what is the meaning of hibiscus

what is the meaning of hibiscus

Hibiscus Flower MeaningsHibiscus flower meanings embrace ephemeral magnificence, romantic love and fervour, friendship, hospitality, and pleasure. The quintessential tropical flower, the hibiscus originated in Asia after which made its technique to different heat locations around the globe, together with Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Florida, and the Caribbean. Not solely are hibiscus flowers thought of lovely, they’ve vital religious meanings in lots of cultures.

On this submit, you’ll find out about hibiscus symbolism and coloration meanings. As well as, you’ll discover info on rising hibiscus vegetation, care, and makes use of.

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Cat and Hibiscus Flowers

Desk of Contents

  • What does the hibiscus flower symbolize?
  • Religious Which means of the Hibiscus Flower
  • Related Spirit Animals
  • Hibiscus Which means in Cultural Mythology and Folklore
  • Polynesian and Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Which means
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Hibiscus Flower Which means in China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Hibiscus in India and Hindu Mythology
  • Hibiscus Which means within the Caribbean
  • Greek Mythology
  • Egypt
  • Hibiscus Which means in Victorian England
  • Hibiscus Coloration Meanings
  • Purple Hibiscus Which means
  • Purple Hibiscus Which means
  • Sizzling Pink or Fuchsia
  • Pink Hibiscus Which means
  • Orange Hibiscus Which means
  • Yellow Hibiscus
  • White Hibiscus
  • Hibiscus Tattoo
  • Planting Hibiscus and Care Suggestions
  • Hibiscus Makes use of

What does the hibiscus flower symbolize?

  • Femininity
  • Ephemeral Magnificence
  • Romantic Love and Ardour
  • Friendship and Hospitality
  • Sincerity
  • Pleasure


With lovely blossoms that vary from 4” to 10” in diameter, hibiscus flowers are symbols of femininity and feminine great thing about all sizes and shapes. They signify the facility that femininity needs to be receptive. You’ll be able to say that hibiscus flowers embody the regulation of attraction. Simply by being themselves, they appeal to admiration and even awe.

Ephemeral Magnificence

Hibiscus flowers bloom for less than at some point on the vine, thus they’re additionally symbols of the preciousness of ephemeral magnificence. Just like the butterfly and dragonfly spirit animals, the hibiscus flower reminds you that at each second, one thing sacred at state.

As a result of hibiscus flowers are symbols of ephemerality, they’re additionally symbols of alternative. They remind you to grab the second, as it could not come once more.

Romantic Love and Ardour

Due to their brilliant crimson and sizzling pink blossoms, hibiscus flowers additionally symbolize romantic love and affection. These flowers are the proper reward for a lover. And in the event you’re single, they’re thought of good luck for bringing extra romance into your life and for serving to you discover your soul mate.

Friendship and Hospitality

Hibiscus flower which means additionally contains friendship, generosity, and hospitableness. It’s not by happenstance that Hawaiians embrace these attractive blossoms of their leis. The hibiscus embodies the welcoming spirit of aloha.


The vibrancy of hibiscus flowers may be very noticeable. These flowers are the other of shrinking violets they usually don’t disguise away in inaccessible locations. Thus, they’re symbols of openness and sincerity. Simply as they’re welcoming symbols, hibiscus which means is demonstrative of honest emotions and a beneficiant spirit.


It virtually goes with out saying that hibiscus flower which means additionally contains pleasure. Like music and artwork, the hibiscus makes life extra pleasant. Their brilliant colours elevate folks’s spirits, and to not point out, they in all probability make them take into consideration taking a tropical trip.

Religious Which means of the Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Spiritual

Hibiscus which means contains femininity. So, on a religious degree, these flowers are additionally symbols of the divine female. And it’s vital to notice that it’s wholesome for each women and men to embrace balanced female and male vitality. Feminine energy contains the power to create and nurture life. So, rising and caring for hibiscus flowers is a technique to honor life on Earth.

The hibiscus totem can also be a useful image for bringing extra magnificence, love, and romance into your life. Our religious journeys right here on Earth could be full of challenges. But, just like the hummingbird spirit animal, the hibiscus flower reminds us to acknowledge the sweetness and pleasure on our religious journeys as nicely.

