what is the meaning of mamacita

what is the meaning of mamacita

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The Spanish phrase mamacita is laden with sexual overtones. The figurative translation is “sizzling momma” — and the moniker is rarely used to explain an actual mom. newurbanhabitat.com conceal caption

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The Miss Mamacita contest, which invitations viewers to vote on-line for his or her favourite mamacita, is to not be confused with the Miss Colita competitors of the identical month, which appears to crown the most effective “Miss Booty”

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Regardless of its frequent use, the official dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy doesn’t checklist mamacita. Curiously, the closest phrase one can find is mamacona which apparently was a time period utilized by historical Incas to explain aged virgins dedicated to the service of sacred temples.

The official dictionary additionally lists mamita, however surprisingly the definition given is just not the diminutive for mom (that’s, a “little mom” or a “little mama” ). As a substitute, it defines mamita as a colloquial time period for a timid particular person, a coward.

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And coward is the right phrase to explain that sleazy paisano who known as me mamacita.

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