what is the meaning of the fear of the lord

what is the meaning of the fear of the lord

A frequent command given to God’s folks within the OT is to “concern God” or “concern the Lord.” It’s necessary that we perceive what this command means for Christ’s followers as we speak. Solely as we really concern the Lord will we be free of all harmful and satanic fears. By fearing God, we are able to keep away from being trapped by the pure pull towards going our personal means, defying God and giving in to the inviting methods of immoral conduct.

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“These are the instructions, the decrees and legal guidelines the Lord your God directed me to show you to watch within the land that you’re crossing the Jordan to own, so that you just, your youngsters and their youngsters after them could concern the Lord your God so long as you reside by maintaining all His decrees and instructions that I offer you, and so that you could be get pleasure from lengthy life.” — Deuteronomy 6:1-2

What does it MEAN to FEAR God? The broad command to “concern the Lord” includes understanding a number of issues a couple of believer’s relationship with God.


Initially, we should acknowledge that God is loving, merciful and forgiving; however He is also holy, simply and righteous. Understanding God and understanding His character (cf. Pr 2:5) means accepting the truth that His justice and holiness (i.e., purity, perfection, completeness of character and separation from evil) trigger Him to evaluate sin. On this sense, fearing the Lord is to understand His character.


Fearing the Lord means to be in reverent awe of His holiness, to offer Him full reverence and to honor Him because the God of nice glory, majesty, purity and energy. For instance, when God revealed Himself to the Israelites at Mount Sinai by “thunder and lightning, with a thick cloud over the mountain, and a really loud trumpet blast,” all of them “trembled” in concern (Ex 19:16) due to His nice energy. They even begged Moses to ship God’s message to them so they’d not should encounter God Himself (Ex 20:18-19; Dt 5:22-27). Additionally, when the psalm author displays on God as Creator, he says: “Let all of the earth concern the Lord; let all of the folks of the world revere Him. For He spoke, and it got here to be; He commanded, and it stood agency” (Ps 33:8-9).


True concern of the Lord causes believers to position their religion and belief in Him alone for salvation. For instance, after the Israelites crossed by the Crimson Sea on dry floor and noticed how God destroyed the Egyptian military who got here after them, they “feared the Lord and put their belief in Him”. The psalmist encourages all who concern the Lord to “belief within the Lord-He’s their assist and protect” (Ps 115:11). In different phrases, fearing God produces confidence, hope and belief in Him, that are vital once we want to God for mercy, forgiveness (Lk 1:50; cf. Ps 103:11; 130:4) and religious salvation (Ps 85:9). Right here, fearing God means to be moved to perception and belief.


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Lastly, to concern God includes recognizing that He’s offended about sin and has the facility to punish those that stand arrogantly towards Him and break His legal guidelines (cf. Ps 76:7-8). When Adam and Eve sinned within the Backyard of Eden, they had been afraid and tried to cover from God’s presence (Ge 3:8-10). Moses skilled this side of the concern of God when he spent forty days and nights praying for the sinful Israelites: “I feared the anger and wrath of the Lord, for He was offended sufficient with you to destroy you” (Dt 9:19). Within the NT, the writer of Hebrews acknowledges God’s coming vengeance and judgment, after which writes: “It’s a dreadful factor to fall into the palms of the residing God” (Heb 10:31). Any such concern is to be afraid, particularly if you’re caught on the mistaken aspect of God’s justice.


The explanations for fearing God are discovered within the completely different meanings of the “concern of the Lord,” as described above. Though there are several types of concern, a part of our respect and awe is within the data of his wrath and energy. It’s all linked.

  • We ought to be in awe of Him due to His matchless energy because the Creator of all issues and all folks (Ps 33:6-9; 96:4-5; Jnh 1:9).
  • As well as, the superb energy that He continues to train over his creation-including humankind-is trigger for fearing God (Ex 20:18-20; Ecc 3:14; Jnh 1:11-16; Mk 4:39-41).
  • Once we really understand God’s holiness (i.e., His purity, perfection and separation from evil), the conventional response of the human spirit is to concern Him (Rev 15:4).
  • Anybody who sees or experiences a manifestation (i.e., a visual or bodily signal or demonstration) of God’s glory can not assist however change into afraid (Mt 17:1-8).
  • The continuous blessings we obtain from God, particularly the forgiveness of our sins (Ps 130:4), ought to lead us to concern and love Him (1Sa 12:24; Ps 34:9; 67:7).
  • Above all, the truth that the Lord is a God of justice who will choose your entire human race ought to be purpose sufficient to supply a godly concern (Dt 17:12-13; Isa 59:18-19; Mal 3:5; Heb 10:26-31). It’s a sobering and absolute reality that God is consistently conscious of our actions and motives, each good and dangerous, and that we’ll be held accountable for these actions, each now and on the day of our private judgment.

