what is the meaning of robin

what is the meaning of robin

Robin symbolism is linked to demise in addition to the arrival of spring and rebirth. Naturally, as with different fowl and animal symbols, robin image additionally means various things in numerous cultures, however it’s nonetheless necessary to notice that this fowl has performed an necessary position in Christianity. So allow us to dive proper into robin which means and what it means when a robin visits you.

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  • Robin Symbolism and That means
  • Robin Native American Symbolism
  • Robin Christianity Symbolism
  • Robin Celtic Symbolism
  • Robin in Goals
  • Robin Encounters and Omens
  • Robin’ Mythology and Folklore
  • Robin Spirit Animal
  • Robin Totem Animal
  • Robin Energy Animal
  • Robin Tattoo That means

Robin Symbolism and That means

The American Robin is a ubiquitous fowl of North America. It’s a floor feeder and likewise exhibits a little bit of winter flocking conduct. It has a wide range of loud vocalizations and bodily expressions and is principally recognizable due to its vivid crimson chest.

The Robin could be very a lot a illustration of all birds. Once we consider birds, we frequently consider robins or robin-like birds.

Surroundings-wise, robins are present in woodlands in addition to agricultural and concrete areas. They’re additionally discovered close to residential areas, and that exhibits that they’re snug with people.


Many of the legends, folklores and robin fowl symbolism come from European robins, which have been transferred to American robin flying. The European robin is understood scientifically as Erithacus rubecula.

In accordance with European traditions, the robin is related to storms. It’s also the harbinger of demise. A robin tapping on the window symbolizes the demise of a liked one. The return of the robin to the woods signifies the arrival of spring after a dreary winter.

Robin’s music is straightforward to acknowledge: it’s candy, melodious, and likewise wistful and melancholy – it symbolizes hope, rebirth, and likewise hazard. The flashing of robin’s crimson breast or chest is nearly all the time an emblem of hazard.

Robin Native American symbolism

Native People believed that every one birds are messengers of the Gods and Goddesses. They honored most birds and regarded them as spirit guides. The robin isn’t any totally different. The Natives believed robin is signal of an angel in addition to ‘relationship’ birds.

Their message was about household, courtship, house, and the loving coronary heart. Robins aren’t excessive fliers. They stick near the bottom. They stay near the place people stay. That’s the reason natives didn’t hunt robins for meat.

They regarded them as their spirit guides and used them on their spirit walks whereas looking for their private spirit animals and in understanding visions. There’s an attention-grabbing story of a contemporary Lenape lady who lived with a person that she knew wasn’t proper for her.

She knew she needed to finish the connection however stored suspending it as a result of she thought it might deliver her heartache. On the time she was going via this dilemma, a robin stored battering her siding door to get inside repeatedly.

She knew that her ancestors used Robins as relationship birds and that it was making an attempt to inform her one thing. Quickly the fowl gave up and located its mate and the pair made a nest on her deck. The birds established their nest across the arbor vitae and most birds knew to not construct there.

The birds’ mistake led to their demise. The Lenape lady understood that her relationship with this man would result in her religious and psychological demise. Her ancestors and her psyche had been livid together with her. She began paying extra consideration to her spirit guides after that episode. (1)

Robin Christianity symbolism

Robin’s religious which means is attributed to the goldfinch in Christian legends. It plucks a thorn from Christ’s crown finally ends up piercing its breast.

That tells us the rationale why the robin has a crimson breast. In Mom Teresa’s guide ‘No Higher Love’ (2), she tells us this story intimately.

She narrates how the little robin sees Jesus on the cross along with his crown of thorns. The little fowl flies round and round till he finds a solution to take away one thorn. In eradicating that thorn, the little fowl will get pierced himself.

Urges Mom Teresa: ‘Every of us ought to try to be that fowl – the little robin. Once we see somebody in ache, we should ask ourselves: ‘What can I do to provide them consolation?’ Does my work actually imply one thing?

The little robin tried to take away only one thorn. Once we take a look at the cross, it ought to remind us of the little robin. Don’t simply move by the cross; it’s the place of grace.

We should see the poor and their struggling and never simply look with out ‘truly seeing.’ Every of us has to hold our personal cross and accompany Jesus, sacrifice, and empty us of ourselves. Jesus has chosen every one in all us to be His Gentle and His Love on the planet.

Robin Celtic symbolism

The Irish, with different Celtic tribes, cherish a peculiar veneration for the tiny birds, the robin, and wren. (Robin and Wren are of the identical species) The killing of the robin or wren is alleged to ivolve on the perpetrator some damage to the particular person or his property by fireplace.

