what is the kool aid man’s name

what is the kool aid man’s name


The contemporary look.
The modern look.

Rotund, crimson, and able to refresh, the Kool-Assist Man has been destroying partitions, scoreboards, and different expensive-to-replace stuff for over 30 years, all within the title of quenching thirst.

The Kool-Assist Man is a large anthropomorphic pitcher stuffed with some crimson substance which can be both Kool-Assist itself, blood, or one thing else fully. Within the 70’s and 80’s he cavorted round bare whereas holding a pitcher stuffed with Kool-Assist, which carried a sort of cannabalistic meta subtext. Nevertheless, with the onset of the 90’s and its extra PC mindset, the pitcher was dropped and the Kool-Assist Man coated up his non-existent unmentionables with some pants. Even immediately, he’s usually seen sporting some kind of Hawaiian-patterned ensemble, presumably to indicate that ingesting Kool-Assist is as refreshing as a tropical trip.

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Multimedia Appearances

The first cosmic issue of the Kool-Aid Man comic.
The primary cosmic problem of the Kool-Assist Man comedian.

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On the top of his reputation within the early 80’s, the Kool-Assist Man branched out into comics and video video games. In each he fought in opposition to an evil race of sunbursts referred to as the Thirsties, who existed to make folks thirsty (natch) and simply mildly wreck the enjoyable of summer season gatherings in all places. In his comedian collection he was seen in such varied juxtaposed conditions as combating the Thirsties in area and assembly Benjamin Franklin. In his online game for the Atari and Intellivision, the Kool-Assist Man was capable of battle the Thirsties far more immediately by bumping into them.

Right this moment, he has been just lately seen as a recurring joke in Household Man and the topic of some Dane Cook dinner riffs. And true to his nature as a timeless determine, you may learn the Kool-Assist Man’s Twitter right here. (Could or will not be the true Kool-Assist Man.)


Kool-Assist Man’s true defining traits are his incapacity to make use of doorways and his notorious battle cry.

Busting By way of Partitions

Infamous and iconic.
Notorious and iconic.

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When answering the calls of thirsty youngsters, the Kool-Assist Man lives by the mathematical philosophy “the shortest distance between two factors is a line.” Busting by and annihilating any construction between him and his goal, he’s the kind of superhero that favors fixing brief time period issues and never long run ones. The Kool-Assist Man of the current is much less prone to bust by partitions and is as an alternative normally seen internet hosting some fairly candy events.


Much more well-known than busting by partitions and far much less harmful is the Kool-Assist Man’s bellowing catchphrase, “OH, YEAH!” It was normally utilized in tandem together with his former wall-busting however may also be used anytime as an affirmative phrase. It struck concern into his enemies the Thirsties and strengthened his nature as a constructive, kid-friendly determine. Youngsters had been ready to make use of the associated phrase “Hey, Kool-Assist!” to summon him once they had been thirsty.

Historical past

Earlier than he had legs and arms, the Kool-Assist Man was only a regular perspiring pitcher with a smile drawn on its face, often known as Pitcher Man. Pitcher Man existed from 1954 to 1975, when the modern Kool-Assist Man took form.

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