what is the japanese name for fire

what is the japanese name for fire

Discovering the proper child identify generally is a robust job.

It’s possible you’ll need to select a reputation on your child that mirrors your son’s nice significance in your life. For instance, a reputation meaning “the solar” will mirror a full of life, energetic and shiny son, otherwise you may decide one meaning “glorious” or “insightful”.

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It doesn’t matter what components affect your choices, we’ve got compiled an inventory of widespread names in Japan that you need to use proper now or save them in your record for later. It is a nice information to selecting the right identify on your son earlier than his arrival.

In Japanese child names, kanji characters are used. Since there are an enormous variety of kanji to look over, some names could look related however can have a unique that means altogether. These names will be written in numerous methods utilizing a variety of kanji characters (some have greater than 50 mixes). One widespread method of utilizing kanji characters in your child boy’s identify is selecting the the kanji identify for the zodiac animal for the 12 months of their start as their identify.

Learn on to discover a record of 100 good Japanese boy names on your new child, and in case you are nonetheless on the lookout for extra inspiration, check out these gender impartial Japanese names and these Japanese lady names.

Standard Japanese Boy Names That Imply Fireplace

Wish to give your baby a reputation that mirrors the fireplace inside? Select one of many quite a few Japanese names that imply fireplace.

Japanese boy names symbolizing fire are very popular among parents.

1. Hinote (Japanese origin) means “fireplace or blast”. It is a widespread identify in Japan.

2. Hijiri (Japanese origin) means “fireplace”. It is a widespread boys’ identify in Japan.

3. Homura (Japanese origin) means “blast or a flame.”

4. Kaen (Japanese origin) means “fireplace” or “blast”.

5. Kaji (Japanese origin) means “blaze”.

6. Kaki (Japanese origin) means “fireplace”.

7. Kasai (Japanese origin) means “fireplace”.

8. Kazuya (Japanese origin) means “fireplace.” Additionally the identify of a well-liked character within the widespread PlayStation sport, ‘Tekken’.

9. Mosu (Jewish origin) means”flare, mild, or burst”. An amazing identify on your son that, while not of Japanese origin, is widespread in Japan.

10. Rekka (Japanese origin) means “raging fireplace”.

11. Takibi (Japanese origin) means “fireplace” and it typically signifies targets.

12. Yaketsuku (Japanese origin) means “fireplace that can eat evil” or “a burst, flare, or mild”.

13. Yakeru (Japanese origin) means “to roast, eat, burst, or mild.” It’s a nice identify for a boy who is able to tackle the world.

14. Yoko (Japanese origin) means “solar or mild”.

Japanese Boy Names That Imply Water

Are you on the lookout for a reputation that describes the serene and calm nature of your baby? Why not decide one in all these Japanese names that imply water?

15. Enkai (Japanese origin) means “distant ocean”.

16. Enyo (Japanese origin) means “blue water, untamed ocean, or excessive ocean”.

17. Kaimen (Japanese origin) means “ocean stage” or one thing that belongs within the water.

18. Kaito (Japanese origin)means “to fly over an ocean or sea”.

19. Kaiyō (Japanese origin) means “sea” and “forgiveness”.

20. Minakami (Japanese origin) means “somebody who’s seagoing or at all times on water”.

21. Mizu (Japanese origin) means “water”.

22. Mizu Wo Kakeru (Japanese origin) means “water”. It’s a good identify for a boy of cool temperament.

23. Oki (Japanese origin) means “blue water” or “excessive ocean.”

24. Takumi (Japanese origin) means “expanded ocean”.

25. Shimizu (Japanese origin) means “unadulterated water.”

26. Suiiki (Japanese origin) means “water territory.”

27. Shimesu (Japanese origin) means “hose, soak, or moist.”

28. Umi (Japanese origin) means “ocean”. This identify is usually used for ladies, however is rising in reputation as a boys’ identify.

Divine Japanese Boy Names

Divine phrases could make really cool names for younger males. Why not think about these Japanese names of significance which are associated to the moon, solar, stars, planet names, or cosmology?

29. Asahi (Japanese origin) means “rising solar, morning solar, or daybreak.”

30. Chikyu (Japanese origin) means “earth.”

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31. Hoshi (Japanese origin) means “star.”

32. Mokusei (Japanese origin) means “planet Jupiter.”

33. Mūn (Japanese origin) means “moon.”

34. Myojo (Japanese origin) means “planet Venus or morning star.”

35. Kikoutei (Japanese origin) means”solar.” The right identify on your boy who’s your shining solar.

36. Nichirin (Japanese origin) means “solar.” An amazing shiny identify on your child.

37. San (Japanese origin) means “solar.” The identify is used as a title to indicate respect in Japanese tradition.

38. Dosei (Japanese origin) means “Saturn.”

39. Riku (Japanese origin) means “shrewd sky.”

40. Sora (Japanese origin) means “the universe or giant sky.”

41. Taiyō (Japanese origin) means “solar.” This boy’s identify is nice for fogeys whose lives revolve round their son.

42. Tenmon (Japanese origin) means “cosmology.” It’s the good Japanese identify on your boy who’s as shiny as the celebrities.

43. Tenmongaku (Japanese origin) means “cosmology.”

44. Tenpi (Japanese origin) means “as shiny because the daylight”.

45. Tsuki (Japanese origin) means “moon or lunar”.

46. Tsukikage (Japanese origin) means”moonbeams or night glow”.

47. Wakusei (Japanese origin) means “planet”.

Japanese Boy Names That Imply Dragon

Japanese child names that means dragon have change into extremely popular amongst dad and mom who need the world to know the way distinctive and fearless their son is. Take a look at these distinctive Japanese names on your child boy.