There’s a legend in Eire that this little fowl introduced with it fireplace from heaven. In Eire, there may be additionally a customized to hunt the wren or robin on St. Stephen’s Day and to hold its physique from door to door whereas at every halting place the bearers shout and sing a rhyme as follows:

The wren, the wren the king of all birds,St. Stephen’s Day was caught in a furzeAlthough he’s little, his honor is nice,So stand up landlady and provides us a deal with!

A customized just like the Irish one is discovered prevalent within the Celtic district of France. The wren and the robin are additionally associated via the next verse:

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Robin Redbreast and Jenny WrenAre God Almighty’s Cock and HenHe that harvest their nestNever shall have relaxation.

In Eire, there’s a comparable story concerning the robin signal, as discovered within the Bible. The little robin was seen endeavoring to pluck the merciless nails by which His Divine fingers had been fixed to the cross.

In making an attempt this fruitless job, the robin had its tiny breast stained with the sacred blood – the stain which exists endlessly as a honored signal upon the feathery masking of the race.

In Pagan occasions, it’s acknowledged that the little robin was below the safety of Thor – by advantage of that dyed blood coloration, which is expensive to the thundering God. (3)

Robin in desires

Due to their capacity to fly, all birds characterize spirituality. The sky is the unfettered realm of the spirit, and just like the winged Gods of the outdated, birds present that some course of inside your psyche is bringing you wholeness, steadiness, and therapeutic.

Dreaming of birds like robin present an innate want to flee from some scenario you might be going through in your life. It may additionally signify the need to rise above a recurring attachment or damaging perspective.

In mythology, birds are messengers of God. Normally, dreaming of robins or wrens signifies that some success could also be coming your manner.


Listening to a robin sing in your desires guarantees a brand new alternative to make good in each manner. Robins pulling worms out of the bottom or constructing nests portend that your revenue might be enough to satisfy your wants.

Birds additionally signify some facets of relationships. Robins in desires signify nurturing current relationships. It additionally talks about household, loving hearts, and even serving to these in want.

For hundreds of years, dreaming about birds has meant a great omen. Dreaming about robins and wrens means you’ll obtain excellent news quickly. A vivid future awaits you and there might be a peaceable answer to all of your issues. (4)

Robin encounters and omens

Robin singing within the morning is normally an indication of rain. In accordance with some cultures, seeing a flock of robins in my yard in peak winter symbolizes hazard.

Towards the white background of the snow, the robin’s hanging crimson chest stands out, and crimson is normally an indication of hazard. As per Christianity, just a little bird-like robin flew out to assist Jesus when he was being crucified.

Subsequently, seeing a robin may imply a divine encounter indicating that assist might be despatched to you if you want it. It additionally signifies that you could assist these in want and never flip a blind eye to their struggling.


Killing a robin can be a damaging omen and you could not accomplish that intentionally. A robin in your own home means you’ll want to rethink your relationship. It could be that the majority issues in your relationship could also be solved with love and kindness, however for those who imagine one thing is just not proper, then it could be so and it’s time to depart that relationship.

By no means attempt to maintain a robin inside your property, particularly if it needs to depart. Seeing a robin initially of spring? Make a want and it’ll come true.

Nonetheless, if the robin flies away earlier than you make your want, then misfortune would possibly strike you. A crimson robin tapping at a window may be appeared upon as an indication of demise within the household. Additionally, when a robin flies into the altar of a church, it signifies that demise has simply taken place. (5)

Robin mythology and folklore

In Wales, the robin is called burnt breast and if the robin continues to sing lengthy and melancholy tunes, it could be an indication of rain. If a robin dies in your hand, it is going to shake like palsy endlessly.

It’s best to not let a robin come inside your own home, particularly if it has flown in unintentionally. In Scotland, the music of the robin is taken into account to deliver unwell omen, even demise, particularly to a sick one who hears it.

Knocking down the nest of a redbreast robin signifies that lightning may strike your own home. If a robin sings on the backside of a bush – it signifies that dangerous climate could also be coming.


Nonetheless, if it goes to the highest of the bush, good climate is on the playing cards. To put on, bear, or possess the wing or robin feather of the redbreast robin is a damaging signal that signifies that ill-luck would possibly strike you.

In Italy, killing a robin may cause an individual to undergo from epilepsy. Seeing two robins battle signifies that you’re in for a shock.

