what is the difference between seizure disorder and epilepsy

what is the difference between seizure disorder and epilepsy

It’s frequent for individuals to confuse seizures and epilepsy or to imagine that they’re interchangeable. In reality, the excellence between the 2 circumstances is a little more complicated than that.

Epilepsy is characterised by recurring seizures. Nonetheless, not all seizures are epileptic in nature. Some individuals could expertise a seizure and never be recognized with epilepsy. Let’s discover key variations between seizures vs. epilepsy.

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What Causes a Seizure?

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Think about that the mind consists of an intricate system of highways, with site visitors continually flowing on the huge community of roads. These highways are the mind’s neural pathways, and the autos that journey them are neurons.

In a wholesome mind, the neurons are repeatedly processing and transmitting info to 1 one other, serving to the mind and physique to perform usually. However when a number of neurons ship the incorrect sign, or misfire, this sudden electrical discharge causes modifications in sensation and conduct. It is a seizure, and could also be characterised by muscle spasms, twitching or lack of consciousness, relying upon the severity of the occasion.

Seizures vs. Epilepsy

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Having a seizure doesn’t all the time point out that you simply endure from epilepsy. Something that disrupts mind perform, similar to a excessive fever, lack of oxygen or trauma to the pinnacle could cause a seizure, and this can be an remoted occasion.

Epilepsy is a neurological dysfunction, through which an individual experiences recurrent, unpredictable seizures. With the proper therapy, together with anti-epileptic medication, this lifelong situation may be well-managed, serving to individuals to dwell a number of years with out a seizure episode. In additional extreme circumstances of epilepsy, notably the place there are structural mind abnormalities, surgical procedure could also be obligatory.

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