what is the less than symbol called

what is the less than symbol called

In Arithmetic, the less-than image is a basic Mathematical image that describes the inequality between two values. There are totally different symbols in Maths, that are used to carry out totally different arithmetic operations, maintain some fixed values, in addition to used to check the portions with the assistance of equality and inequality symbols. On this article, we’re going to talk about one of many inequality symbols referred to as “Lower than Image” intimately, with the assistance of many examples.

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  • Lower than Signal
  • Examples
  • Completely different Equality and Inequality Symbols
  • Tips on how to Keep in mind Lower than Image?
  • Phrase Downside on Lower than Signal
  • FAQs

What’s Lower than Image?

The Much less-than image is to check two values wherein the first quantity is lower than the second quantity, similar to in ascending order. The lower than image is an approximation of the opening angle bracket. The image used to signify the lower than inequality is “< “. Lower than signal is a universally adopted math image of two equal measure strokes that meet within the acute angle on the left.

Lower than Image Instance

  • 2 < 5: 2 is lower than 5
  • 0.8 < 1.2: 0.8 is lower than 1.2
  • -0.6 < -0. 1: -0.6 is lower than -0.1

Maths Indicators

Under is a listing of all of the Math Indicators together with lower than an emblem:

Image Description Instance = Equal to 4+3 = 7 ≠ Not equal to five + 3 ≠ 9 > Better than 8 > 6 ≥ Better than or equal to College students ≥ 8 < Lower than 6 < 8 ≤ Lower than or equal to College students ≤ 70

Tips on how to Keep in mind the Lower than Signal?

The easiest way to recollect the less-than image is the “Alligator Methodology“. Whereas evaluating two values, consider the alligator technique. It’s recognized that the alligator’s mouth at all times factors to the biggest worth, the reason is it will probably eat as a lot as attainable. The alligator’s mouth at all times opens to the correct to signify the lower than inequality. We will additionally use the alligator technique to make use of better than an emblem. The alligator mouth factors to the left to outline the better than image.


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The illustration of lower than inequality between two numbers say 6 and eight, is written by

  • 6 < 8

Less than Symbol

One other technique to recollect the less-than signal is the “L Methodology”. L technique is fairly simple to recollect the lower than an emblem. “Lower than” begins with the letter “L” and the image that represents the less-than signal (<) nearly appears just like the letter L.

There are another terminologies used alternatively with lower than similar to:

  • Smaller than
  • Decrease than
  • Fewer than
  • Not better than
  • Under

Lower than Image Phrase Issues

Earlier than fixing the lower than signal inequality phrase issues, take into account a few of the methods given under to resolve the issue.

  • Undergo the whole downside
  • Spotlight the related and needed key phrases to resolve the issue
  • Determine the variables
  • Scribble down the equation
  • Remedy the issue
  • Write the answer in complete sentence format
  • Clarify the reply

Solved Instance

Query: Arjun’s April revenue of Rs.150 was a minimum of Rs.11 lower than his March month revenue. Decide Arjun’s March month revenue?


The given assertion is “April revenue of Rs.150 was a minimum of Rs.11 lower than his March month revenue”

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Let “P” be the revenue lower from March to April

So, the inequality expression is

-11+P ≤ 150

Add 11 on each side, the inequality expression turns into,

P ≤ 161

Due to this fact, the March month revenue of Arjun’s was nearly Rs.161.

Often Requested Questions on Lower than Image

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