what is the difference between turquoise and teal

what is the difference between turquoise and teal

Understanding the distinction between teal vs turquoise will be trickier than you may anticipate.

The 2 colours are very a lot in the identical coloration household, and fairly shut collectively on coloration charts.

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Plus, it doesn’t assist that most individuals don’t truly perceive the distinctions between the 2, and mistakenly use the 2 phrases interchangeably:

“Turquoise” is commonly used to explain teal, and vice versa.

Fortuitously, understanding the variations between the 2 colours – and the right way to finest use them for design and elegance functions – is straightforward as soon as you already know the traits that distinguish each.

On this publish I’ll break down the important thing traits of each teal and turquoise that will help you perceive how and when to make use of each.

Turquoise vs Teal

What’s the distinction between teal and turquoise? Effectively…


Turquoise as a Shade

A shade of blue that falls someplace in between blue and inexperienced, turquoise has traits related to each.

It has each blue’s calmness, and inexperienced’s sense of development, which is why many take into account it to be one of the vital lovely colours for inside design.

(Notably in the lounge, the place just some accent items – like throw pillows or space rugs – in a medium turquoise coloration can brighten up your complete room.)

However turquoise additionally has a sure uplifting brightness and vitality to it, which is usually present in brighter major colours like yellow.

Turquoise in Nature

A turquoise rock
Picture through Rob Lavinsky, newurbanhabitat.com / Wikimedia

Turquoise the colour comes from turquoise the chemical compound.

It’s truly a blue-to-green hydrous phosphate of copper, and has a novel hue that’s helped to make uncommon turquoise gems sought-after prizes for hundreds of years.

Turquoise in Tradition

Some cultures even take into account gentle turquoise gems to be holy stones, believing that they create good luck and luck.

They’re widespread as jewelry and sometimes worn as both across the neck as a necklace or across the wrist as a bracelet to assist the wearer shield themselves from an unnatural or untimely loss of life.

Turquoise’s That means

Colours within the turquoise household additionally bear a resemblance to the colour aquamarine (extra on aqua beneath).

Each gentle and darkish turquoise have all the time been linked to the ocean – each in nature and by way of coloration.

Very similar to turquoise, the ocean can oscillate between blue’s calmness and inexperienced’s bounty.

As a result of turquoise balances the traits of blue, inexperienced and yellow concurrently, it’s all the time been linked with stability, which helps clarify its reputation:

Turquoise evokes a sure sense of emotional stability and serenity, which has similarities to the sensation many individuals get from trying on the ocean.

The blue facets of turquoise imply some individuals affiliate it with psychological readability, focus and mind, quite than uncooked feelings.


Teal as a Shade

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Like turquoise, teal can be a greenish-blue coloration.

However whereas turquoise is brilliant and has a few of the similar traits as yellow, the primary distinction with teal is that i’s nearer to the medium/darkish finish of the spectrum, as a result of it’s one of many deeper shades of bluish inexperienced.

The deep blue-green coloration of teal has a decrease saturation, which makes it simpler on human eyes.

Teal is a darker model of cyan, which many individuals know from the CMYK acronym -Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – that are the 4 inks utilized in coloration printing.

(Black is the colour that every one different colours “key” to, so the Okay in CMYK truly stands for Key, however refers to black. I suppose “CMYB” simply doesn’t have the identical ring to it?)

When you have been mixing teal as a paint, you’d begin with a white base and add pigments of blue and inexperienced to attain the precise shades of cyan.

When issues began shifting to digital within the late twentieth century, teal was included as one of many authentic 16 internet colours outlined by HTML, the favored coding language nonetheless used right now.

Teal in Nature

A teal duck floating in a green pond
Picture through Koshy Koshy / Wikimedia

The title “teal” truly comes from an animal:

A teal is a freshwater duck generally present in elements of Eurasia, which sports activities a stripe with what may right now be described as a teal inexperienced hue.

Individuals started generally utilizing the phrase “teal” to discuss with the identical (or not less than a really related) coloration in some unspecified time in the future within the early twentieth century.

Teal’s That means

Teal combines the secure tranquility of a royal blue with the optimism and nature which are inherent in inexperienced.

It’s the colour most related to relaxation, rejuvenation and peace of thoughts.

With its decrease saturation, teal is a a lot calmer shade than turquoise, whose brightness offers it a sure vitality.

Darkish teal is inconspicuous, elegant and encourages calmness.

