what is the meaning of life siri

what is the meaning of life siri

siri news saying 108 to siri As Siri will get smarter, Siri is turning into more and more useful. As an illustration; irrespective of the place on the planet you might be, you possibly can ask Siri to name the emergency quantity from the place you reside and the AI will dial the native emergency quantity as an alternative. (That is why it is best to ignore the individuals who attempt to trick you into saying, “Hey Siri, 108.” 108 is the emergency providers quantity in India. Saying 108 to Siri is similar as asking the digital assistant to dial 911 or 999 or no matter your native equivelant is.) Along with being smarter and extra useful with every replace, Siri has loads of witty responses for every kind of events. You possibly can ask Siri to inform you a narrative, provide you with a custom-made each day replace, and round Halloween, Siri may give you some very intelligent costume concepts, together with bending time and area to keep away from dressing up in any respect. The AI is witty and has grown more and more sassy, however how philosophical is Siri? I made a decision to ask Siri, “what’s the that means life?” Her solutions are surprisingly correct at occasions and downright hilarious at others.

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“Hey Siri, what is the that means of life?”

There’s an App for That

10 Answers Siri Has for the Meaning of Life

After all there may be Siri, there is a dang app for every part.

Photographs Fired

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I can really feel the warmth from these burns Siri.

Siri Is aware of Her Philosophy…

Yeah, no thanks. I am not that in to Nihilism; I am going to go.

…And makes horrible puns



Now you are talking my language Siri.

Siri is Life…

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Or not.


Clearly Siri’s been studying Hitchhikers Information to the Galaxy.

The Basic Consensus

Me too Siri, me too.

What solutions to life’s huge questions has Siri given you? What ought to we ask subsequent?

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