48. Ryoto (Japanese origin) means “dragon”.

49. Ryuunosuke (Japanese origin) means “son of dragon”.

50. Tatsuhiro (Japanese origin) means “dragon” or “immense energy”.

51. Suoh (Japanese origin) means “dragon”.

52. Jiao-Lengthy (Japanese origin) means “a form of dragon”. Based on Japanese tradition, this Japanese identify additionally means “one who’s born with a star”.

53. Ju-Lengthy (Chinese language and Japanese origin) means “huge and highly effective as a dragon”.

54. Ryu (Japanese origin) means “dragon”. In numerous international locations it a well-liked selection for infants’ names. The identify Ryu additionally has very fascinating historical past in Japanese mythology.

55. Tatsuya (Japanese origin) means “intelligence and longevity of the dragon”. Individuals named Tatsuya are destined to get pleasure from life and obtain their targets.

Boy’s Names From Japanese Mythology

In case you are on the lookout for cool boys’ names which are surrounded by Japanese folklore, you may think about names like these.

56. Fujin (Japanese origin) means “the pressure of wind or God of wind”.

57. Izanagi (Japanese origin) means “the primary male; Lord of creation”.

58. Kangiten (Japanese origin) means “Lord of pleasure” and “blissfulness”.

59. Kuebiko (Japanese origin) means “Lord of data” and “vegetation”.

60. Okuninushi (Japanese origin) means “Lord of structure”.

61. Omoikane (Japanese origin) means “Lord of perception and astuteness”.

62. Raiden (Japanese origin) means “substitute spelling of Raijin”, the Lord of a lightning storm.

63. Raijin (Japanese origin) means “Lord of a lightning storm”.

64. Ryūjin (Japanese origin) means “Lord of the ocean”.

65. Kōjin (Japanese origin) means “Lord of fireplace, kitchen, and fireplace”.

66. Kuraokami (Japanese origin) means “God of rain”.

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67. Suijin (Japanese origin) means “Lord of water”.

68. Tajimamori (Japanese origin) means “Lord of desserts”.

69. Takemikazuchi (Japanese origin) means “Lord of battle”.

70. Tenjin (Japanese origin) means “Lord of information”.

71. Tsukiyomi (Japanese origin) means “the divine pressure of the moon”.

Japanese boy names are a beautiful choice.

Final Names That Are Excellent First Names

Some final names could make lovely first names. These final names are simply as lovely as the primary names on this record. So that can assist you discover one of the best final names which are intriguing and possibly even fortunate on your baby, we have compiled this record of one of the best Japanese final names that would work as first names on your baby.

72. Aoki (Japanese origin) that means “inexperienced tree”.

73. Endo (Japanese origin) that means “facet of the highway”.

74. Hayashi (Japanese origin) that means “timberland”.

75. Inoue (Japanese origin) that means “over the effectively”.

76. Ishii (Japanese origin) that means “stone effectively”.

77. Ito (Japanese origin) that means “string, string, or yard”.

78. Iwai (Japanese origin) that means “festivity”.

79. Kaneko (Japanese origin) that means “prodigy”.

80. Kato (Japanese origin) that means “all figuring out”.

81. Kobayashi (Japanese origin) that means “little timberland”.

82. Kondo (Japan origin) that means “presently”.

83. Matsumoto (Japan origin) that means “base of a pine” or “fir tree”.

84. Mori (Japanese origin) that means “timberland”.

85. Nishimura (Japanese origin) that means “western city”.

86. Ono (Japanese origin) that means “subject”.

87. Saito (Japanese origin) that means “divine love, immaculateness”.

88. Sato (Japanese origin) that means “to assist”.

89. Suzuki (Japanese origin) that means “chime tree”.

90. Takahashi (Japanese origin) that means “join”.

91. Takeuchi (Japanese origin) that means “inside bamboo”.

Standard Japanese Boy Names And Meanings

the preferred child names is an wonderful means to make sure you are choosing names that might be extensively cherished by all who meet your baby. Standard new Japanese boy names to contemplate are listed right here.

92. Fuji (Japanese origin) that means “unparalleled or novel”. This is among the good names for the newborn who cannot be tamed.

93. Haru (Japanese origin) that means “to increase”. One of many nice names for the new child who’s an extension of your coronary heart.

94. Haruto (Japanese origin) that means “take off or fly”. A preferred identify for brand new infants who’re able to tackle the world.

95. Hiroto (Japanese origin) that means “take off or big flight”.

96. Itsuki (Japanese origin) that means “autonomy”. An ideal child identify for a child who you hope will develop up with a robust sense of identification,

97. Kai (Japanese origin) means “paddle”. This cute child identify is rising in reputation.

Names Impressed by Japan

It is not uncommon in Japan to present names impressed by cities, lakes, and mountains.

98. Haku (Japanese origin) is a fascinating mountain in Japan. That is often as a surname however might be a beautiful first identify on your son. Well-known identify bearer: Shinkun Haku, a politician.

99. Yamato (Japanese origin) based mostly on the province of Yamato in Japan.

100. Kawaguchi (Japanese origin) is a well-known lake close to Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Kidadl has a lot of child names articles to encourage you. Should you preferred our strategies for Japanese boy names then check out these gender impartial Japanese names, or these Japanese lady names.

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