what is the difference between personality and character?

what is the difference between personality and character?

personality vs characterWhereas persona reveals what you might be outdoors or what you might be to the world, character reveals what you might be inside. As these are immediately associated to an individual’s angle and behavior, most individuals get confused between these two simply.

All of us are identical in some ways like all of us have gotten the identical human physique, nature, emotions, thoughts and so forth. However when you observe deeply you can find that each human being has sure completely different traits and habits that make him/her distinctive. It’s a incontrovertible fact that two individuals can by no means be precisely equivalent to one another, even when you discuss twins, additionally they differ roughly of their notion, hobbies, temper, nature, and so on.

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Take a learn of this text during which we’ve simplied the distinction between persona and character.

Content material: Persona Vs Character

  1. Comparability Chart
  2. Definition
  3. Key Variations
  4. Conclusion

Comparability Chart

Foundation of ComparisonPersonalityCharacter MeaningPersonality refers back to the vary of distinctive private qualities and traits of a person.A personality refers to a set of morals and beliefs that defines how we deal with or behave with others and ourselves. RepresentsWho we appear to be?Who we truly are? TraitsPersonal and physicalMental and ethical What’s it?It’s the identityIt is a realized conduct NatureSubjectiveObjective ExpressionOuter look and conduct of a newurbanhabitat.comts of an individual which can be summary. ChangeMay change over newurbanhabitat.comins identical. Validation of SocietyNot requiredRequired

Definition of Persona

Persona will be outlined as a mixture of psychological behaviour and traits or qualities like pondering sample, feeling and appearing. It’s a vary of putting up with tendencies of a person to assume, really feel and behave in a particular method in numerous conditions. It refers back to the systematic association of all of your tendencies like angle, ideas, emotions, feelings, and so on.

Definition of Character

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By the time period character, we imply an everlasting and distinguishing psychological and ethical traits in a person. It’s the solely issue which determines our response or response to the given occasion or scenario. It defines an individual’s behaviour sample, pondering fashion, controls emotions. It’s primarily based on the setting that surrounds us, psychological skill, ethical rules and related different components. It’s the most treasured factor possessed by an individual, evidenced by the bounds he/she by no means crossed.


After reviewing the above factors, it’s clear that persona is completely different from a personality in a way that persona displays the outer shell, whereas the character, reveals the interior self. When you mix your persona and your character, the end result will probably be who you might be in actuality.

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