what is the difference between recreation and leisure?

what is the difference between recreation and leisure?

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Leisure vs Recreation

What do you do in your leisure time is a query usually thrown at others throughout formal discussions. Human beings indulge in lots of actions, in each day lives equivalent to work, sleep, bathing, resting, sleeping, consuming and so forth, and leisure is believed to be a time of relaxation when a person shouldn’t be working. There’s one other phrase referred to as recreation that refers to enjoyable crammed actions that individuals bask in when they’re free and really search for some thrill and enjoyable. With the 2 phrases having almost the identical meanings, it turns into troublesome for some individuals to decide on the precise phrase at occasions. This text makes an attempt to seek out out the delicate variations between leisure and recreation.

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Leisure is spare or free time that we occur to have at our disposal and the time we are inclined to spend in our personal attribute model. Some individuals fall asleep throughout spare time, not getting up from the mattress in order to recharge themselves by taking full relaxation. Then there are individuals who like to look at TV packages that they’ve missed due to work throughout their leisure time.

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There’s nothing to occupy our minds throughout leisure time, and we’re free to make the most of the time as per our discretion. College students, when they’re away from training and faculties and faculties on weekends, have a tendency not to consider research, however solely enjoyable crammed actions or no matter that excites them. Even businessmen plan their weekends to have most enjoyable and delight to avoid the stress.


Actions that should carry pleasure and contain enjoyable and pleasure are known as leisure actions. These actions are taken up throughout leisure time and are typically out door in nature. Collaborating in sporting actions, figuring out at gymnasium, mountaineering, climbing, crusing, fishing, sizzling air ballooning and so forth are some leisure actions that individuals take as much as kill boredom and fill their leisure with thrill and pleasure.

Thus, experiences and actions that a person indulges throughout his leisure time for some enjoyment and pleasure are known as recreation.

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What’s the distinction between Leisure and Recreation?

• Leisure is the spare or relaxation time within the each day lifetime of an individual when he’s not occupied by work, research, sleep and so forth

• Recreation is indulging in thrilling and thrilling actions, to derive some pleasure and have enjoyable in a single’s leisure time

• Whereas some individuals simply take relaxation, sleep, watch TV, or play video video games on laptop of their leisure time, there are a lot of who wish to exit for recreation and bask in actions like biking, mountaineering, crusing, browsing, swimming, fishing, and so forth to have some enjoyable

Recreation is doing actions that recharge and freshens up in a single’s leisure time

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