In Germany, they imagine that if a robin nests below your eaves, the home might be protected against fireplace. Nonetheless, some others imagine it’s a dangerous omen.

The Irish imagine that in the event that they kill a robin, a big lump will develop on their fingers, which can stop them from working. (6)

Robin spirit animal

If you’re questioning whether or not the robin is your spirit animal, then ask your self the way you ‘really feel’ if you see one.

Maybe you see robins in your desires on a regular basis, or perhaps you see them when you’re feeling low or depressed and people ‘encounters’ all the time make you’re feeling extra cheerful. If that’s the case, then you already know that the robin is your spirit animal.

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Robin spirit animal signifies that you’ll want to re-think the connection you may have with your self. It means ‘looking inside.’ It is a sign that you could reconnect with the self, which is akin to God and the Grasp.

All that you simply search already lies inside you. A robin additionally tells you to make your self helpful to society. Assist the downtrodden and the helpless.

Robin spirit animal which means is to let go of stagnant issues and start afresh. It additionally asks you to have just a little religion that solely good issues will come to you.

Plant the seeds for a brand new starting and start with a listing of objectives you want to obtain. Additionally, let go of attachment to drama and permit as a lot pleasure and laughter you may into your life.

Robin totem animal

Robin totem animal signifies the arrival of spring. It additionally signifies new beginnings and planting new seeds for contemporary harvest. For the reason that robin is your totem animal, you might be completely joyful to stay within the background.

Nonetheless, your persona is such that you simply all the time get seen. You have got a hanging persona and it’ll assist for those who put on crimson.

Purple is a crucial coloration to the robin. In males, it signifies “get out of my territory.” The fowl additionally makes use of its crimson chest to draw a mate. In North American robins, the crimson is extra of a rust coloration because it has blended with different colours.


Robin totem signifies you may have robust willpower and that ensures that you’re sure to succeed.

You would possibly discover doubts plaguing you on occasion: Am I ok? However the robin totem is asking you to shift from that place and know that you’re on the highway to concord and pleasure. New life is coming to you.

Robin animal totem means readability, positivity, pleasure, safety, therapeutic grief, and many others. If you happen to maintain seeing a robin, be sure you make a want and that’s certain to return true earlier than it flies off, or you’ll have no luck for the approaching yr. (7)

Robin energy animal

Many energy animals come within the type of winged creatures or birds. Birds have carried magic with them for hundreds of years and lots of deities and Gods have birds as their sidekicks. The robin isn’t any totally different.

The robin is believed to be near Thor – the God of Thunder – who loves crimson that’s the coloration of the robin’s chest. It’s believed that Robin additionally helped or tried to assist Jesus whereas he was being crucified.

So, the robin as an influence animal is a strong messenger from God. Robin energy animal brings the aspect of air in your life and can be the connection between the earth and sky.


If you happen to discover robin feathers, ask your self what you thought simply earlier than you discovered them. These ideas could also be a sign of why the robin feather has appeared to you.

For instance – in case you have been enthusiastic about a brand new mission or a brand new starting, then the robin feather is telling you to ‘go forward with that mission with full religion.’

You may maintain the robin feathers with you as a allure or a talisman. If no ideas have been in your thoughts if you discovered the feather, then it could merely be a present out of your angels.

Robin tattoo which means

A robin tattoo is right if you’re starting afresh. You have got been via so much and now you’re feeling woke up and reborn. So, a robin tattoo is what you must go for, for nothing symbolizes beginning, spring, readability, hope, new beginnings, and joys, fairly like a robin tattoo does.

A robin tattoo is right for you for those who want a relentless reminder that after the chilly, harsh winter, the nice and cozy spring is bound to return.

It’s a manner of reminding you to look ahead to new issues, new beginnings, and new tasks, and to let go of stagnant concepts and all these previous bygones.

It’s a reminder to let go of drama and discontent and remedy points with love, kindness, and forgiveness.

A robin tattoo can be a reminder to assist these in want and to hunt a better reference to the self and with the divine. If you’re planning to go in for a robin tattoo, talk about your imaginative and prescient clearly along with your tattoo artist.

Ask him/her to point out you samples of robin tattoos that they may have performed previously. Then determine on the type and design that finest conveys the precise robin symbolism and the robin tattoo, which means that you’ve got in thoughts.


Robin symbolism means various things in numerous cultures. However one factor is for certain: a robin fowl which means is hope, renewal, and rebirth.

It symbolizes new beginnings, new tasks, and an indication of excellent issues to return. We hope you discover your particular robin which means with a purpose to make higher selections for your self.


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