what is the meaning of cooties

what is the meaning of cooties

Amongst North American youngsters, cooties are an imaginary germ with which a socially undesirable particular person, or one of many reverse intercourse, is claimed to be contaminated. Our first proof for this widespread playground taunt is from 1967, in a youngsters’s novel by Beverly Cleary:

1967 B. Cleary Mitch & Amy iii. 51 Give up respiration on it… We don’t need any of your cooties within the pudding.

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The phrase goes again earlier as slang (initially in army contexts) for ‘a physique louse’, however we’re searching for earlier proof of the ‘germ’ sense. Kids’s phrases are notoriously tough to seek out documentary proof for. We’ve heard private recollections of the phrase from as early because the Fifties, however we’re searching for verifiable proof. Are you able to assist us pinpoint when this phrase started to make its transition into schoolyard slang?

For reference, right here is the entry from OED on-line:

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OED editor Fiona McPherson talks about this enchantment within the video under:

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