How will fearing God have an effect on our lives? The concern of the Lord is excess of a Biblical instructing, precept or thought. It’s related to our each day lives in some ways. Listed here are 6 to get began:


First, if we really concern the Lord, we are going to obey His instructions, dwell in line with His Phrase and say “No” to sin. One purpose why God impressed concern within the Israelites at Mount Sinai was in order that they could be taught to keep away from and reject sin and to obey his regulation (Ex 20:20). In his closing handle to the Israelites, Moses repeatedly linked fearing God to serving and obeying Him (e.g., Dt 5:29; 6:2, 24; 8:6; 10:12; 13:4; 17:19; 31:12).

Based on the psalm author, fearing God is the same as delighting in His instructions (Ps 112:1) and following the rules of His regulation (Ps 119:63).

Solomon taught that “by the concern of the Lord a person avoids evil” (Pr 16:6; cf. 8:13). In Ecclesiastes, the entire responsibility of the human race is summarized by two easy necessities: “Concern God and maintain His commandments” (Ecc 12:13). Quite the opposite, anybody who’s content material to dwell wickedly or defy God does so as a result of “there isn’t any concern of God earlier than his eyes” (Ps 36:1-4).


Not solely ought to the concern of the Lord have an effect on particular person lives, however it must also have an effect on households. God instructs His followers to show their youngsters to concern Him by coaching them to hate sin and to like God’s instructions (Dt 4:10; 6:1-2, 6-9). The Bible typically states that “the concern of the Lord is the start of knowledge” (Ps 111:10; Pr 9:10; cf. Job 28:28; Pr 1:7). A Christian’s fundamental purpose for his or her youngsters ought to be that they be taught to dwell by God’s rules of knowledge (Pr 1:1-6). Instructing them to concern the Lord is a essential first step.


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The concern of the Lord has a sanctifying (i.e., purifying, separating from sin, spiritually maturing) impact on God’s folks, simply as making use of the reality of God’s Phrase does (Jn 17:17). It compels us to hate sin and keep away from evil (Pr 3:7; 8:13; 16:6). It causes us to watch out in what we are saying (Pr 10:19; Ecc 5:2, 6-7). It protects us from weakening our consciences and our ethical sensitivity towards what is correct. The concern of the Lord has a spiritually cleaning, purifying and restoring impact that may final ceaselessly (Ps 19:9).


The holy and reverent concern of the Lord motivates God’s folks to worship Him with their entire being. Individuals who really concern God will reward and honor Him as Lord of all (Ps 22:23). David mentioned {that a} worshiping congregation is similar as “those that concern” God (Ps 22:25). On the finish of historical past, when the angel who proclaims the everlasting gospel-the “excellent news” about Jesus Christ-calls everybody on earth to concern God, he instantly provides, “and provides Him glory … Worship Him who made the heavens, and earth, the ocean and the springs of water” (Rev 14:6-7).


God has promised to reward all those that concern Him. “Humility and the concern of the Lord deliver wealth and honor and life” (Pr 22:4). Different promised rewards embody safety and safety from dying (Pr 14:26-27), provisions for each day wants (Ps 34:9; 111:5) and an extended life (Pr 10:27). Those that dwell in reverent awe of God know that “it can go higher with God-fearing males,” no matter what occurs on the planet round them (Ecc 8:12-13).


Lastly, fearing God brings a humble confidence and overwhelming religious consolation. The NT instantly hyperlinks the concern of the Lord with the encouragement of the Holy Spirit (Acts 9:31). Those that don’t concern God can have little or no sense of his presence and safety. Nevertheless, those that concern God and obey his Phrase will expertise a deep sense of religious safety and the anointing (i.e., empowering) of the Holy Spirit. They will make sure that God finally will “ship them from dying” (Ps 33:18-19).

1 John 4:18 states, “There isn’t any concern in love. However good love drives out concern, as a result of concern has to do with punishment. The one who fears just isn’t made good in love“. Though this verse could appear opposite to the above data, it’s all about perspective; once we are full of and washed over by God’s good love, we don’t have to be afraid of His wrath.


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