what is the name of a blue stone

what is the name of a blue stone

List Of Blue GemstonesMany individuals are very particular about the kind of stone that they need nonetheless extra generally individuals are extra involved with the colour of stone that they obtain. Stones in ranges of the colour blue have gotten increasingly more frequent and needed. Blue is a shade of stone that’s acquired by all walks of life. Discovering the correct shade within the actual stone you need is usually a tough factor to take action as an alternative of strolling right into a retailer and saying you need a sapphire to inform them you wish to view their blue gem stones.

The most typical blue stone is a Sapphire, nonetheless, the deep blue shade may also be present in different gem stones akin to Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli and Zircon. There are additionally a lot lighter or softer blue stones with the most typical of the lighter stones being Topaz, and Aquamarine. However if you happen to’re in search of one thing totally different strive a violet blue shade or blue-green shade of the stone. The violet-blue stones which can be mostly recognized are Tanzanite and Iolite. Probably the most recognized blue-green types of gem stones are Paraiba Tourmaline, Apatite, and Fluorite. Nevertheless, these should not your solely choices. Lets check out different blue gemstone. List Of Blue Gemstones

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Record Of Blue Gems

  • Agate – a gentle blue shade

  • Amazonite – teal shade

  • Apatite – Translucent teal blue shade

  • Azurite – Turquoise in shade with inexperienced veins all through

  • Azurite drusy – Darkish blue with pure crystal formations

  • Aquamarine – Very gentle translucent blue in shade

  • Cats eye aquamarine – Simi- translucent very gentle blue shade

  • Chalcedony – A really gentle translucent violet blue shade

  • Chrysocolla – A Darkish inexperienced and blue stone with plenty of veins of every shade operating all through it

  • Diamond – Wealthy translucent blue shade

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    Dumortierite Quartz – A violet-blue shade

  • Fluorite – Discovered in lots of colours with blue being the rarest

  • Gem Silica – Simi- Translucent aqua shade stone

  • Hawk’s Eye – Blue-grey to blue-green shade

  • Hemimorphite – very gentle blue stone, nearly white in shade

  • Jadeite – A really gentle Violet blue nearly white in shade

  • Kyanite – A darkish however very wealthy shade of stone

  • Labradorite – A translucent very gentle blue nearly clear stone.

  • Lapis lazuli – medium wealthy blue shade

  • Larimar – This stone is a cloudy white and blue combination in shade

  • Moonstone – This stone is Translucent nearly fully white with a touch of child blue

  • Paraiba Tourmaline – This stone could be very uncommon and it’s a stone that appears to shine in the dead of night

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    Pietersite -It is a brown stone with wealthy blue veins of shade all through

  • Rainbow Moonstone – This stone is an nearly clear stone that displays many colours of blue

  • Sapphire – that is the richest and saturated blue stone

  • Spinel – It is a translucent medium violet-blue stone

  • Sodalite – It is a very darkish blue-purple and grey stone

  • Star Sapphire – It is a stone that has a naturally fashioned blue star on high

  • Tanzanite – it is a darkish translucent violet blue shade

  • Topaz – a Translucent stone from very gentle blue to medium blue

  • Tourmaline – the blue type of this stone could be very uncommon

  • Turquoise – it is a gentle to medium blue with inexperienced all through

  • Zircon – Medium to darkish translucent blue shade

With over 30 choices you’ll be able to undoubtedly discover the blue gemstone that’s best for you. Simply bear in mind it’s not all the time about sort it’s largely about shade.

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