’s Medical Marijuana Program responsibly,” stated State Well being Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. “The addition of those registered organizations will make it simpler for sufferers throughout the state to acquire medical marijuana.” -New York Publish

Quiz: Receive vs. Attain

Directions: Fill within the clean with the proper phrase, both acquire or attain within the right kind and conjugation.

  • The girl labored a full time job whereas additionally being at school full time. Nonetheless, all of the exhausting work was value it to _______________ her diploma.
  • Though he wasn’t a mechanic himself, he had __________________ fairly a bit of information about vehicles and the way they labored merely from watching his father work within the auto store.
  • Earlier than the archaeologists might begin unearthing the fossil they needed to ______________ some particular instruments.
  • The soldier lastly _______________ a better rank after working as exhausting as she might.
  • Faculties in our district should assist college students _______________ increased requirements in order that they’re ready for college.

See solutions under.

Article Abstract

Ought to I take advantage of attain or acquire? These phrases each contain getting one thing, however there is a crucial distinction between them.

  • Attain is a verb meaning getting one thing by nice effort.
  • Receive is a verb meaning receiving one thing, with or with out effort, or buying one thing.

Each phrases are frequent when discussing academic or skilled objectives, so be certain to grasp what you might be implying whenever you select one phrase over one other.

Solutions from Quiz

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  • attain (acquire would additionally make sense, however attain suits finest as a result of the emphasis is on the hassle it took)
  • obtained (attained might additionally make sense, however right here there is no such thing as a emphasis on effort)
  • acquire
  • attained
  • attain