Hibiscus and Hummingbird

The hibiscus flower shares some traits and symbiosis with sure wild animals and bugs. For instance, flowers have co-evolved with butterflies, and every depends on the opposite for survival. As well as, the hibiscus has different synergies with the butterfly spirit animal. Not solely are each extraordinarily lovely, they’re additionally each short-lived. So, the butterfly and the hibiscus are symbols of seizing the day and residing within the second.

Equally, the bee, the bat, and hummingbird spirit animals are carefully related to the hibiscus flower. The hibiscus attracts hummingbirds, bats, and bees and feeds them with nectar. In trade, these animals prolong the lifetime of hibiscus flower by spreading its pollen.

Two different spirit animals share traits with the hibiscus flower. One is the flamingo spirit animal, who additionally symbolizes vibrant magnificence. And the opposite is the ocean turtle spirit animal, who’s related to the tropics and tranquility.

Hibiscus Which means in Cultural Mythology and Folklore

The hibiscus flower seems within the cultural mythologies of many cultures the place these lovely flowers could be discovered. Listed below are a few of these tales:

Polynesian and Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Which means

The hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii, and it has particular which means to Hawaiians and different Native Folks of Polynesia.

Island girls put on hibiscus flowers behind their ears not solely to look lovely however to additionally let would-be suitors learn about their relationship standing. A hibiscus worn behind the left ear means the lady is hooked up. Whereas one worn behind the appropriate ear reveals she is single and accessible.

As well as, the Hawaiian Folks adorn their leis with hibiscus and different tropical flowers as a welcoming image of friendship.


The Filipino Folks inform the story of how the hibiscus flower got here to be. As soon as upon a time, a person named Gumeng fell in love with a Diwata named Mula. A Diwata is a supernatural being who tends to the forest and lives in rivers, lakes, and caves. (The Greek comparability is a water nymph.)

Love between a mortal man and a Diwata was forbidden by the gods. Nevertheless, the 2 lovers couldn’t stand being aside from one another.

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So, the gods despatched one in every of their demons to kill Gumeng. Sneaking up on him, the demon put a dagger in Gumeng’s again. He quickly fell to the bottom bleeding.

When Mula discovered him, she was devasted. She tried to save lots of him together with her fairy magic however couldn’t revive him. Brokenhearted, she took the dagger to her personal coronary heart and fell to the bottom, bleeding subsequent to her lover.

As the 2 lovers died, the Earth opened up and pulled them into its therapeutic embrace, leaving no hint of them or their blood. However quickly after, a sprout got here up from the bottom within the spot the place the lovers had been. Finally it grew to turn into a fantastic hibiscus flower bush, which the locals known as Gumamela in honor of the 2 lovers.


Simply because the hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower, it’s additionally the nationwide flower of Malaysia. In Malay, the hibiscus known as bunga raya, which interprets loosely to “celebration flower.” For the Malaysians, the completely different petals of the hibiscus symbolize honoring range of their nation. So, the hibiscus is symbolic of the nation’s Rukun Negara, that are the nation’s guiding ideas.

Hibiscus Flower Which means in China

In China, the hibiscus is usually known as the “China rose.” The blossom additionally has symbolic which means in Chinese language tradition. These meanings embrace private energy and fame, in addition to wealth.


As it’s in Hawaii, hibiscus which means contains hospitality in Japan. As well as, it’s symbolic of a delicate nature.

South Korea

Though the hibiscus is short-lived, in South Korea the blossom symbolizes the afterlife and immortality.

Hibiscus in India and Hindu Mythology

Hindu Goddess Kali

In India and in Hindu mythology, the crimson hibiscus is the flower of the goddess Kali in addition to the deity Ganesha.

The colourful crimson coloration of the hibiscus is symbolic of primordial vitality, over which the goddess Kali guidelines. So, Hindu artists typically depict Kali as merging right into a hibiscus blossom.

Based on Hindu mythology, the god Ganesha taught the folks that the hibiscus has the facility to raise their consciousness to attach with the divine. Hindus pay homage to each Kali and Lord Ganesha with hibiscus flowers.

