what is the key used for in dead by daylight

what is the key used for in dead by daylight

Keys have been an merchandise in Useless by Daylight since Alpha, and by now, most gamers have identified their main use. Nevertheless, some adjustments have been made to their performance which may confuse each new and outdated gamers. On this information, we cowl tips on how to use Keys within the match to outlive!

Use Keys in Useless by Daylight

To place it most easily, the first objective of Keys in Useless by Daylight is to open the Hatch earlier than it usually opens. By default, the Hatch solely opens if one Survivor is remaining within the match. When you carry the Key into the match, nonetheless, you may unlock it (as soon as there are solely three mills to repair remaining).

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Varieties of Keys

There are three various kinds of keys, and each has a unique rarity. Beneath, we now have listed the fundamental features of every Key earlier than including any add-ons.

  • Skeleton Key: 30 seconds of use for Add-on talents. May be consumed to open the Hatch.
  • Boring Key: 5 seconds of use for Add-on talents. May be consumed to open the Hatch.
  • Damaged Key: 10 seconds of use for Add-ons. Can’t be used to open the Hatch.

Equipping the Key

An equipped key with add-ons in Dead by Daylight.

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The Secret is outfitted in your Survivor’s loadout display screen, accessed from the menu or the foyer. Within the picture above, we now have outfitted a Skeleton Key to Meg’s loadout. The Key might be outfitted for any character.

Utilizing the Key

A Survivor about to open a Hatch in Dead by Daylight.

The Key can be utilized in two other ways. When you have hooked up an add-on (listed under) to it, then you should utilize it to learn the auras of Survivors or Killers. To do that, you press the secondary motion button when the immediate is displayed.

In any other case, you should utilize the Key to open the Hatch. Within the picture above, you may see that to open the Hatch, you could press the first motion button whereas subsequent to it. Opening the Hatch will routinely pressure your Survivor to flee by it. It would stay open for 30 seconds then promptly shut.

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A Meg with a key after a Dead by Daylight Match.

The Key has different capabilities past simply opening the Hatch. The opposite makes use of for it rely completely on which add-on is hooked up to it. Within the picture above, you may see that Meg nonetheless has the Key in her possession, though she used it to flee the Hatch! It’s because we outfitted the Milky Glass add-on.

Every add-on has completely different talents. We’ve listed the operate of every add-on under alphabetically.

  • Blood Amber: Reveals the Killer’s Aura in the event that they’re inside 32 meters. Tremendously decreases Key’s Effectivity.
  • Eroded Token: Reveals all different Survivor Auras once they’re inside 24 meters.
  • Gold Token: Reveals all different Survivor Auras once they’re inside 48 meters.
  • Milky Glass: When the Secret is used to open the Hatch, it’ll eat this Add-on as an alternative of the Key.
  • Prayer Beads: Reasonably will increase the Key’s vary when studying Auras.
  • Prayer Rope: Provides 10 seconds of use.
  • Scratched Pearl: Provides 15 seconds of use.
  • Distinctive Wedding ceremony Ring: Reveal’s the Obsession’s Aura and reduces the chances of being the Killer’s Obsession.
  • Weaved Ring: If the Participant is killed whereas holding a Key with this add-on, they may lose the add-on as an alternative of the Key.

The Secret is probably the most simple merchandise within the sport. As such, there aren’t plenty of suggestions or methods to supply whereas utilizing it. When you’re not nice at escaping the Killer, although, we suggest utilizing the Distinctive Wedding ceremony Ring or the Blood Amber.

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