what is the difference between zip code and postal code

what is the difference between zip code and postal code

zip code vs postal codeEveryone knows that every time we write our postal tackle whereas sending one thing to somebody at one other place, we have now to say code on the finish, for which particular place is offered. These codes could be numbers or a mixture of numbers and letters which stands for geographic location, level or route. They’re postal codes that are utilized by the postal division or courier corporations in automated sorting of the piece of mail and fast supply.

Nevertheless, the postal code isn’t utilized by all of the nations, i.e. there are some nations which use Zip code as an alternative. A zip code serves the identical function as a postal code and is utilized by nations like the US and the Philippines.

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There’s a skinny line of distinction between zip code and postal code. Nevertheless, each are used for routing and sorting mails in addition to figuring out the time and value of transporting the mail. Furthermore, these codes are additionally useful in amassing demographic data of an economic system.

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Comparability Chart

Foundation for ComparisonZip CodePostal Code MeaningThe zip code is nothing however a coding system generally utilized in the US which helps in figuring out the placement and accelerating the supply of newurbanhabitat.comal Code is an alphanumeric or numeric code, which helps in monitoring the placement at which the mail-piece needs to be delivered. Launched in19631959 CountriesThe United States and the PhilippinesAll the opposite nations besides the US and the Philippines. ObjectiveReference and placement identificationReference, location identification, census and route planning ContainsNumbers onlyNumbers solely or a mixture of numbers and letters, or typically punctuation marks are additionally used with numbers and letters.

Definition of Zip Code

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The phrase Zip Code is an abbreviation for Zone Enchancment Plan, which was launched by United States Postal Companies (USPS) within the 12 months 1963.

Zip Code is principally used to determine the precise location the place the parcels, packages and letters are to be delivered, by dividing the areas into easy geographic teams, which pace up the mail supply system because the sorting of mails turns into straightforward. These geographic teams could consist of assorted addresses, companies, landmarks, and so on.

Previously, it was a five-digit quantity, which has been modified to a 9 digit quantity, for higher identification of the place, the place the mail needs to be delivered.

Definition of Postal Code

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Postal Code could be outlined as a coding system utilized by many nations on the earth to facilitate the sorting of mails robotically. It’s a collection of quantity, or a mixture of numbers and letters, which helps the postal departments and the courier corporations to acknowledge the precise location and place, the place the mail needs to be delivered or dropped.

The postal code displays the vary of supply jurisdiction, which means that there’s one postal code, for varied supply locations, that comes underneath the identical jurisdiction. For this function, there may be an areawise allotment of postal code and so they’re linked to a selected geographical location, nonetheless, the format and implementation differs from one nation to a different.

So, postal codes could cowl all the nation, area, municipality, district, streets, army unit, and so on.


Many nations on the earth use codes both the postal code or zip code or every other comparable code, by no matter title it’s known as, within the postal tackle. These typically make the motion and supply of the mail simpler, sooner and environment friendly, which not solely saves the time and efforts of the supply man in addition to prevents confusion, if two areas are identified with the identical title, in a metropolis or city.

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