Hibiscus Which means within the Caribbean

In Jamaica, Trinidad, and different Caribbean islands, hibiscus petals are utilized in tea and shared with company. And in Haiti, the hibiscus is a nationwide image for hospitality as it’s in Hawaii.

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the god Adonis reworked right into a hibiscus to distract the goddesses Aphrodite and Persephone from combating with one another.


For the traditional Egyptians, hibiscus flower which means was related to romantic fervor and even lust. In actual fact, the Egyptians made a tea from the flower’s petals, which they believed was an aphrodisiac.

Hibiscus Which means in Victorian England

In Victorian England, flower symbolism was a well-liked previous time. For the Victorians, unique flowers had been particularly attention-grabbing as a result of they weren’t as prevalent there within the nineteenth century as they’re right now. For the Victorians, the fleeting bloom of the hibiscus flower symbolized delicate magnificence.

Hibiscus Coloration Meanings

Hibiscus flowers are available in each vibrant and delicate colours, from brilliant crimson to white. Listed below are what the completely different colours of those blossoms symbolize:

Purple Hibiscus Which means

Purple Hibiscus Meaning

Purple hibiscus flower which means symbolizes uncommon and weird magnificence, in addition to discovering concord in variations. In any case, purple is a particular coloration in that’s combines the coolness of blue with the heat of crimson. So, a purple hibiscus flower symbolizes welcoming and respect for others, even when they arrive from a unique background or religion than your individual.

Purple can also be the colour of seventh chakra, which is Sahasrara in Sanskrit. Sahasrara governs your super-conscious. Thus, a purple hibiscus flower symbolizes a connection to the divine.

Purple Hibiscus Which means

Red Hibiscus Flower

Together with the rose and poppy, the hibiscus is a quintessential crimson flower. The colour crimson symbolizes primal vitality, ardour, and romantic love. And in some cultures, equivalent to China, crimson symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

The colour crimson can also be the colour of the primary or root chakra, which is muladhara in Sanskrit. Muladhara governs your private basis, together with your safety and primal survival drivers.

Purple hibiscus flowers are the proper reward for a romantic companion. As well as, they convey constructive vibes to your own home or backyard to create extra safety, stability, and pleasure in your life.

Sizzling Pink or Fuchsia

Just like the crimson hibiscus, blossoms that are available in sizzling pink or fuchsia symbolize romantic love. In addition they signify feminine energy and the power to draw what you need.

Pink Hibiscus Which means

Mild pink hibiscus flower which means is related to platonic love, equivalent to that for family and friends members. A pink hibiscus plant is a candy reward for feminine mates in addition to grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, and nieces. After all, it’s additionally a stunning reward for males who love the colour pink!

Orange Hibiscus Which means

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The colour orange symbolizes therapeutic and vitality. Orange is related to the second, or sacral, chakra, which known as Svadhisthana in Sanskrit. Svadhisthana guidelines your well being and your intestine instincts. So, an orange hibiscus makes a stunning reward for a buddy, member of the family (and even your self) who’s embarking on a brand new well being routine.

Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow Hibiscus Flower

Yellow hibiscus which means contains pleasure, friendship, welcoming, and good luck. They are perfect for lifting one’s spirits and bringing success into your own home. Just like the pineapple, the yellow hibiscus symbolizes hospitality and making certain your company have time when visiting your own home.

White Hibiscus

White hibiscus flower which means contains innocence, purity, and gentleness. Like a white butterfly, a white hibiscus flower additionally symbolizes angels and messages from family members who’ve handed.

Hibiscus Tattoo

Hibiscus Tattoo

A preferred image on Hawaiian shirts and materials, like bark fabric, the hibiscus flower additionally makes the proper design for a tattoo. A hibiscus flower tattoo tells the world you’re keen on tropical locations and that you simply respect pure magnificence. It could additionally exhibit that you’ve got a honest and welcoming coronary heart. A hibiscus could be paired with different tropical motifs, equivalent to sea turtles, tropical fish, palm bushes, and surfboards to make a showstopper of a tattoo.