Teal in Tradition

Teal attracts people who find themselves dependable, unbiased and have a tendency to do their very own considering and go their very own manner.

However whereas the could also be unbiased, individuals who take into account teal their favourite coloration are additionally considerate, and are typically even keeled. For example, teal is a well-liked coloration amongst meditators.

Teal may also entice those that are of their heads a bit of an excessive amount of, and have a tendency in the direction of over-thinking and even pretension.

Wait – what about Aqua?

Aqua is actually one other title for cyan.

When colours and shades are translated from the true world onto the pc display, they’re assigned what’s known as a hex code – a six-character code that denotes a selected shade.

For example, hex code for black is all zeroes – #000000 – whereas the hex code for white is all letters – #FFFFFF.

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Each cyan and aqua have similar hex code – #00FFFF – denoting the truth that they’re primarily the identical coloration.

And in case you’re questioning, the hex triplet code of teal is #008080, whereas the hex code for Turquoise is #30D5C8.

Teal vs Turquoise vs Aqua

Aqua is lighter than each teal and turquoise.

As talked about above, turquoise colours are mainly darker variations of cyan, which signifies that they’re additionally darker variations of aqua.

Turquoise falls someplace in between teal and aqua by way of brightness. It doesn’t have fairly the identical brilliant, neon really feel that aqua has, nevertheless it does have a little bit of yellow combined in, which it makes brighter and extra vibrant than teal.

Complementary Colours for Teal, Turquoise and Aqua

A color wheel
Teal and turquoise fall in between blue and inexperienced on the colour wheel, as illustrated on this graphic from newurbanhabitat.com

You could find any given coloration’s complementary color by taking a look at a coloration wheel.

The colours that seem instantly throughout from a given coloration on the wheel often make for the very best complementary colours.

Since teal, turquoise and aqua all fall throughout the inexperienced and blue household on the colour wheel, their complementary colours all fall on the other facet, within the orange/pink household.

  • Complementary coloration for Turquoise: corral or tangerine
  • Complementary coloration for Teal: darkish orange or maroon
  • Complementary coloration for Aqua: brilliant orange

Complementary Clothes Colours

Since colours within the cyan household complement colours within the pink and orange household, they are often the right selection for individuals with pink or orange hair, who typically are likely to have components of pink of their pores and skin tones, which might be properly complemented by the bluish inexperienced hues.

One phrase of recommendation, although:

When sporting colours within the blue/inexperienced household, keep on with a darkish teal blue, quite than actually brilliant neon colours like aqua and even turquoise.

These brilliant colours can typically be too loud and threat washing you out, whereas a darkish greenish-blue color will present a bit of extra sophistication, and a greater sense of stability with the lighter coloration of your pores and skin and hair.


Is teal the identical as turquoise?

No. Each comprise components of blue and inexperienced, however teal is darker and has decrease saturation, the place turquoise is sort of brilliant and even has components of yellow.

Which is lighter, teal or turquoise?

Turquoise is certainly lighter than teal. As talked about above, teal is a darker coloration with a decrease saturation. Turquoise, however, is each a light-weight and brilliant coloration.

Is teal inexperienced or turquoise?

Teal is neither inexperienced nor turquoise. It’s just like turquoise in that it’s a mix of each inexperienced and blue, nevertheless it’s darker and has a decrease saturation than turquoise. So it’s in the identical coloration household as each inexperienced and turquoise, nevertheless it’s not the identical.

Is teal extra inexperienced or blue?

Teal is often extra inexperienced than blue, nevertheless it depends upon what shade of teal you’re going for. Teal is definitely a mixture of inexperienced and cyan (also called aqua), which is a lighter blue.

Which is extra blue, teal or turquoise?

Turquoise tends to be extra blue than teal, which as talked about above has a inexperienced base. However once more, it depends upon which shade or hue of every coloration you’re going for, as each colours mix blue and inexperienced.

Is teal near acqua or turquoise?

Teal is arguably nearer to aqua than turquoise, nevertheless it’s considerably darker and fewer saturated than each colours. Teal truly makes use of aqua, also called cyan, as a base coloration, so it’s very a lot within the aqua household.

What’s the distinction between teal and turquoise and aqua?

Aqua is lighter than each teal and turquoise. Turquoise is mainly a darker variations of aqua, whereas teal is even darker nonetheless, and likewise has extra inexperienced.

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