Planting Hibiscus and Care Suggestions

Hibiscus in Containers

As tropical vegetation, hibiscus flowers thrive in heat, humid climates. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to develop hibiscus vegetation in containers that you simply deliver inside throughout chilly climate, and there are some varieties that may tolerate colder temperatures.

Hibiscus vegetation are available in each perennial and annual varieties, so you’ll be able to choose the appropriate species on your backyard or house wants.


Naturally, these tropical vegetation love full solar. Six hours of full solar is nice, eight hours is even higher.


As tropical flowers, hibiscus vegetation do finest in temperatures from 60° – 90°F (15.6° – 32.2°C). Nevertheless, some species will tolerate below-freezing temperatures. Listed below are the zones during which a number of completely different varieties could be grown:

  • Chinese language hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) – USDA zones 9 to 11
  • Accomplice rose (Hibiscus mutabilis) – zones 8 to 10
  • Rose mallow (Hibiscus moschuetos) – USDA zones 5 to 9
  • Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) – zones 5 to eight
  • Hardy hibiscus / Texas star (Hibiscus moschetos) – zones 4 to 9

There are over 200 species of hibiscus vegetation. So, visiting your native nursery is a simple technique to get suggestions on your geographical space.

Soil and Planting

Hibiscus vegetation could be planted within the floor or in containers. Container planting has the additional advantage of being cell, so you’ll be able to transfer the vegetation to get extra solar or deliver them inside in chilly climate.

For container planting, it’s finest to keep away from clay containers, as they’ll change the pH degree of the soil. Your container doesn’t need to be too massive as hibiscus roots do nicely with a cosy match. Simply ensure you might have sufficient drainage within the container.

Likewise, when planting hibiscus outdoors, raised beds in a sunny spot are finest as they permit extra drainage.

Your hibiscus vegetation will choose sandy, loam soils the perfect. I at all times suggest high-quality natural potting soil to offer your vegetation the perfect odds of thriving.

Watering and Feeding

When you plant your hibiscus, it’s finest to offer them water each 1-2 days within the first couple of weeks. Then about twice every week after that, relying in your local weather. Make sure you ask your native plant nursery for pointers on your space.

On the subject of fertilizing, there are a number of completely different manufacturers that make natural plant meals that’s particularly formulated for hibiscus flowers, and a few for tropical flowers.

Safety from Pests

Hibiscus vegetation appeal to a lot of pests who can hurt the plant, together with aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, mealy bugs, and others. In the event you see some strange-looking critters in your plant however you’re unsure what they’re, I like to recommend taking a photograph of them and importing it to the Entomology sub-reddit on Reddit or one of many gardening boards. You’ll you should definitely discover a lot of individuals who get geeked out on bugs who will be capable to shortly establish which critter it’s. Typically, they’ll additionally present suggestions on the right way to eliminate them.

Basically, I at all times suggest searching for pure, non-toxic methods to take away pests. Typically that includes wiping them away with a moist fabric or getting some ladybugs to do the job. There are supposedly protected insecticidal soaps, however they’ll additionally hurt useful bugs and their larvae. So, I attempt to keep away from these too.


Pruning your hibiscus vegetation will give them the perfect odds for brand new, wholesome progress. I like to recommend this how-to information on wikiHow for the easiest way to prune with out harming the plant.

Whereas hibiscus vegetation are a bit of extra high-maintenance than your common succulent, the reward of their attractive tropical-paradise blossoms is nicely definitely worth the effort!

Hibiscus Makes use of

Hibiscus Tea

Not solely are these flowers lovely, additionally they supply meals and medicinal advantages. For example, a sort of hibiscus known as Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is often used to make tea. Not solely does hibiscus tea have a tasty tart taste that’s just like cranberries, it’s additionally loaded with wholesome antioxidants and different anti-cancer compounds. As well as, hibiscus is understood to cleanse the liver, decrease blood stress, and scale back fat within the blood.

Apart from tea, hibiscus can be utilized in different recipes as nicely, together with jellies, sauces, sorbet, juices, cocktails, and extra.

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